VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

This happens a lot in… well anything really.

Artist: Here is my imperfect thing, it’s probably terrible, please be kind.
Fans: OMG! More! More!
Artist: Here is more, except I improved and tweaked it and fixed all the things from the first that I hated, plus I made it better and more ambitious, and introduced new elements, you’ll love it!
Fans: ARGH! You ruined it!

Warning wallet threat. Got an email about the “Fun and Fitness” sale for the quest.

My aerobic arm flailing workout games have remained Beat Saber and GORN! Right before the sale email came in I was thinking about pulling the trigger on Blade and Sorcery. Any opinions on the sale games? I’ve heard good things about Pistol Whip.

Pistol Whip remains one of my favourite VR games, I can play it any time, and on Hard in particular it will definitely get you sweating as you have to duck and dodge extensively. You get better scores by shooting in time with the rhythm, so it ends up being supremely satisfying. On Easy and Medium it’s just a great game.

I’ve not played most of the rest. Racket: Nx I found less satisfying that I hoped it might be, I had enough tracking problems with the Quest that I kinda gave up on it. Synth Riders is good, great even at times, but it doesn’t grab me like Pistol Whip, Beat Saber or Audica. The Climb triggers my vertigo and gets me sweating, but other than holding your arms up for extended periods it’s not that much of a workout, though it is a good game. Walkabout Mini Golf is about as much of a workout as a round of mini golf sounds, but it is brilliant with plenty of content. Thrill of the Fight is the hardest workout of the lot of them, and bundled with Eleven Table Tennis is a great combo.

The ‘High-Energy Sports Pack’ seems the best. I usally also recommend Blaston and walkabout Minigolf.
Racket NX is less interesting, but for that price is fair.
Pistol Whip is a game that is very good, but it didn’t ‘got me’, I don’t consider it that replayable, even if the devs have put effort in putting new content and game mutators.

A new competitor appears

Narrator sounds like a young Schwarzenegger :)

Headset looks good right? Shame it has its own store but I suppose that’s how the world works.

Great that this market is still evolving. I never bothered sorting out the ergonomics of my Quest 2, and it’s really not that pleasant to use. I’ll happily swap it out for something more advanced at some stage.

Didn’t know there was a Moss 2 already, and it was well received. Hopefully all these games will be brought forward to newer generations of hardware.

I am six days late to say… THIS SOUNDS AWESOME!

A very nice bundle

Too little too late, with Cambria rumoured to already be in production and launching later this year? :)

I guess if that happens, it’s likely be a much more expensive unit than this though.

Most of Cambria’s advances seem to be in the social space, face tracking, eye tracking, color passthrough, etc. Probably not a huge leap for pure VR gaming. Though if it’s more comfortable and has a greater sweet spot on the lenses, that’s enough for me.

Meta are claiming that Cambria will be high end, and also that Quest 2 isn’t going anywhere for a while. I think there’s space for a souped-up Quest-like, as long as the price bump isn’t too high. But going with identical specs probably isn’t what most people would go for, unless they really, really, really don’t want a FB account.

All that stuff is desirable for gaming too, especially the eye tracking (proper foveated rendering).
And they are going full-on AR support with the colour cameras, yeah.

Cameras on the controllers will be a good leap in their tracking capability.

The physical screen resolution is rumoured to be the same as Quest 2, but with black levels approaching OLED. There’s also been mention of this other interesting screen tech that doubles perceptual resolution, something that sounds kind of like old-school interlacing.

And the new lens tech makes it a lot slimmer - though if this render is accurate, I wonder how much light bleeds in at the sides…

I have to imagine that 99% of consumers will never even know this headset exists. It’s going to take someone with the marketing muscle of a Samsung, or the game dev chops of a Sony, to topple the Quest as long as Facebook is betting its future on it. Unless Facebook implodes for other reasons of course. And that’s even assuming these non-Sony competitors have parity games-wise, which is far from certain.

I don’t think you have to imagine that. :) I had no idea there was something called a Pimax until recently, despite them being around for 7 years. Mind you, I had never heard of Trogdor either until yesterday so maybe I’m not the best example.

You must be burninated!

I started Tentacular but I’m not sure if I like it. It needs a bit of time to get going, but once it does, you learn it’s really a physics puzzler game (ok) but with the twist of having to do them with floppy, too long arms that makes basic things hard and clunky (less ok) and yeah, more challenging. Imagine doing a Jenga tower with your arms going all over the place because they are too elastic so you can’t hold the pieces firmly.

UW2 is out on Steam. Well, it seems the dev decided to use Early Access, as some key features (hotas support, WMR support) isn’t still there.

I tried Void Racer Extreme on Quest, and well, I don’t think this kind of arcade racing games play well on VR.

With this, I don’t mean VR racing games have to be real life & simmy like Arsetto Corsa or Dirt Rally, they can be more arcade and more fictional affairs with grav bikes, etc, but even with fictional scifi vehicles, the feeling have to be there, fooling you in believing you are in a futuristic racing gravjet thingie in a real futuristic track. I’m thinking Redout as example of a game of this genre and with a decent feel in the controls of your ship, with slightly more nuance in how your use the yaw up/down in addition to left and right, unlike the super arcade Void Racer the movement and physics are so simple that you don’t feel immersed in a real world, scifi or not scifi.

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