VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

Thanks mate your updates are appreciated. Definitely going to try out the Mechwarrior 5 mod!

That reminds me, I applied to Oculus for the updated facial interface, but it’s been over 3 months now and still no sign of it. I’m guessing it’s probably not happening, but I suppose I can chase it up. “I demand that you send me the free thingy you kindly offered!”

I got an email the other day saying it was still coming but delayed for various reasons. Check your spam maybe.

I think I would rather pull my toenails out with a pair of pliers than go through my spam folder, but thanks for the heads up. :)

I think I posted here when my replacement interface arrived a while back, it was a third-party VR Cover one or something. I didn’t think they were doing those anymore, now they offer the latex cover for the standard interface.

I ordered one of the free latex covers too, and it also arrived late last week! It did take a while to arrive though. It was an official ‘Oculus’ thing.

Well there is something to pick up from the PO Box so perhaps that’s finally it! I think they were still offering the VR Cover when I requested it, but I guess I’ll see. I do have a latex cover already that I ordered back at the start, it doesn’t work at all for me because it just causes sweat to pool up on my face. Which is gross.

About a week after I ordered the silicon cover I got a message from Oculus that it couldn’t be delivered because there was a problem with the address, which is nonsense because it’s the same address I always use, and indeed the one they shipped my Quest to. Anyway, re:entered the address and haven’t heard anything since.

I’m not fussed as I don’t have any issues with the original padding, but it would be nice for sharing the headset.

I read the same, a bunch of people were asking data to be confirmed, like phone number or address, even if it was already fine. I suspect they had a much higher number of people asking for a new cover, more than they had estimated initially, so they are trying to reduce the numbers, by doing things like asking x, so if someone doesn’t reply they have the excuse to not ship it to them.

I’m in for a new cable, but immediately got an e-mail saying the part is backordered, so they definitely have a lot of demand for it.

Same, but it shipped around 2-3 days after the ‘no stock’ message and arrived the (business) day after that.

The Skrillex music pack in Beat Saber is pretty banging. Really nice workout tunes with nothing particularly fancy in the saberwork. Unfortunately a couple of the songs (including the forgettable Justin Bieber one) are merely EDM and not dubstep. :( But it does include @ArmandoPenblade favorite “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”, which is a really fun track.

But does it have Flux Pavillion’s “I Can’t Stop”?

Goddamn I’m gonna be on a dubstep fix tonight, aren’t I?

You have the EA jigsaw puzzle game Peco Peco for only $5 here.

They will give you a Oculus quest key.

It’s… not as good as the other jigsaw puzzle game, Puzzling Places, it’s more janky and not well thought out, but then again, it’s still unfinished so it could improve. What it got me is how the scale of the pieces is pretty big, big enough to be uncomfortable to grab them and rotate them and join them with your hands, the game seems more designed around room scale, and there was no option to use a cursor o force grab pieces.

V33 is out

Supposedly my new face plate thing is arriving today.

Sigh. Very bad news, at least for me.

It seems FB is retiring his support to Quill. Bad. I expected a Quest version of the creator, and instead they are distancing themselves from it. :/

On the other hand, they aren’t closing it down, they are giving the app to the original creator (he originally created it while working at FB), and he is continuing to support it in his new separate company.

And he is opensourcing the format and a reference player, so now someone could publish a version that works for SteamVR

That seems like a half-assed decision unless they’re planning on copying it and producing their own version with greater control, because I’ve spent a lot of time admiring Quill creations. The Soda Island series in particular is a real showcase I’ve used to impress non-VR users.

Alyx is on sale.

Humble VR bundle. The good ones (imo) are Paper Beasts, Until you Fall, and A Fisherman’s Tale.

If you haven’t played Alyx yet, don’t miss out. It’s absolutely fantastic.

Alyx bought, really looking forward to it.