VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

So, Demeo but green?

Hah hah yes. Let’s hope that in addition to the color palette, there are new traps and rooms.

Everslaught looks cool, but I can’t help but think I would be barfing after about 5 minutes of that…

VD’s Guy Godin develops his own spacewarp technology

Damn, and there’s me thinking the 3x3m space I cleared in my office was fine.

FB buys Population One’ devs

Did anyone play that yet?

I’m not into BRs!

Great, another tales from soda island episode!

Oculus TV, another app I have never launched! I guess I should check it out. I did try YouTube VR a couple of times, but my internet just can’t possibly meet the streaming demand, so it’s a blurry mess.

I don’t know if it’s just a local Aussie thing but Crashland is 10% off today.

@krayzkrok loved this one, so it’s time to disregard my wave-shooter prejudice and check it out!

Yes! I still love it. I’m on Mission 9 now (out of 24). Each one is a struggle for survival, and I usually punch the air (careful to avoid the fan) when I finally beat one. One of my favourite VR games.

I haven’t had much time for gaming the last few days, so last night I finally had an hour available! I put my headset on, and then saw it was at 8% charge. 7%. 6%. So I went to bed early. This is my sad tale.

Haha I now turn mine off after using it, rather than sleeping it - after this exact thing happened to me. :D
Also charge after every use.

By the way, after playing the first mission and dying several times, I watched this developer walkthrough video which a) totally sold me on continuing, and b) has a lot of useful non-spoilery tips. He plays Mission 3 here.

Thanks! I’ll give it a go first, then watch the video after I fail miserably. :)

I am not either. I really am not at all. However, Population One is pretty cool. It is the only BR that I have been able to enjoy. That it is VR is pretty cool in itself. Aiming, turning, checking corners, heck, just reloading are all something very different in VR. Plus the climbing and wingsuit mobility in VR is great. It is soooo cool to climb with your hands and then to stick out your arms to fly around in VR. However, I have stumbled in real life a few times as I “stood” on high ledges and looked over the edge. As to the BR mechanics, the fact that it is teams of 3 with easy revives for the squad make it feel different enough.

Basically, even if you hate BR, I think Pop1 is worth a look. It comes across more as highly mobile VR FPShooter than BR.

I’ve been VR-curious for a while, but haven’t wanted to risk being stuck with something I don’t end up liking. But Costco now sells the Quest 2, and I impulse bought one when I saw it on the shelf.

What are the essentials, and what else do I need to know? Do they do significant sales that are worth waiting for?

In the Oculus TV case, there is an option to download and then watch the videos (click on the three dots).
Also, this is the 4th episode of the series, watch the other three ;)

Quest 2 is the cheapest point of entry, and actually the best in the quality/features/price ratio, so it’s the obvious choice.

You need a Facebook account for it, so my recommendation is to create it BEFORE buying it, if you don’t have one. To be sure you won’t have issues, some people’s account get disabled upon creation.

As a standalone headset, there isn’t a lot you need to know. Hardware is supposedly sold at a loss so don’t expect sales. Software sales are somewhat timid, there aren’t thousands of games unlike Steam so the same competition between them to sell copies that drive the big sales and offers doesn’t exist. Usually there are 2-3 big sales a year, where games get 20-30% discount. People also get individual codes with a 30% discount from time to time.

If you have a gaming computer too, you can use it as a pc vr headset with a usb3 cable or through wifi. Remember to enable ‘unknown sources’ in the pc app to use Steam too.