Walking Dead on AMC


That's one of the least pragmatic things I've ever heard. Unless you expect the show to premiere six or seven years from now.


48 comic issues would only be 24 episodes tops. And that's with quite a bit of just trying to get the right atmosphere. Let's be honest here, if the show is really, really faithful, we could easily run into the problem of the show catching up to the book too quickly.


I can't imagine a premise that it could be easier to do extra episodes for.

But I'm guessing it'll follow themes and not simply be a retelling.

I'm guessing that Darabont isn't going to be able to avoid doing the prison under any circumstances, so no worries there.


I expect a entire season in the prison damnit!
First season ends with them finding the prison. Second begins with them entering it and ends with them.... leaving it.


Uhh..pretty sure that the prison stuff is going to be more than one season.


It's Darabont. Of course they're going to do the prison.


AMCs seasons are much shorter than regular networks so I doubt they could do more than a graphic novel per season. So at earliest they would get to the prison by season 3. Hopefully by then they will follow the path that Dexter did and start making their own ficition. Thus avoiding the mistakes of the original book.


Darabont not doing prison? Mister Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile? I'm surprised the whole show doesn't take place in prison. :P


I haven't had any problems with the direction the series has taken. Are you caught up, the latest story arc is friggin' excellent. "Fear the Hunters" indeed.


Lots of people consider the prison sections to be "mistakes" ... I don't. Sure, its a different tone than the previous parts, but I'd get bored with a book that just repeated the same tone/story over and over again.


So here's a crazy rumor/story about how HBO almost green lit the Walking Dead with Guillermo Del Toro at the helm

I'm kinda kicking myself that this didn't come to be. It sounds ever so slightly better.


I'd prefer it on HBO just so there would be no content restrictions but Darabont's style fits my conception of the graphic novel a lot more than Del Toro.


Yeah, Del Toro works better with over the top supernatural films. Sure, zombies are by definition supernatural, but Walking Dead works because it focuses on the survivors, not just the zombies. This is what made the George Romero films so awesome and all the imitators, well, not.


I just got the first hardcover volume of Walking Dead and its really good. I was surprised it was black-and-white but after about three pages I didn't even notice.


Gabe, it has gotten better but over all the series hasn't recovered.


Greenlight for The Walking Dead on AMC. Frank Darabont with write and direct the pilot and exec produce the series.


I think the upcoming DC storyline will put the series back in a good place.


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. I'm behind on the books but meaning to catch up. Last one I read, they had just met up with a soldier and some other people.


It's a natural fit. And you know, since one of the goals Kirkman laid out for the comic is to continue indefinitely - to show what happens after a zombie movie would end - you have a tailor-made excuse for never ending the show either.


Walking Dead gets 6 episodes approved.

Good news!