VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

What is tactile feedback on the PSVR2 headset going to do? Let me smack my head on a virtual bookcase as well?

Not 100% functional but looks fun :)

So I played SimplePlanesVR for the first time yesterday. Things were going well until I hit a button that put me in the air behind the plane. Oh nonononono.

Had to cycle through the other views real fast before I was back in the cockpit as it were. I think heights are gonna be the bane of my VR experience for a while.

I recently picked this up too (Eleven Table Tennis) and it is truly incredible how well it matches the experience of playing ping pong in person. It’s super bare-bones, no frills. But it just works. Played for an hour with a buddy yesterday and we only fell over trying to lean on the table to grab a shot once each.

Eleven is great…I play it against the hard AI in my normal gaming rotation on the Q2. Weird cause in real life I have a killer topspin forhand and weak ass backhand but in this game, I rule with my backhand.

I rule with neither hand, and the easy AI kicks my ass consistently. I’m more in the “hey, I can return the ball the other side of the net!” phase of my ping-pong journey, it seems.

I have to concentrate intensely to have any chance against hard. Usually win 1 or 2 out of 10. Easy was tough for awhile…takes time to get used to it.

Yeah this is about where I sit.

DF’s positive take on the PSVR2 spec. They’re also not sure what a haptic headset would do :) Maybe a bit of g-force…?

Oh - someone in the comments suggests haptics in the headset might provide a little fake ‘motion’ to match the in-game movement and offset motion sickness.

Being a pretty solid player in real life, I can consistently beat Hard, but the next level up is pretty rocky. I wish they’d invest a little more in the AI behaviour… the AI serves aren’t up to snuff, can return almost anything, and while on higher difficulty they laser shots, they don’t use spin, or counter spin in any way I can discern.

That said I’ve had plenty of good online matches, but sometimes you don’t want to spin the wheel and wind up humouring kids on their first game, etc.

I’m guessing the headset haptics are going to just vibrate the headset. I hope I’m wrong and it’s something cooler.

If you get shot in the head it knocks you out.

When you headbutt someone in a game, you feel it.

Finally someone has made a clone of the elite strap with battery, and at a cheaper price.

(no idea of the quality of the product!)

While talking of the new humble monthly thing, I decided to check their Store… they have Pistol Whip for 35% off

Where are you seeing that? Doesn’t seem to be mentioned on the store page as far as I can see.

Yeah I’m only seeing that it’s for Steam, nothing about receiving the Quest version. Would love for that to be the case though.

Sorry, i was wrong. Before, Humble store had sold some keys for the Oculus pc store, I know that for a fact. And I had selected the filter for ‘Oculus Rift’

that showed the sale. Hence the error.

Blaston is going to double the price on Jan 17.

I like Blaston, but there never seems to be anyone playing. But when there is, it’s a hoot.