VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

That’s how it works yes. I really did it from the Oculus mobile app. Same principle, you ‘buy’ the Rift one first, then the Quest one.

Thanks for the heads up!

Well, with the Quest 2 going up in price next week and the fact that you no longer need a Facebook account I finally pulled the trigger on replacing my CV1. Did the research for sims and it got great reviews. More resolution than an Index, although not as much as a Reverb. Nothing else reasonable on the horizon and much cheaper than the Reverb. Best of all, my purchase cost Facebook money. Booyah!

Zero Caliber added a PVP mode to their multiplayer, so it’s a fully fleshed out game now. Tried it over the weekend, it’s not bad at all if you can get a room with enough players. It feels a bit more arcadey than Contractors, simply because the weapon assignment is random rather than a point loadout (although that might be a setting, not sure), and movement is less reduced with your gun up. But the maps are a nice size and detail.

It’s what I wanted when I tried Pavlov Shack, except all I found there were lots of annoying kids playing weird ghost games or one bullet pistol games, killing each other randomly, not really focused on actually having a solid experience, and I found the maps rather plain.

In other news, that Labrynth map in Walkabout is really cute. If anyone can find a reliable way to get a pool of you guys together from inside the Quest alerted to a possible game forming, it would be great to play. I have a few of you friended but as random indivduals but it’s not the easiest thing to get going.

Mmm . . . more Walkabout, I can’t say enough about the clean physics of this game. I really hope they work on the matchmaking, it could be such a good party game.

Fingers crossed!

So I got another of those 30% off codes, anything decent released recently, apart from the Warplanes sequel?

Myst DLC incoming

And next DLC will be…

v43 coming with the Meta accounts

Oh holy cow, Jules Verne?? Given what they did with Labyrinth, can’t wait for these upcoming courses.

And THREE Jules Verne courses?? One in 2022, two more in 2023. Wow.

Would that be Nemo and Journey to the Center of the Earth?

Vtol VR (Which I always heard good things about) , Into the Radius, Contractors and other games.

Just saw this about the $3000 Aero. Looks nice :) @TurinTur

Another one. Hope cheaper competitors are coming with this sharpness…

I’m liking Red Matter 2. Great graphics, great atmosphere and immersion, puzzles are not repetitive. Half Life vibes, with the portal to another dimension? in a huge underground research/defense complex, with rail train included.. Pity it’s short (it seems I’m 2/3 done) and the combat sucks. Infinite ammo and regeneration health is the bane of FPS, and the AI doesn’t really try to kill you, it just jumps from predetermined point to point. You have the impression they didn’t want to go the entire mile with the FPS combat because it’s more a puzzle/adventure game than a real FPS so they did something uncomplicated, but the final result is half baked.

I finished Red Matter 2. Is it worth 30€? Ehh overall it was good but I would wait a 20-25% discount. As always, there is VR tax in the relative high price of the product. I only bought it now because the 10% preorder discount + having funds from referrals.
I think it was around 4.5 hours in total, 5 hours if I’m generous, but I’m not sure. That’s more than Red Matter 1, but that isn’t precisely a big goal.
The puzzles were fairly easy and logical, I only got stuck twice, and in both occasions it was me being dumb and not seeing something important on an easy puzzle, while actually in a pair of harder puzzles the game have, it was more or less smooth sailing for me.
The combat was bad as I mentioned, although it’s a minor factor given there isn’t that much combat and well, the goal of giving it more variety was completed, shooting a pistol to some drones in between puzzles, even if overall wasn’t good, it made for a breather.
Speaking of variety, I liked the inclusion of more jetpack platforming, inspired from their older game, Daedalus.
Let’s be honest, the standout graphics for Quest are one of the reasons to play the game, they really enhance immersion.
The story was ho-hum, just serviceable, with the incredible plot twist (sarcasm) of the Space Soviets entire upper management being evil. Gasp! And of course, after two games already, they never go deep in the science fiction angle of what is the red matter, what is the purpose, goals, etc. It’s only hinted at the end that infected people get absorbed in a big conscious collective and that it ignores normal spacetime conventions
I didn’t like how linear it was, for 80% of the game (except the last 20%), you advance room by room, in a linear fashion, with the door closing behind you, always doing the puzzle in front of you.

The credits by the way, tell a lot: not counting VA, it’s a game done by 5 dudes, with three extra people doing some ‘additional work’, for the script/dialogue or for the character art (which may sound hefty, but in reality there are 3 character faces in the entire game, two of them appear only once). We are truly far away from AAA games if they couldn’t get money to increase the team and make something a bit more ambitious.

Meta accounts are now active

Thanks for the rundown on this - will definitely look at trying it when it goes on sale at some point.

I’m playing the SW Tales of the Galaxy’s Edge game, which isn’t great but it’s decent, but one of the extra bonus ‘tales’ was pretty damn bad. You are a bounty hunter robot, IG-88, and basically play a level that is 100% action. Ok. But the action is notably worse than the action in the normal game, so what’s the point?? Do you know how the thing with VR is to aim and fire with your arms and hands? Well surprise, here you just aim generally in the enemy direction with floating cursors and the robot arms automatically aim to the target. Congrats, you have made the firearms more boring in your combat-focused extra level. Who, who thought that was a good idea.
Not only that, unlike in the normal game you have infinite ammo and you can’t switch or swap weapons or use grenades, so it’s even more boring, and more brainless too as instead of stickpacks you have health regen.

So BattleGroupVR is available as an app lab (i.e. early access) game natively on the Oculus and it is fucking terrific.

It’s basically a space RTS where you’re on the bridge of your flagship, which you can also take control of directly. It’s so god damned great, seriously.

Have you played Eternal Starlight too? I have that and it’s fun but a bit of a different interface I’m sure.

Any idea how MP or co-op works? I couldn’t find much on some quick googling.

I have on Steam, and it’s a very good time. I also see it’s on Oculus too. Damn, time to double dip.

I’ve not tried it but apparently the campaign can be played in co-op and there’s apparently an asymmetric “conquest” mode that’s a map-based mode that looks really fun.