VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

who needs spiders in VR? Lazy developers… I almost broke up with Fromsoft because of spiders in Bloodborne.

Well it’s partially a horror game set on alien planets, so clearly things with multiple legs are likely! Besides, they’re so organically animated. I realise some people don’t like spiders, but they don’t hide the creepy factor. It’s not particularly scary, but it does motivate you to fire faster!

Not sure why spiders brand you as a lazy developer though, and more than rats, or goblins, or humans with guns.

for me insects and spiders enemy design are the low hanging fruit when designing scary enemies, more so than goblins. I never ever want to see insectoids or spider creatures. Replaying Resident Evil 4. They did pretty well, mostly. I really liked EDF at one point, but the more you play, it just gets disgusting.

sorry, I just got triggered by spiders in Crashland…

Welcome aboard @Thraeg!

The things you really need to know come into play once you start hooking up to PC, or shopping for games outside of the headset (on the Oculus website for example). There, be aware that Quest store sells the apps that run natively on Quest, and Rift store sells the apps that run natively on PC. Some games give you both versions, called ‘cross-buy’. Once hooking to PC, you can of course also buy VR games on Steam/Humble/etc.

One other thing worth doing is checking the ‘experimental features’ in Quest settings. A few cool things to play with there, like enabling 120hz mode, setting up a virtual couch, and turning on ‘stationary boundary pass-through’. Updates are pretty frequent and automatic, but you can check under ‘settings/about’.

Other than that, check the thread, buy some games, and let us know your Oculus name so you can hook up to all the friends in this thread - fresh meat for the score challenges! ;)

There’s one table in Pinball FX VR I can’t play, because they thought it would be a good idea to have huge 3D spiders skittering around in your peripheral vision while you’re concentrating on the table. No thank you!

You can attach your Q2 to PC with no cable now too.

Well I beat the tutorial level! I think that’s the one with no enemies in it… ;)

Level 1 took me about 5 attempts. Once I worked out how to beat those shock slugs I started managing it regularly, but I still haven’t come close to your score. And I still haven’t beaten level two. :P

I’m okay at shooting but the thing I struggle with most is quick and accurate use of the teleport. I think I’d find it easier if it didn’t disappear or disable at max range, or when going over the top of a rise. It should stick there and allow me to teleport.

It’s a good game, I like it. I watched the video you linked. I like how the enemies are all fairly distinct and interesting, and interact in emergent ways. It’s satisfying to blow them apart, and scary if you don’t do it quick enough. Things can get out of hand real quick.

I read there’s like 50 of them or something, with no reskins?! That’s really cool. And the mention of ‘builds’ using all those perks is nice, I need to level up to unlock 2 instead of 1 simultaneously.

Yeah I think I’m going to grab it as my next VR game

Well I usually just teleport multiple times. It’s easy enough to recharge with kills, so I’ll blink, blink, blink then pivot 180 as a regular move. Level 2 is tough, I think it took about 15 attempts to get past that, but once I figured out that I should be moving, and often, it suddenly clicked. Judicious use of charge balls and charged shots is critical to learn.

Once you get multiple perks things really get interesting and you can try different approaches. I’m not sure how many enemies there are, but I can believe 50. I haven’t seen any reskins either, although there are variations on a theme (like armoured ticks, although they do look noticeably different to normal ticks).

Mission 8 really goes all out! You get these horrible flying facehuggers that come screaming in (literally) and stab you with their claws. If you get two at once (which happens at times) it’s pretty much dead time. I’m sure there’s a way past these but I haven’t figured it out yet. I believe the solution lies in learning to teleport punch, which I’m still getting used to doing. Naturally there are also flying electric eels that zap your teleporter charge just when you need the damn thing.

So I bought A Rogue Escape on the Quest store, and so far really impressed. It’s extremely immersive, putting you at the complex controls of an alien… machine, and you have to figure out how it works, and then how to escape. At first, just figuring out how to turn the damn thing on is a revelation, and so satisfying flicking switches and seeing things power up. Everything is very tactile, and before long it’s all starting to make sense and you’re getting somewhere. Then the rug is pulled from under you again.

It’s supposed to be a roguelike (roguelite?) in that death allows metaprogression, but I’ve no idea how any of that works at all. I can’t even imagine how it works at this stage! There’s a huge sense of enjoyment in figuring everything out, but once you’ve done that I’m hoping the underlying game will keep me coming back, and I think I can see where this is going, but I’m still not sure. I’ll keep playing and report back (although not tomorrow).

Coincidentally I watched the video for that last night when I slumped down in the couch after sneaking in a late Crashland session. I was looking for the ‘rogue’ but didn’t get it. I thought it was just an escape room type game (here we go, now that my prejudice against wave shooters are dispelled I have one against escape rooms…)

Beat Saber
Supernatural (try the 30-day free trial if you like to exercise; plus you’ll get a free sweat cover!)
Superhot VR
Vader Immortal

Half-Life Alyx
IL-2 Sturmovik
DCS (you can try it free)
Elite Dangerous
Star Wars: Squadrons
Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

If we’re talking essentials, the best of their type, allow me to add…

Demeo (superb 1-4 player fantasy board game)
Pistol Whip (the “other” awesome rhythm game, quite a workout)
In Death: Unchained (highly addictive roguelite archery game with a slight horror vibe)
The Room VR (the best “escape room” puzzle game)
Red Matter (the second best “escape room” game that’s really more of a puzzle adventure)
Moss (the best 3D platformer where you control another character)
Crashland (the best “wave shooter”)
The Climb (a completely immersive climbing game, if you can handle the very real vertigo)

Way too many to list really, but a few worth mentioning…
Air Car (incredibly immersive “fly around a futuristic city in a hover car” simulator, not really a game but has to be experienced)
Compound (still in Early Access, great roguelite combat with nice gun handling)
Ancient Dungeon VR (also in Early Access, roguelite dungeon crawler with thick atmosphere)
Until You Fall (stylish melee combat game, looks much nicer than the Quest version)
Cosmodread (awesome sci-fi horror game, also looks much nicer than the Quest version)

Also, I watched the first Tales from Soda Island episode last night. Wow, very impressive stuff! I can’t wait to watch the rest.

I mean, there’s so much more really, so much great stuff in VR that seems essential to try.

Great to see some real games using hand tracking in that UploadVR showcase. Also looking forward to the Sam & Max game, though so much is going to depend on the execution, both in the writing and the puzzle design.

Re: Essentials, nobody’s mentioned Lone Echo yet, which is scandalous. Needs a PC though. I’d also like to recommend some pinball, as VR is where virtual pinball was meant to be played. People are a little down on the new Star Wars Pinball game because even the PC version uses the relatively low res assets of the Quest version, but they’re pretty great tables. There’s also PinballFX 2.

I nearly did through reputation, but I haven’t played it. Another is Stormlands which is highly lauded, but again I’ve not played it.

I’ve mostly enjoyed what I’ve played of Stormlands, but I can’t say it’s really compelling me to keep playing over other titles. If you’re into shooters, though, definitely worth a look.

Grumble mutter, no-one mentioned No Man’s Sky or Minecraft, two of my essential PC VR games. :)

and yes!

I also note no-one recommended Asgard’s Wrath or Stormland, two of the other bigger budget/hyped VR-only Oculus games.

I know how that feels bruh.

Except both of those were mentioned! :D