Wacky Japanese Do It Again!

Not bad for a pillow with no head.[/quote]
The running pillows with heads rose up and destroyed their creators, ultimately having to be put down.

You’d actually be surprised how relaxing that is and how good it actually feels. I’m not joking.[/quote]

Yeah well, Ed Gein told me that about human skin once, too. No, not really, but come on - it’s a DISEMBODIED LOWER FEMALE HALF.[/quote]

Huh. I didn’t realize they used real ladies to make those pillows.[/quote]
Tim, may I interest you in a massage pillow that’s shaped like a trucker’s ass? It even has holy briefs with authentic-looking skid stains that you can remove or keep on the pillow as the mood suits you. Store it under your bed, between your collection of dried cat carcasses and shoebox full of women’s hair clippings you absconded with from behind your neighborhood Supercuts.

Or maybe that’s, you know, fucking creepy and weird. If you people are going to start sticking up for Japanese comfort products, I’m pulling the chain and bringing this Keystone Kops Klown Kar to a flippin’ halt, and your tentacle pr0n Hentai DVDs are going to spill out all over the floor if you don’t zip up your bag.

Shouldn’t that be changed to: “For the man who has nothing”?