Walking Dead on AMC


DVR recorded the recap, and we hadn’t planned to watch it, but just check out the first segment. It was a lot better than either of us expected, and we’ll be going back to it tonight.


Now a word from the Ministry of Silly Bites


Is Negan an interesting villain in the comics? He is not an interesting villain on the show.


That seemed really over dramatic. The team has lost core members before, and people die all around them. They snuck around a camp and hatcheted people in their sleep last season. Sure, it was brutal, but that simpering got old.


I thought the episode was okay, but it didn’t really accomplish much of anything in the end; we knew someone was going to die, and it wound up being two people. We knew that Negan was an evil guy with evil henchmen, so we didn’t learn anything new there. So it wasn’t a bad episode in that it was logically coherent with decent lines and what seems like solid acting, but it was quite the disappointment for all the build-up.


I absolutely hated the whole Glenn Dumpster Dive thing and, having been shown the strings that the show-runners were willing to tug, I stopped caring what was going to happen. My whole Facebook feed was full of “Who Will Negan Kill?” like that was an EVENT that needed ATTENTION. It stopped having any kind of emotional resonance and I stopped caring.

I am interested in finding out what happens to the remaining folks but I don’t care much anymore who dies where or when. It’s really dumb how self-important and self-aware the show has become.


The whole “Negan needs to break Rick” thing seemed contrived to me. Why does he need to break him, as opposed to just making him number 3? You just saw me beat two people to a pulp and you’re issuing threats?. If it were me, I wouldn’t even bother with Lucille - a quick bullet between the eyes and Rick is no longer a threat next week or the week after.

It just seemed a cheap way to keep Rick around to get his revenge. Neegan might as well have said “Since you’re going to die anyway, Mr. Bond, I may as well explain my plan to you.”


Ugh, what a slog through hammy mustache-twirling and overwrought grief porn. And, uh, do the people shooting those close-ups of Andrew Lincoln think he can act?

In terms of the events that unfolded, I’m not the least bit surprised Abraham was the one. But I will admit they got me with by throwing Glen into the bargain. With some seriously disturbing gore, too.



Couldn’t help but think of Firefly when Rick was threatening Neegan. Wish the same result happened.


I’m really surprised by this. I don’t watch the show anymore but didn’t people guess it was a certain person by the way the panel at Comic Con went? I distinctly remember people who were there writing how a certain show member sat at the end, didn’t answer any questions, and looked disinterested and/or not that excited to be there. Sure it can be googled up. So seemed rather obvious to me way back then,


I mean we get it, he’s Khan (as in “Wrath of”). Smart, charismatic, ruthless, brutal, and way more powerful than our heroes. We’re supposed to be in suspense about how they can possibly beat him.

But it’s not working for me.


I am officially through with TWD.

Same here. This show is so bad, the writing so cringeworthy, I have been watching it for the least three seasons for MST3K reasons alone. The characters have no depth, with the only constant theme “Ah can keep us safe”, they’re caricatures of caricatures. And now a cliffhanger where people are entertained by seeing someone bash a guy’s head in while his lover watches. The Walking Dumb really crossed a line with that. I switched to another program after that and hit “Cancel Series” on my DVR. Thanks for making it easy to quit a stupid show.


I’m so happy I’m not watching. I read who died (I’m irritated about Abraham as he’s one of the few I liked on the show, still ) and might watch the season when it’s over just to see Rick’s vengeance.

Morgan, Carol, Rick, Eugene - only characters left that don’t really suck, and that’s because they’re either a) crazy or b) simple. Weird show.


I don’t think I’m up for a whole season of Rick and co suddenly being simpering wimps menaced by a larger-than-life Neegan before they exact their revenge in the last episode, with a likely cliffhanger of not knowing whether they really got him or not.


It’s almost like they’ve done this before…


Man, I’m still stuck in season two, where I’ve been trapped for several years now. You guys do not fill me with an urgent need to catch up.


This story is great.


Keep going if you’re liking it. You have the benefit of watching via demand which is the best way to binge because of no commercials and the cliffhangers aren’t as annoying.

The criticisms here have merit but I still like post apocalyptic stories so it’s still interesting to me. The problem with any long series though is that with no end, it’s hard not to get into a feeling that the same thing is happening over and over…You start as a watcher but eventually feel like you’re just being milked with contrived suspense.

That’s sort of what happened to me with the X Files. Started great, but instead of progressing to an end they just kept milking it and it turned to crap.


I was disappointed with this season premiere. It took way too long to get to the big reveal for one thing, with the whole extended Neegan and Rick’s RV Adventure sequence just being a lame excuse to drag out the suspense while playing some sad music and doing the Rick remembers montage. Ugh.

But more than that, it feels like once again The Walking Dead has wasted an opportunity to transcend the simplicity of it’s comic roots and bring real depth into it’s storytelling. Neegan and his people come off as the ultimate apocalyptic evil bad guys, performing horrific and unspeakable acts of violence against our gang in their effort to break them. And yet, wasn’t it Rick and Company that just last season broke into one of Neegan’s outposts, killed half the people their by driving knives into their skulls while they slept, and killed the rest in a shootout? Wasn’t it Carol who killed her and Maggie’s captors, then lured another group in and burned them alive? Neegan briefly refers to these events in his moustache-twirling monologue, but TWD completely missed the opportunity to drive home the point that the actions of Rick’s group could be considered far more evil and provocative and that Neegan is simply reacting to that, protecting his group the only way he knows how. But nope, instead we get very simplistic “Good” vs. “Evil” and the rest of the season will be a setup for revenge porn. Nevermind the fact that, as Rick should now understand all too well, the vast majority of the people in Neegan’s group are only in Neegan’s group because they have little choice in the matter.

I’m already bored of the Neegan storyline. I am hoping the Carol/Morgan story is far more interesting. Unfortunately, I suspect that the two storylines will converge mid-season when the new group Morgan has discovered comes on board to help Alexandria and Hilltop destroy the Neeganites.


I jumped off in season 2 and never looked back … which I gather was a good thing, based on what I’m seeing here.

One thing about living in the golden age of TV: I never feel bad about jumping off. There’s always something else to watch.