VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

So now that lots more people here have a quest 2, any of you have 72 or greater IPD? How’s the clarity and eye strain?

Really? I did think that might be the case (and I had a Quest 1 lol…), but I’m sure there’s another option there beyond the tapping thing that I always enable. I’ll have to check.

*edit: yeah no such option exists in experimental anymore. I have no idea what I’m talking about! :D

My problem with buying Beat Saber is that the basic game doesn’t seem to pop up on the Store. I downloaded the demo and there is a button to purchase it there so I should be good.

If I understand correctly as long as I have 5G wireless it will find my wired PC and work. That is good to know.

Base game is here:

The bundle with Imagine Dragons seems to be on sale, and only a buck or two more than base game:

*edit: updated bundle with correct Quest store link!

One of the three things (the two controllers or the headset) is getting close to one of the walls, it may happen without you noticing. You also can change the sensitivty in settings.

Yes. You can do several guardians.

The only one that cost $30, lol. This one.

Bear in mind @Matt_W is far better at Beat Saber than most mortals! I still can’t beat the campaign, and struggle on Hard mode. Expert is well outside my capabilities. I found I’m a lot better at Audica and Pistol Whip, shooting over slashing.

I purchased this on Steam and got it working wirelessly using the Air Link thanks to everyone’s advice. It is amazing looking!

I haven’t figured out how to move around yet but I just stood there for a bit looking around muttering to myself which made my daughter take the visor and agree that it is amazing.

Maybe try Star Wars: Squadrons? It’s another triple A type experience. I think it might be on Gamepass, not sure.

Yeah, I was in awe when I first was in the environment. I also tried to physically lean on the virtual walls when looking around a corner and almost toppled over :-) Glad you’re enjoying it!

My glasses fit fine but keep slipping down. I will definitely invest in prescription VR Lenses.

I tried watching Netflix. This gives the feeling of sitting in a big Lodge. Pretty cool since we live in a small condo and I can change my view. I do think that the device sitting on the face would get tiring to watch anything to long (at least with the default straps). I purchased the Kiwi Head gear hopefully that will help.

Beat Saber - is there a way to stop the crouching moves in the game? This is hard for me due to injuries and I am hoping there is a way to limit them from appearing.

There are a couple of mods that allow you to disable just duckable obstacles, but easiest to just turn on the No Walls modifier, which is one of the options on the left when you’re on the song selection screen. It will give you a 5% penalty to your leaderboard score, but that’s not a huge deal. There will still be a handful of songs with bombs you might have to duck (the new free Halloween track is one of them), but that’s rare, and on those songs you can turn on No Bombs.

Thx, @Matt_W

I was curious if any of the Train Sims worked in VR? I never played a Train SIm but was thibnking ot might be cool to drive one in VR.

Derail Valley works well and scratches the train driving itch.


How it all started…

I bought Eye of the Temple for Steam VR and it’s well done but I’m not sure I’m crazy about it. I’ve only put in maybe 45 minutes. So far the game mostly is about stepping onto moving platforms and rolling logs. There is a whip you get to use from time to time to grab levers and some simple combat.

I have to say, stepping out onto a platform feel real. It took a little bit to get used to as I almost fell over a couple times. It is smooth and I never felt nauseous, but it definitely screwed with my balance. When it started introducing some verticality, it felt cool to ride it up. It was really hard to convince my brain to step out onto a moving platform when I was elevated even though I knew I was standing on the floor. It’s crazy how powerful that feeling can be. it was similar to when I did a ropes course and was high up but tethered and knew i wouldn’t fall.

But I thought there would be a more adventuring to it and maybe some escape room type stuff. I didn’t really investigate the game before buying. While it can be cool to experience the immersion of feeling like I was doing these things - I wasn’t really enjoying a game completely centered around it. If it sounds appealing to you, it does seem really well done - maybe just not my thing.

it may be too much for me. I knew there were puzzles where you need to step on moving platforms, but so far it seems like that’s pretty much the game. Ther

Here you have the dev with some thoughts about the launch, sales, etc

v35 for Quest


And tomorrow is the UploadVR showcase

They mention:

  • 20+ VR games featured
  • 5 brand new game announcements
  • Release date confirmations
  • Titles for Quest, PSVR and PC VR headsets

The v35 release notes only show up on US site for some reason: