VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

Has anyone tried After the Fall, VR L4D? Reviews are that it’s very well done but a bit thin on depth, but I’d be down to put a group together.

What do we know about Zenith - The Last City? Seems to be a Top Seller and it’s getting good player reviews. I am intrigued.

Watched a guy on my Discord stream it yesterday and he is in love with the dang thing.

I watched this…

I know it’s an MMORPG, two classes more or less, swords and magic/shooter person.

To be more fair with the Zenith, it really launched in EA in Steam, it’s just that the Oculus store doesn’t have that distinction.

RE4 gets an accesibility update


Added controller-directional movement (“hand steering”) to the “Steering” options.
Added the ability to specify which analog stick will be used for movement, separately from the “Dominant Hand” setting.
Added the ability to adjust your height when in “Standing” mode.
Added waist and chest holster position adjustment options (height, distance from body, and separation).
Added an option to disable auto-ejecting of magazines when grabbing ammo from the belt pouch.
Added an option to disable auto-pulling the pin on thrown grenades.
Added the ability to set the color of the “Laser Sight” line.



Ultrawings 2 is out

Virtual Virtual Reality 2 announced

And Vox Machinae is going to have a single player campaign?

Hmm. I never finished VVR, but it was pretty delightful. Fairly Portal-ish with good humor.

Ultrawings 2 looks like just thing for that OCULUS30 coupon

Yup, that’s exactly what I used it on. About to fire it up my own self.

My Quest 2 right-hand controller stopped working yesterday. Hilariously, the front LED on the controller started flashing in an SOS morse code pattern. I contacted Oculus support and they’re looking into it. Will report back in case this is an issue others run into. My experience with Oculus support is generally pretty good.

Well, you both can comment how it is!

I will wait my next code.

Well, maybe they did some changes on the hw detection, because there are some changes on the monthly data from Steam:

Big gains for Quest 2, even bigger than any month in the past half year. That’s… 2/3 of the total for Ocu… Meta headsets (67%). Ironic given pc vr isn’t a priority anymore for them.
Because it’s a % of the total, if Q2 gains so much, the others have to go down. The striking exception is the Vive Pro 2.

The other thing to highlight is the total, +0.21% is a good increase for a single month.

I will use this monthly post to also take a look at the best sellers games. On Steam:

After so much time with BS/Alyx/B&S/Pavlov dominating, there is new blood with Zenith and After the Fall.

For Quest, I’m looking at ratings in https://vrdb.app

That’s ordered by daily ratings, with the exception of the ‘new’, that are apps released in the last two weeks. In any case Zenith would top the list if we had real data, they have made 3700 in a few days. Although… I have to say it has been very frontloaded, it seems people interested in playing a VR mmo bought it in the first three days, and then it has dropped off sharply.
Another random thought is that you can see how right now USA is overrepresented in the Quest 2 market (marketing efforts has been squarely spent there). After the Fall, Onward, Pop One, MoH… so many FPS! :P

I’ve only done four training missions so far but it feels great.

I’m in the Supernatural Facebook group, and one post was by an Amazon warehouse employee who was saying these last couple of months so many packages were Quest 2s. Like, an insane amount.

The daily deal is Pistol Whip at 30% off

And Spacefolk City is at a historical low, 38% off

Popular Christmas gift.

That’s… one hell of diy flight stick for Ultrawings 2