VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

A couple of chips but that’s really it. I guess I’ll have to keep playing.

I do hope Compound comes natively to the Quest 2.


(that’s from 28 July)

Fuck yes. I will totally double dip.

So I put a bit of time into this tonight. Nice to see how much more polished and detailed this is compared with the still impressive demo. I agree that the utility belt seems a bit overwhelming at first, but I find I get used to it. Grenades are extremely useful to unclip and throw (as long as you remember to trigger them first, lol). I’ve yet to find a use for those power vials.

It starts off simply enough, but a few levels in and things start getting a lot more frantic. I’m enjoying the pace, enter room and clear it, a few moments of calm to look for items, the feeling you need to move on to avoid the security bot.

Oh yes, the security bot. The first time this thing triggered I ran to the exit, got there and waited with my guns trained on the door… nothing. Hmmm. So I stepped back into the previous room. Still nothing. Then suddenly I was being damaged, turned around and this room-sized THING was staring into my face. I near shit myself. Needless to say I now take the damn thing seriously when it appears. RUN AWAY!

Was doing quite well on my last run, got to the top of the next elevator and… died. Uh oh. I guess there are still a few bugs to iron out.

I’ve found two weapons so far! Looking at the weapon board in the homebase, there is room for a lot more.

A few demos of VR games in the Steam fest thingie:

Alien Dawn
Crypt of the Gods
Fractured Atmosphere
Fruit Ninja 2
HOPE VR: Emotional Intelligence Assistant
Incarna R.A.I.D.
Neo Art Space
Pipeline VR
Puppet Play
Puzzle Caffe VR
Reality End
Skiing VR
Slappy Board Demo
The Break-in
Time Patrol
VR Giants Demo

And damn, the new golf course of WAMG is pretty. Forget about golf, I think it’s one of the prettiest places I’ve seen in VR. And it plays excellently too, you can notice the team’s experience behind it.

Played more Sweet Surrender. Found a total of four weapons now, including a machine gun and a rifle. The most fun ever was adding an explosive bullets mod to the machine gun and clearing the room! I was invincible for a short while, until I backed into a connecting room, the door shut in front of me, and I fired explosive bullets at point blank range. Oh heck.

The machine gun is cool though, if you fire it one-handed it’s quite inaccurate, but if you fire it two handed it becomes much better. Two-handed firing needs some adjustment though, you have to turn your hands unrealistically to point it straight. I think this is being fixed.

I also fired up Audica again after a decent break. Damn, I’d forgotten how much fun this thing is.

I finally found a grapple gun in Sweet Surrender, and it is glorious! It turns it almost into a different game, where you fire your grapple line at the opposite wall, and sail across the room, shooting at enemies below you as you go. Suddenly the game is all about movement, and it fulfils the promise of those early trailers.

It’s not perfect, it’s not that hard to get stuck on a railing (possibly the most nefarious enemy of any videogame) but if you plan your route carefully it’s a joy to use. That is, until you hook onto the ceiling and realise there’s a pit of lava underneath you, and when you fall towards it you don’t quite have enough time to grapple to safety…

There’s a lot to like about Sweet Surrender, but it’s definitely not quite there yet. There are a few annoying bugs that pop up a little too often (random deaths, disappearing weapons, getting stuck in objects) and there’s a lot of QoL stuff that would be really nice, like… I dunno, more information about each run, what level you’re on, your previous runs etc. The high score tables make zero sense to me. I think Compound is probably the better game, but this is more ambitious and has the potential to exceed it.

I played more Sweet Surrender as well today and it’s clicking. Guns are better in Compound but levels are more interesting in Sweet Surrender. I really like how you can put big guns on your back and that the controllers vibrate when you hover over a holstered weapon. You can then pick them up without looking which I like. I also am better with grenades since I switched gripping from toggle to hold. Really good stuff here.

Ah, so that’s what that controller vibration is! Alas away for work for a week so no surrendering until I get back.

The Oculus app informed me today that Brian Rubin is catching up to my high score in Sweet Surrender. But you know what? I have zero idea what my high score is in Sweet Surrender. If you can make sense of that high score table anytime, let me know.

Song in the Smoke is receiving good reviews. ~8/10 in uploadVr, VRFocus and Realovirtual. It’s crossbuy on Oculus.

And Facebook Horizon is no more!
(now it will be called Horizon Worlds lol)

Still no indication of being released in 2021. They talk of an accelerator program (for creators) in early 2022, so maybe they are aiming for a mid 2022 release.

Lone Echo II: ANÁLISIS - (Spanish, 9/10)

Wooooo I just pulled the trigger on an Occulus Quest 2. For the moment I don’t have a desktop, and this way I can finally sample the experience without the pressure of getting a new system.

At some point I’ll want the tethered desktop to play all the flight and driving sims, but until then this should be fun!

Here are some good games:

You have SuperHot VR in the daily deal today.

That one was one my top games to start with… is there any issue with me logging into Occulus using my Facebook account and buying it now, or should I wait till I have my hardware?

Mmm I don’t know, as I had a device before starting to buy. I don’t think there will be any issue? Just try and see, I guess. You can always use the buy from a friend and put your own email

They will send a code that is valid for 30 days.

This is after the leak of the HTC flow

Silly me, Oculus is having a sale, that’s why some games are discounted.

My thoughts are “Why would I want this?” It’s expensive for what it does and doesn’t do the main immersive thing about VR besides the head tracking, motion/touch controllers.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem to be directed at the Quest market. More like media viewer, with some light games.

$500 is insanely expensive for a media viewer. The GearVR was given away free with phones.