Waiting.... is the hardest part

Well, it’s getting boring again waiting for the next GOOD PC game to be released. The disappointing Lionheart didn’t do much. Replaying Divine D. kept me going for a few days. Finished AOW Shadow Magic campaign… Did a little Korsun pocket… but right now it seems like a holding pattern. Bring on the next good PC game! (RPG, Strategy, Wargame) Gimme Warlords IV!
Gimme Railroad Tycoon 3! gimme Riftrunner! (Better yet, somebody rewrite East Front using the Korsun engine!)

Are you bored? What games are you waiting for?

Yes, I’m bored. I’m waiting for Temple of Elemental Evil. Replaying Morrowind to keep me from buying another Empire of Magic..

I just scored a copy of Darklands off ebay… one game I never seem to get tired of. Going to use that and NFL Fever 2004 to hold over to TOEE.

This has never happened before, but I am totally addicted to… Flight Simulator 2004.

I’ve always admired Flight Sim, and I usually play the heck out of it for a few weeks after a new version is released, and maybe get into it again it after a year or so to see some of the better add-ons.

But this one is just SO close to the real flying experience (minus the physical cues) that it has the aviation fanatic in me hooked. I’m learning some of the systems on the more advanced aircraft, exploring terrain in different parts of the world (even the areas that use “generic” terrain are very well-modeled as far as elevations and city locations go), trying some of the better add-on planes, etc.

No, it’s not a “game.” But it’s a fascinating simulation.

(And hey, did you guys know you can let it run on autopilot while you use Word?)

Yeah, warcraft3 is losing its appeal lately, homeworld 2 can not come quick enough. Same with ToEE.

ToEE with bated breath.

Tron 2.0 is pretty cool.

— Alan

ToEE is the big one for me. I really want a party-based, turn-based RPG.

Full Spectrum Warrior in 2004!

Kohan: Age of Kings

Still, I’m playing through Vietcong and AoW:SM right now. And the bargain bin always keeps me busy.

So then the fighting’s not so bad?

I’m getting the ‘meh’ feeling nowadays too. Then I remind myself that the sun is shining outside and that I’m not going to be on my deathbed regretting that I didn’t play more computer games.
Time for a break.
(As he waits for Enigma- Rising Tide, personally).

I am waiting for TToEE also.

Lionheart sucked. It made me nostalgic for Fallout 2 which I picked up and have been enjoying again. What a tremendous game. AOW:SM was a cool game, but it didnt really grip me much. I stopped playing after a few days and a few campaign missions. The late game tedium/micromagement in TB strat games often conspires against me.

I also have been playing FFX on the PS2. Its pretty damn fun and that has surprised me. I usually dont like the console style RPGs.


I’m amusing myself with RRT2 right now. If I ever finish all these campaigns, and if I have some time, I’ll have to play the original Deus Ex.

That way I’ll be primed for at least 2 of the sequels coming out this year. Thankfully, I don’t need to go back and play Half-Life.

NWN mods are keeping me happy at the moment. Twilight is incredible so far.

I came back from a three week vacation on the motorcycle in July (with the requisite computer withdrawl) and have been seriously binging on games ever since. I picked up a dusty copy of Gothic at EB Games and played through that to the end, tried Gothic 2 but got bored about 10 hours into the game, went back to replay Gothic and went about halfway again–as a mage this time. Then tried out Undrentide for NWN and made it much further than the OEM campaign. I was really happy after getting one of those cool weapons that drip poison on the ground as you walk: nice effects. And it has that “just one more dungeon crawl before I got to bed” kind of effect. I’ll probably finish this one in the next week or two.

In between those I’ve been experimenting with Escape Velocity Nova, which brought back my nostalgia for my old Mac gaming days but didn’t make me want to go out and buy one again, and most recently learning how to design levels for Unreal Tournament. And the Rise of Nations trial was a lot of fun but RTSs never seem to stay on my computer long so I don’t think I’ll buy it.

I don’t want to get my hopes up too much for HL2 in case it doesn’t actually come out this year, so I guess I’m pining for KOTOR for PC the most. And I really loved Homeworld and Cataclym so H2 is pretty high on my list.


W00t! Level 31 in Lionheart! This game rocks! Well, if you play an unarmed combat specialist with divine magic and you don’t want to carry companions around and you like killing zillions of monsters… but if you do, it rocks!

waiting on ToEE, and thinking about Gothic 2

I am amazed at how many threads FS2004 pops up in here at Qt3. For a genre that no one seems to play here anymore there has certainly been a lot of discussion recently.

I have also become addicted to FS2004 - the new weather engine alone is worth the price of admission.

I have also joined the VATSIM Oceanic network and completed a couple of flights around YPPH, YPDN, and YSSY. Hooked up last night with a guy flying a DC-10 into Perth airport. Great stuff.

What server did you play on Sean? I wanted so much to play this online but a lack of knowing how popular it is forced me to delete it (that and needing the 2 and a half gig it swallows )

oh, and I’m wating for the two big commercial games of the year. .DX2 and HL2…

I’m just adding another to my list… THIEF 3!! just played the demo then (*of thief 2, was so excited that I forgot that bit last edit)… meeemmmories!

I made the mistake of seeing the extended Halo2 trailer last week.

That’s a tough one to keep out of my dreams.