VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

The Elite strap is pretty notorious for breaking.

To be honest I’m not too fussed, I should hve bought one with another battery in there anyway, 2.5-3 hrs is just barely enough for some sessions when I’m gaming and then want to watch some Imax-screen Netflix before bed.

Too bad there’s no strap that’ll give me more hard drive space too…

The best Quest game keeps getting better! They have a whole slew of courses coming out in the future too. Love how they keep supporting this. Next course is out on 3/9.

If they’re making courses, I’m buying 'em!

60% off

Longform vid about Apple’s potential set. I’ve laid my money in this thread several times on Apple being the thing that might finally kick VR all the way into AAA gear. Here’s hoping!

Quite a lot in there, but yeah, despite the high price tag, like he says at the end, maybe it drives manufacturers into investing in the factory tech to lower prices in later generations, like how tv’s went from $1500 to $400 in ten years. Trouble is the computing to generate images to those higher functioning screens has to keep pace, and that was a lot of compromises being discussed to handle it… Zuckergerg had a video detailling all the same hurdles.

But I have absolutely no doubt gaming and video conferencing and movie watching will go VR in the future. Already it brings more presence, immersion and opportunity to media than a flat screen ever will. It’s just getting to that sweetspot of technology, cost and adoption.

That said, PSVR2, at a combined $1100, seems like it has better potential at clueing in the masses, given a third the current console market consumer is already a potential convert, with some pretty hefty power to amaze the eyeballs. And while the full body tracked video conferencing sounds amazing for Star-Wars-y CEOs nefariously plotting from their lairs across the world, gaming is where normal people will get into it.

I dunno, there’s a type of person who has a PS5 and wants a VR headset, which is going to lean male, young, gamer-type. Then there’s a person who believes Apple hung the moon and if they don’t buy the latest Apple product then they are a social loser, and that demographic is older, even-gendered or leans female, and has money. That’s the factor I think might push it over the top. i mean, people bought $200 wireless earbuds, for fuck’s sake, because Apple stopped letting them use $10 wired earbuds any more, and another brand’s $40 wireless earbuds weren’t Apple enough.

Brands matter. Look at Beats, they were huge and by all accounts marked up around 1500%, but people had to have them and had a perception of quality that couldn’t be assailed. Apple makes a great product, don’t get me wrong, but there’s also a strong emotional audiophile-esque detachment from reality about it among a LOT of their users, particularly the ones that don’t have much tech savvy.

That makes the argument that as people (at least right now) won’t be using their Apple XR device on the streets or with friends, where people can see them with their BRANDED PRODUCT, it won’t have that appeal for people.

Meta does a bit more official their already existing partner/publishing program

Interestingly, they are keeping the Oculus name for this.

B&S update 12 is out

Another Pixel Ripped game, this time with the Atari license and everything

A teaser for the Boneworks-like Into the Darkness

This is a Tarkov-like released on Applab

I never heard of this game before, I have to try

New game in Moss setting… will be a pvp competitive game?

Ooh, that reminds me I need to pick up the original game ‘DLC’ on Quest, I really enjoyed PR '95. This looks cool too, but it’s funny once she’s in the game the characters are so chunky… the danger is that it feels cheap. But I’ll pick it up fo sho.

Speaking of Moss, I just finished the sequel… fantastic work. I guess the PvP would be a mixture of what they had at the end, a double battle of Readers and their animal proxies. Could be interesting, but I admit, I just really want more platforming goodness from this team.

Counter argument: Apple users look down on people who send them texts from Android phones. That’s remote and absolutely a thing. “Ew, green text bubbles.” Or whatever color it is. The least technical people I know have strong feelings on that. I don’t know but I would put a decent bet on Apple making VR also look “bad” to non-Apple users by hook or crook.

Do Apple fans who buy the phones also buy Macs? Do they buy the Apple TV homepod? I’m not convinced that Apple fans buy everything Apple. I know a lot of people who have iPhones who use PCs, not Macs.

I still see VR being associated with being a dork. You look dorky wearing the glasses. I’ve seen a couple of TV commercials for non-VR stuff where someone is wearing VR glasses in the background and the commercial makes them look dumb.

To me it will all be about the software that runs on the Apple AR stuff. If it’s really hot shit, maybe that pushes it over the top.

My god that looks fun!