Wait a sec - that $1,000 Apple monitor stand

I thought it was 6 feet tall which is why it cost so much, but I saw a meme on reddit and it is literally just a normal monitor stand for a desk. Is it really just a traditional monitor stand?

Feels like we don’t need another thread about this. Already discussing it in this one:

I know, it’s bullshit. Everyone who owns a Mac is required to buy one too since were locked into the walled garden. Stupid sheep.

Isn’t there a 199.00 stand you can buy instead?

There’s a $199 VESA stand / Mount adapter.

Folks, get over it. The target market for this monitor and its associated stand are professionals who routinely drop $43,000 on a reference monitor. It’s not for you.

Having now seen this screen side by side with Dell’s UltraSharp 27 4K monitor ($US2000), Eizo’s CG319 Color Edge ($US6000), Sony’s BVM-HX310 reference monitor ($US43,000) and Sony’s BVM-X3 OLED reference monitor ($US48,000), Apple’s simply blows the rest out of the water. The clarity, vivid colour, contrast and detail are phenomenal.

From here.

I thought it could not be used as a reference monitor though?

Why not? If I remember Apple’s announcement properly, it’s one of the most colour accurate monitors in the world. P3, incredible constant contrast rate…

Yup. 9 different reference modes.

I was going by this guy’s statement. At the 12 minute mark, though I can’t seem to share from that point on my phone. Not sure why.

You can do that on iOS. Here you go.

Man you Apple people get damned defensive at the drop of a hat.

I mean, I guess I get it, you feel aggrieved. People won’t stop giving you shit I guess. Sorry from everyone.

Definitely feels like the whole war on Christmas thing from here though.

It looks like that means you need more things to make it work

Nope. Lego is one of those people who think Apple users are sheep while knowing nothing about their products. I like to play along.

Plus it was suggested in the other thread that Apple people are locked in and have to buy expensive hardware because they have no choice.

No, you aren’t playing along with anything. Don’t rope me into whatever you are going through.

After telling us that everyone says Apple hardware is garbage, you said this: “Or Apple Users are just people more interested in fashion rather than function.“

So yeah I am playing along.

No, you really aren’t. I asked a question about iPhone use and conversion of Android users. It seemed plausible, but not necessarily true (at least in this day and age, with the Pixel and high end Samsung phones as direct competition to the iPhone for people willing to pay more).

You are bringing in a lot of baggage from other very old threads which have no bearing on the conversation that is currently taking place.

No I am just saying I don’t take you seriously in Apple threads.

And yet you respond to everything I say. I am rather flattered by that.

I am sorry, I am having major insomnia issues and really bitchy lately. I shouldn’t be posting silly crap. Ignore me.

Apple doesn’t want the Poors.

The target audience for a thousand dollar monitor stand is “idiots”.