Walking Dead on AMC

According to the Hollywood Reporter. I’ve only read a bit of the comic, but I liked what I read, and a weekly zombie show sounds awesome to me.

Wow, that’s crazy. Of all the comics I’ve read, I think this would make the best weekly drama. I really wouldn’t deviate from the source much at all. Some of the dialog can be a little limp, but otherwise it’s a solidly written book.

I wonder how long it’ll be before we hear about this again?

I’m not sure how they can pull this off correctly.

Given the success of Mad Men, and that show’s $2.5million per episode budget, it is very possible that The Walking Dead might get similar treatment.

I hope so. I really want this to be awesome.

A TV show based on one of my favorite comic series that is executive produced/written/directed by Frank Darabont?

Do I have to point out why I think Darabont being involved raises this from awesome to holy-shit-amazing?

I think you do sir. There is some feces in his IMDB resume that is bothering me.

Considering what they’ve done with Mad Men and Breaking Bad, I would expect good things from this. :)

I guess I’d expect S1 to be issues 1-24, then S2 to be 25-48 (which is going to blow people’s minds), and so forth.

I’m just hoping it’s the Frank Darabont that wrote the Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors and remake of The Blob, and not the Frank Darabont that directed The Majestic.

Look. At. My. Screen. Name.

Hopefully they do only 6 issues pre season and stay the hell away from anything dealing with the prision. The first 24 issues were amazing. After that it became a soap opera with the odd shock moments thrown in.

They have to do the prison. The prison arc was 36 issues! That’s more than half the series!


At this point, AMC could greenlight an animated series based on Sleepless in Seattle and I’d still anticipate it.

Know nothing about the source material here, but I am excited about it.

I don’t see how they couldn’t. This should be super easy to adapt. They wouldn’t need to spend much on computer effects, most sets are in the middle of nowhere, and they can regularly kill off cast members, thus preventing expensive salary negotiations. I say this was tailor made for TV adaptation.

Especially since the show could definitely pull a True Blood and kill characters who otherwise live in the comics and vice versa.

Imagine if they killed off Rick in the first season.

Ratings could kill the show early. I’m not one of these people, but some folks have a hard time watching a show that would be depressing throughout. My girlfriend couldn’t watch Jericho because she found it too depressing.

I was thinking, since the show isn’t too hard to make really, why not film it ALL at once. I mean up till the end of issue 48. Then release them kid’s show style every week for a long time. Can save a lot of cash as well.

This. There are very few things AMC could do right now that I wouldn’t be excited to try at least once. They’ve taken two ideas that don’t sound like anything special and made them some of the best stuff on tv. Or at least provided an environment those ideas can succeed in.

Eh, Breaking Bad had a kickass premise from the start:
Mr. Chips turns into Scarface.