VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

Sadly my aging laptop doesn’t meet the requirements for VD (gfx card), and it’s not ethernet wired anyway (it’d be a hassle to unplug everything and truck it down every night and back).

If you’re just watching video it shouldn’t matter whether it’s wired (besides, I use it unwired for gaming and it’s fine). I’d at least give it (the built in one) a try, couldn’t hurt.

Apparently there’s a good mod adding VR for Half Life 2.

Thanks for the info, Houngan! Just played the first twenty minutes and had a great time. It’s really well done.

I got one of the oculus30 codes so I was wondering where to spend it. I was thinking Ancient Dungeon which released the other day but… while it got a “1.0” release, from what I’m reading on the updates entries on Steam, it seems to me the game still is on EA, with the dev promising meaty updates later, he just arbitrarily launched it on Quest this month. Even more, it doesn’t seem to have a lot more of content in comparison with the free beta I tried a year ago in AppLab. More specifically he hasn’t fixed the most glaring issue I saw back then: lack of player weapons. There are no classes, there are no spells, and after watching 7-8 videos, it seems there are a total of three (3) weapons: throwing knifes, sword and crossbow. I’m reading on the wiki there are really four weapons, distributed in two sets to choose: throwing knife/sword and crossbow/dagger. How do you make a freaking roguelite dungeon crawler with just that? Where is the spear, claymores, axes and shields? And not having at least 4-5 spells is just, pfft.
The combat also remains a tad too simplistic, in that is at least wiggle-adjacent .
It also costs 20% more on Quest than on Steam, which saps sympathies I could have for what it is a one man project.

It seems Meta has a new referral program. I’m still not sure of the details, the summary is you refer an app, the link includes a 25% discount for the title, and you get $5 credit if it’s used. But I couldn’t find how to do it from the web, only from the mobile app, and in my case lots of games I own weren’t on the list. I couldn’t app refer Beat Saber or Walkbout or many others. Also, it seems it’s only available to people of some countries?? Well, here are my links:

Asgard’s Wrath




Puzzling Places

Resident Evil 4


Sairento VR : Untethered

Smash Drums

Virtual Desktop

And my device referral https://www.oculus.com/referrals/link/TurinTurambar/

Mind you, Oculus is better now with sales than a year ago, now they have one with 25-35% discounts every two weeks or so. So it could be the case that buying normally is better (I doubt the discounts stacks??)

No idea if this will be interesting or not:

Given that’s the most underwhelming dragon I’ve seen in a very long time (camera shake says it’s massive; camera view says it’s the size of a golden retriever) … probably not…

After seeing a Youtube video explaining the Android Netflix app is Sidequest-able… that totally worked, you can resize the window to any size at high resolution (just make sure your window is the size you want it before playing the show). Very nice, I’m not gonna watch the TV anymore now that I have a massive private screen instead! (Note that whiel Disney+ has no app, it is streamable and expandable in the Occulus browser. Netflix uses Silverlight, which neither the Oculus browser nor Opera [standard install anyway] does)

Benefits to installing Sidequest as well: I installed both Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Doom3 VR mods! Sweet nostalgia I can touch.

Why not watch it on Edge on your PC and Virtual Desktop to that?

Well, I’m not yet willing to drop £15 on the software if my laptop isn’t up to specs, and trying the airlink didn’t seem to work, maybe because my laptop doesn’t have bluetooth (edit-- never mind, it’s wifi based, I needed the PC App, and not sidequest, to airlink… I’m dumb. Downloading now.)

But given that I now have all streaming options covered, I’m not sure what else I need it for, given I don’t have the horsepower to run any VR game anyway.

Yes, I meant the Air Link one (Oculus’s naming of that feature was a bit of a dick move). It’s free to try so you might as well. If it does work, it’s going to be more flexible than relying on an hoc solutions for each different service.

After setting it up, it outright tells me my [onboard intel integrated] graphics card isn’t up to snuff. Oh well!

A better Quest 2

Hope the pancakes make a meaningful difference, and I guess moving weight to the back like that must help too. Nice. Shame no US release date.

A pair of games for Q2, one will go from AppLab to official store, the other is a roguelike in the Stellaris setting??

And more

Can’t wait for the new courses! Easily the best VR value for me so far.

The 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea course is out for mini golf. Awesome design and theme. Disappointing lost balls for the most part as usual but the two courses are top notch. The course overview screen is their best one yet. Great stuff!