Has anyone given this a try? It is in open beta.


Turn based combat in a cute setting. :>)

Not sure what I think about it yet but might be something to try as a family type game together with your kids.

Give me turn based combat in a non-cute setting plx.

seems pretty cool - I might try it out. Thanks!

It became tedious quickly for me either before I got out of or just after I got out of the tutorial areas.

It looks interesting, and if I had the time I’d try it out. The stuff about politics and ecology seems like it could be fun.

But I can’t justify adding another game to the list of stuff-I-really-want-to-play, which is already at epic proportions. If it survives to a full release, I may check it out.

I was going to try it, but I’ve yet to get the create account page to load correctly.

Yeah, for some reason that anime look is really a big turn-off for me.

I guess it is kind of sad that we turn based junkies will look over anything that uses our favourite style of game. :>)

I agree that it is tedious to play but then again it is a beta and probably geared towards a younger audience.

I tried this game, and felt it was okay, but i hated the interface and general lack of feedback on what the hell was going on. I generally like the idea of a dynamic world, but hunting things to extinction, and me not know how close these things are to extinction or if there are things to help with population, and that’s even before the politics. The graphics, I don’t mind, but I can understand why some could hate that style.