Walking Dead on AMC


I’d imagine there would have been one scene during the climax of the battle where they’d jump a zombie shark.


Who still has rollerskates? If this show was at all concerned about realism, that bag would have been full of rollerblades.



I don’t really understand how zombies didn’t kill them then, because that’s totally what should have happened.


Maybe they’ll come across an undead team of roller derby girls?


oh man, a scene in a skating rink with a bunch of zombies on rollerskates would be amazing. They keep trying to stand up, fall right back down, lather rinse repeat


The rating have been plummeting this season since the premiere. Cinemablend speculates:

It’s perhaps a sign that audiences aren’t as happy with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan as readers were with the comic series’ villain, or that they’re growing weary of how the growing number of supporting characters is limiting the time spent with the leads.

Uh-oh. I hope that’s not AMC’s takeaway. The last thing I want is more Andrew Lincoln.

I find it interesting that Cinemablend doesn’t speculate that the ratings might be falling because the writing is horrible. Because, really, since when has horrible writing affected ratings?



I’m ready for “The Leftovers” “Fargo” “Stranger Things” “uh, Gilmore Girls”

This season might pick up but it’s just too spread out now and we need more zombie killing…just give us more of that at least!


Most people hated the way the cast was split up after the prison story arc. AMC’s response? Let’s do it again.


How very insular of Cinemablend to speculate that ‘audiences aren’t as happy with JDM’s Negan as readers were with the comic series’ villain’. What do you supposed the percentage is of peak TWD viewers is who were more than passing familiar that there was a graphic novel that preceeded it?


I still like the show, so I see some things in a different light. For example, I liked the rollerskating scene. Yes, it’s stupid to go rollerskating in zombie territory, but teenagers do stupid and dangerous things.

I’ve had enough of Neegan, though. I get it – he’s awful, so we should be emotionally invested in him getting his. But every moment spent with him (or Andrew Lincoln) on camera bores me. I’d much rather follow Carol, Morgan, King Ezekial or even Dwight. I’m eager to see the Jesus and Carl Buddy Show.

This has become very like True Blood for me, a show I enjoyed primarily when the leads were off-camera.


Personally, I’m tired of the series. I’ll still tune in for a few episodes if they look like fun, but “Look how terrible this world is” has run it’s course for me.

World is terrible, people are terrible, best you can hope for is a painless meaningless death. Go to some place apparently not terrible, oops, it’s actually some version of terrible, find some new people, guess what, they’re terrible in some way.


Heh, I hadn’t even thought of that. Of course the 6 million people who stopped watching are all attached to the comic book version of The Walking Dead universe!

My theory is that the over-the-top attempt to shock viewers with the season premiere actually worked. Which resulted in several million people deciding “fuck this show”. I think the appeal of the Walking Dead soap opera is that it sanitizes the elements of zombie mythology that make it horrifying. Specifically 1) that there are no Rick Grimes in a zombie apocalypse, 2) that zombies are infectious, and 3) that zombies are innumerable. These are fundamentals that have been gradually culled from The Walking Dead. This is the audience that has been cultivated.

That’s why the zombies as a threat have been completely neutralized. The Hilltop attack was ridiculous. Three people held off, what?, twenty zombies. Without breaking a sweat. By, uh, driving a tractor and doing dippy little wallrun jumpkicks. So to introduce tension, the show now offers…a blandly charismatic character actor with a baseball bat.



Sunflowers, watermelons, frozen peas, and situationally some cattails.


For me it just feels like the show isn’t going anywhere anymore. Season 2 had the same problem. The Prison gave hope that they could build a life. Post-Prison was moving towards Sanctuary. Post-Sanctuary was about getting to Washington for a cure. After the cure turned out to be BS, it was about securing a new life in Alexandria and coming the figure out how to civilize themselves while also bringing some of their toughness to the soft city dwellers. Now…what are they working towards? A show that is simply about not dying is not something I really care to watch. Grief-porn, violence-porn… that’s never what The Walking Dead was about for me. That season premier, though, seemed to signal that this season was going to be all about the porn. No thanks

Again, I know I’ll binge watch it after the mid-season finale, to see if I’m wrong, but count me as one of those who was turned off by the season premier. The show needs to bring back the zombie apocalypse. Drive towards something! How about stealing from The Last of Us and find someone who is immune to bites? They get bitten on a run, get the fever and then recover. What do you do now? You have the hope of a cure again, but where do you take them when Washington and the CDC are now gone? Now you have a goal that isn’t just “kill this season’s villain”.


The hide in closet episode was so bad. Anything that has happened up at hilltop has been a waste of my time as a viewer, all so boring. And this season is worse than S2’s the FARM, the only good thing has been the king Ezekiel episode.


Has there been any discussion on “why didn’t we just pop Neegan when he showed up at Alexandria” yet? If so, I missed it.

Good lord. Shoot the fucker, it’s very likely the rest of his minions melt away or tear each other apart.


Well, that was 45 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

I think we can officially declare the shark jumped.


That was the worst one ever. I fast forwarded through a lot of it. The wife wasn’t interested at all.



[quote=“scharmers, post:5456, topic:54128, full:true”]Good lord. Shoot the fucker, it’s very likely the rest of his minions melt away or tear each other apart.

Ugh, this, so much this. Apparently this season has been sponsored by Dumb and Dumber.


What a snoozer of an episode. I mean, c’mon, the lesbian chick finds a community that’s entirely made up of chicks and the only only joke they can come up with is that a larder isn’t a fishing boat? I guess it’s kinda wacky that the old lady doesn’t know how to fist bump. Har har, Walking Dead.

Oh, I just thought of something that was hiliarious! The idea that any community would settle on calling the zombies “bobbers”. That was a real knee-slapper.

But, really, it’s just sad how the show has no idea who it’s good actors are. Poor Alana Masterson just can’t carry an episode like this one. And yet, the awesome Merritt Weaver gets shot through the eye just for shock value, Norman Reedus is sidelined as a whupped dog, and Melissa McBride is off in the wings with some goofball who has a pet tiger.