VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

I thought the elite strap was kinda pricey and perhaps unnecessary given it already comes witha strap, but I am incredibly happy I bought it, given how much more comfortable it is, and if you are sharing with other people or kids, the quick release and fast adjustability are critical.

Note I could be wrong, but I think I read if you are planning on sideloading (unofficial) games, you might initially need the cable to do so, after setup you can go wireless. But I haven’t done it yet.

You can sideload with any normal usb cable.

And well, now it’s less needed to do it that way, thanks to AppLab.

Mercenaries mode coming as an update. I’m not exactly sure what that mode entails, lol
The official video has been unlisted, that is a mirror. From https://biohazardcast.com/the-mercenaries-resident-evil-4-vr-coming-2022/

Don’t get an Elite Strap, get this, it’s great!

No, instead of the Elite strap, get this:

I’ve tried a few. Clear winner.


I’ll throw my Frankenquest with the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap in the mix. I love it.

Yeah but that thing is like $100 by itself.

Hitman 3 VR coming to pc, and with proper motion controls!

What is the best VR standalone units? I do not have the room in our small condo to get the full ensemble types that require the sensor poles etc.

Most modern units such as the quest2 or the reverb G2 feature “inside out” tracking. You don’t need anything but a seat, a powerful computer and a flight simulator (DCS, MSFS, Il-2, VTOL VR) and you’re golden :D

Quest 2, as it’s fully standalone - use it anywhere there’s space, and don’t even need a PC. Though you can wirelessly stream from one if you have the network for it.

Quest 2 is literally the only standalone mainstream device, beyond one that I think it’s only sold in China and other from HTC that is way more expensive and seems a bluff.

So what’s the consensus on Tetris Effect? I see it’s on sale for $26.79 at Epic right now.

I like it! It’s not really very VR – it’s more playing Tetris while floating in space. But if you like Tetris, it’s playing Tetris while floating in space!

It’s not graphically amazing (monochrome green palette), but Vetrix is a fun puzzle game based on Tetris shapes, but really designed for VR. It’s a 3D Tetris where you manually place the pieces. It’s currently on sale for $1.79 on Steam, and I bet you’ll get more than $2 of entertainment from it. :) I paid the whopping full price of $5.99 and have no regrets.

If you were trying to convince someone to purchase a Quest 2 (for example) what games would you show them?

Back in my younger days I mainly got a PC to play Wizardry.

Half Life Alex. Not native to the Quest 2, but it can be played hooked up to a PC. It is absolutely amazing to me.

The biggest benefit of the quest 2 is precisely because it doesn’t need a PC, or be anywhere near a PC. I think this makes it an easy buy, if the games are enjoyable to the person.

Showing them a few episodes of Soda Island will go a long way… even if there isn’t a massive ton of similar videos, it clearly demonstates the beauty of immersive storytelling.

Beat Saber and Pistol Whip are obvious titles, they grab you immediately and give you a rush like you’ve never felt before if you’ve never tried VR.

Depending on the person, Eleven, Thrill of the Fight and Walkabout Mini Golf are very convincing if they like those activities in real life. These sold me.

After that it’s about showing them an example of whatever other game or experience type they like. The Mission ISS isn’t really a game, but hello, you’re in zero G and spacewalking, for free… fully 3d squirrel suit gliding over the alps… wooah.

I guess it’s important to stress the lower ticket price on things, but also the smaller game scope and length on average… it really isn’t a console/PC game comparative, to me it really is a third leg of gaming now.

Beat Saber
SuperHot VR
Eleven Table Tennis
Walkabout Minigolf
Resident Evil 4 VR