VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

Looks like Bonelab is out. I thought it was more of a physics sandbox, but it seems it’s a Half-Life-meets-SuperHot single player campaign? Looks fun.

Yeah I didn’t put the full trailer

Bonelab was out yesterday. I understand it’s more Boneworks, with the good and bad that means

A pair of reviews

This is going to be an official wifi dongle for Quest

Anime action bikes thingie.

Other companies are preparing to compete against Quest Pro, weeks before it’s announced

And Quest 3 is coming in 2023, here it’s some leaks

-For 2023 release
-new chip_ Snapdragon XR2 ‘Gen 2’
-possibly more ram/storage
-pancake lenses, similar (same?) slanted design and angle
-dual lcd, mechanical ipd slider (a little wheel)
-shitty strap from Q2, no battery at the back
-compatible with Quest Pro charging dock, but it won’t include it
-it will be compatible with the Quest Pro controllers too (that implies it won’t include them either?)
-no eye/face tracking, current method is too expensive
-rgb/depth cameras at the front for mixed reality

A tease for mixed reality for the Quest Pro

Smash Drums is going to have a new mode to play, more ‘traditional’

I hereby give the HL2 VR Mod the “10 Years Too Late” reward. I mean, it’s well done, and extremely cool to see City 17 in 3D, but every single edge has been smoothed off the game for me after multiple play-throughs over nearly two decades.

It’s definitely very familiar. I’ve only played through the game 2-3 games, so maybe less worn smooth. I always forget how propulsive it is; it never lets up. It constantly pushes you forward. The VR works really well for the most part though.

I’m playing through the VR Quest 2 sideload port of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I played it when it was released, I barely remembered the single player campaign, but we played quite a lot of the mulitplayer at work.

What’s interesting is that in VR, you really see the changing game design philosophy. The scale of the rooms and levels is almost comically big (but the people are the right size so it’s not a VR scale problem), which I think was to accommodate the run and gun gameplay style of fast movement and heavy strafing, like its Wolfenstein roots. But the enemies themselves are not overly numerous, and are actually quite deadly, the later stage enemies capable of decimating your 100% health in seconds if you’re caught reloading at a bad moment. Which forces the tactic of hugging corners and doorways, sniping baddies at range before running across a mostly empty room to get to the next point. It makes for a kind of emptiness that is even more pronounced when inside the game world.

Contrast that to Doom3, only a few years later, which I remember people critiquing that everything was too closed in, tired ideas of enemies popping out of closets… but honestly, in VR, this game rocks. The enemies come in through air ducts or around corners in a way that doesn’t feel cheap, but panic inducing, and the slower movement speed, close quarters and decently good clutter really make the world feel alive, even though it’s a mostly abondoned space station. Oh, and that you can keep the flashlight up and shoot at the same time :)

Really fun to see how games moved forward and to be living inside them.


Some decent sales on Meta this week. RE4, Demeo, Myst, Puzzling Places, The Climb 1/2, Walkabout Minigolf, I Expect You to Die 1/2, After the Fall, ETT, etc at 30 to 40% off.

It’d be a crime to own a Quest and not have these games! Hoping I magically get one of the 30% codes this week too so I can get a great deal on the Walking Dead.

Howdy. I was thinking of getting a Quest for the family for Xmas. I see that the Quest Pro just came out & that the Quest 3 is slated for 2023. Is it a bad idea to pick up a Quest 2 now? Is there any compelling reason to get a Quest Pro instead? or wait for the Q3?

Along those lines, assuming the answer is “Get a Quest 2 now…” Are there must-have accessories? Does it matter if I get the 128 vs. 256 Gb, other than having it hold more games simultaneously? Any other tips/recommendations?

IMO getting a Quest 2 right now doesn’t make much sense unless they do some deep holiday discounts.

I bought a Quest 2 for $299 over two years ago and today it’s $399 brand new. That’s kind of crazy for tech.

If you do get one, I don’t see any reason for the 256GB version. 128GB is more than enough for the games I want installed at the same time.

I would recommend checking out the Elite Strap - it makes things far more comfortable.

My advice is contrary to the above: go ahead and get the Quest 2. If you wait for the Q3, then you’ll end up waiting for the Q4.

The current cost of entry, for what you get - a full, stand-alone VR rig of middling quality - is still fine.

I dont regret my Q2 purchase even though it spends more time collecting dust for me.

I’m with @scharmers on this one. It is worth it, especially if you can also take advantage of the using it for your PC headset as well. The 128G version is fine as was said. Plus I don’t think we know when in 2023 that other headset is coming out.

EDIT to add: Just because the headset is coming out in 2023 doesn’t mean there will be games that take advantage of its new features right away. VR software is slower to release and I think it might be a little while before any software gets released that is “Q3 only”

I’d suggest getting one of the 3rd party straps that has a battery pack built in as that’s worked out great for me. Or the Elite if you don’t care about the extra battery power. Anything is better than the one they included!

Apart from the extra power, having a battery pack at the back helps balance the weight distribution of the headset. My 3rd party strap didn’t accommodate a battery, so I just attached an Anker power bank to the back with a couple of velcro straps.

Definitely don’t get a Quest Pro. If it weren’t for Christmas, I’d say try to wait for the Quest 3. But if you do go for a Quest 2, definitely get the elite strap with battery or a third party equivalent. If you have a gaming PC, you may also want to at least look at the Pico 4 - it’s a standalone headset, but it has a much smaller ecosystem than Quest unless you stream from PC.

I’d wait for a Quest 3 next year.

Personally, I would rather have a Valve Index or some such. For use by the kids and spouse, the Quest being wireless takes the day. I’m OK with the Quest 2 not being top of the line. I’m assuming the visual quality is good enough for household use?

Regarding the elite strap with battery – is that a pack sold by Meta or something I should seek on Amazon?

May as well just get a Quest 2 now, then a Quest 3 when it comes out so you can all play multiplayer!

Here’s the one I have, though there are dozens of varieties. I tried a halo-style strap but prefer this type better.

Yes, graphics are good enough for home use…I love my Q2.

We have this strap…my kid and I, and it’s great.