VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

Literally the two posts above yours!

Haha yeah, a standard early-morning error for me. ;) Not really glowing recommendations though!

Trouble is there are so many great VR experiences, it’s hard to even remember them all. Also, oddly enough things like Stormlands and Lone Echo are above my “oh go on then!” purchasing threshold and they never get purchased. I also missed the free Asgard’s Wrath offer by a few days, which puts me off buying it at all. Because I’m weird like that.

Yeah I get it, I never bought Stormland either even though it’s been on my wish list forever. Never quite got cheap enough for something I wasn’t fully sold on.

It’s tougher when you missed the actual release I think, because back then a game is a bit more exciting due to friends also playing it.

I tried this out, but will probably refund it. I did kind of enjoy figuring stuff out at first, but once the actual gameplay started I wasn’t as enamored. It’s very very reminiscent of In Other Waters, but the roguelike elements actually turn me off to it.

I checked out the Quest 2 improvements to Sairento VR: Untethered last night, worried that with the update performance may return to being rough like it was in the Quest 1 days.

Thankfully not! It runs great, and now at 90hz and with extra ‘stuff’ going on.

It reminded me of how much I enjoy this game, even though it’s still pretty low res and ugly. And pretty light on content I think, with not a lot of maps or enemy variety. I’m really selling it lol!

For just good old fashioned fun, I Expect You To Die. It’s a great intro to VR and a fun game besides, think of it as VR-lite escape room-lite but with a good sense of humor.

I was getting more of a Gyron vibe from it. Alas I can’t use that game reference anymore because I’m pretty sure nobody would know it! Suffice to say you’re in a giant maze surrounded by towers and moving enemies. This is what I like about the game, there’s also more exploration required to gather sufficient resources to survive. I’m liking the two stage process involved here: a) how the heck does this thing work, b) now I am a master of this machine and have to beat the game. I’m somewhere between a) and b) at the moment, but I am enjoying the feeling of “yeah, I think I got this”.

For reference, I really enjoyed the early stages of In Other Waters, so it’s more my speed.

My Population One experience has been pretty brief on the 8 or 9 games I’ve tried. Fly down, maybe find some guns, then die horribly to a level 58 or 59 player. Would be nice if they had a mode for under level 10s to all fight each other so we’re not getting against the hardcore folks in every match.

I thought they had some kind of tiered ranking system now? Because what you say was a common complaint, from what I’ve read.

Freebie on Rift Store

Perfect description :D


In the coming weeks, ads will start appearing inside the Resolution Games title Blaston as well as two other unnamed apps. Facebook will later expand the system based on user feedback, saying it aims to create a “self-sustaining platform” for VR development.

Developers will get a share of the revenue from ads in their apps, but Facebook isn’t publicly revealing the percentage.

Ok, so guess I’m crossing Blaston off any possible VR purchase. I’d be fine with FREE games that include some sort of ad but nothing I actually have to buy.

How could the feedback be anything other than “no”?

Feedback from the other Zuckerbergs has been mainly positive so far…

Uh yeah… especially something you already bought, like I did! I wonder if they’ll end up accepting refunds on Blaston?

Free to play, fine. Paid games? I’ll avoid.

I’ll even avoid the free ones. I subscribe to Google Play Pass specifically so I can use apps without ads. No ad has ever improved the gameplay experience for me.