VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

There are definitely solutions that don’t require taking the helmet off (looking through the gap at your nose, using pass-through on newer headsets), but, sure, if you don’t have a mouse in easy reach, it’s going to be a lot more attractive.

www.pointctrl.com and I said it before. It’s the cure to what ails ya. But not being able to grope blindly for a mouse is… wow. That’s one helluva first world problem to have.

And I’m out for a while. This is why I come to this forum less and less.

“Hey here’s me excited about a thing!”

“Yes, let me shit upon it!”

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Obviously it’s personal preference. Touch controllers in X Rebirth VR worked pretty well, I preferred that to trying to use a HOTAS and mouse so I’m keen to see how Evo works.

Really one of these games just needs to allow proper ship systems interaction with touch controllers, rather than using laser pointers for everything. Kind of like VTOL does. Of course that requires more of a ‘built from the ground up for VR’ thing than a tacked on post-release support thing.

Not trying to shit on anything, and certainly don’t want you to stop being excited about things. Just trying to understand why you think it’s game changing, when it hasn’t been for other sims. Like I say, if your setup doesn’t allow for easy mouse access, then it’s clearly going to be more impactful.

What are you on about? You are on this forum all the time.

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itsnothing.gif (for consumers waiting a Quest 2 alternative)

Someone is doing a VR hero shooter

Is it a rule that every VR trailer ever must open with the player looking at their hands / guns in an exaggerated manner, as in “Ooooh, hands! I have them!”?

I guess that’s how they show it’s a VR game, because the rest of it could just be from any other non-VR trailer. :P

Right? And yet so very few actually dare to include arms.

I think VR dev best practices advise against including arms. It’s really hard to get right and makes people feel weird if the positions are off from reality.

Reasonable, but Lone Echo did a great job of it. That plus the wrist and hand controls were a big part of the immersion.

Quick poll: How many of you relatively new VR gamers have tried Echo VR? Either Arena or Combat?

Until You Fall does excellent arms as well, plus full body which is super immersive.

The “Oh, my hands, they’re alive!” thing I understand, although I was watching a trailer for a non-VR game yesterday which did the same thing, and I had to check whether it had a VR mode or not (it didn’t).

I tried the brief tutorial as one of my early VR experiences, before I got my VR legs. But I didn’t remotely dare go into multiplayer, not a chance.

Yeah it was pretty great in Lone Echo. I’m all for it. Just give an option to disable it for the squeamish.

Really? Because of sickness? I found the movement to be so fantastically well done that it was at the low end of my puke factor games. One of the first I ever tried and I got swimmy headed after the first couple of sessions but it corrected very quickly. Not to say I ever turned on true mobility where you can rotate upside down and whatnot, but the “grab things and throw yourself” mechanic felt much more natural than most “push the stick to walk” games.

I love the arms in Star Trek Bridge Crew

Two things, first the tutorial made me feel a little light headed. It wouldn’t now, but that was early days for me. Second, I didn’t fancy having my ass rudely handed to me multiple times in MP while I was still looking around going “it’s so pretty!”

Ok, three things. I didn’t have a decent wifi connection at the time and a VR action game didn’t seem like a good idea.

Well, let me just recommend Echo Combat in particular, it seems like the game I always wanted in VR, and it isn’t that unfriendly to new players. There are limited guns and options, so it’s really more like a VR playground pew pew battle than jumping into Counterstrike in 2021 against people with 1000s of hours at headshotting. If I had a dedicated crew to play it I would consider it one of the best video game things you could do. Echo Arena is a lot more brutal in skill differential, to be fair. Perfect mobility is a high grade product and I don’t have it, but if it’s shooting at computer folks I have put in the time, even if not in VR.