VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

It’s weird yeah, you would think it’s easy to detect if the physical cable is connected or not.

You have to manually enable normal Link as well. And indeed in my case I have to restart my computer every time I unplug the cable to get it to work again. So I’m not surprised they’re putting in manual toggles rather than relying on automatic switching.

But that makes sense because sometimes you connect the cable to charge the battery or to use Sidequest/develop with the device.
Couldn’t they turn off air link automatically when you manually enable normal Link?

Where is the faq? I don’t see it.


VR Desktop is a one-man shop I think. I’m impressed with how he has managed his product and I’m sure he’ll land on his feet. But he does have some pretty pointed things to say about how Oculus treats their development community:

Huh, interesting read. VD is great and I hope it continues to evolve.

Dude, I’m pretty sure they have creams and other treatments available now.

MAde me think of this.

Goddam I miss Craig Ferguson.

Side note, I didn’t get to see him when he was on, so I’ve recently dived down the rabbit hole of seeing clips via that channel, which has a ton of them, and I’m having a lovely time.

Right there with you brother! I rarely caught him when he was actually on due to the late time slot, but I’ve watched many, many, many hours of him on the YouTube.


This looks like it could be quite good…

It was leaked months ago, but here it is:

Is it coming to PC?

So I just tried Overload and Sublevel Zero to see if I’d get any motion sickness. Thankfully there was none, yay! However, on my Quest 2 I got a lot of flickering in the cockpit in Overload. Anyone else see that?

Per the video Sony has partly funded it, so I’d say it may be at least a timed exclusive.

I played the training level and can’t say I recall any flickering, no. I’ll give it another shot later and check.

I tried playing The Climb against last night, after a few days off from VR due to work. I couldn’t even make it to the first safety hook in the basic tutorial this time. I have no idea how to deal with this.

Also had a bit more time with In Death: Unchained which I can’t get enough of. I tried the horde-mode a few days ago which is great fun, getting headshots with a bow is even more satisfying. It definitely tests your upper arm muscles though.