Walking Dead on AMC


Haha! That would be awesome!


It’s not a cure, but in 28 Days Later, the infected just starved to death and the world was saved. But then in the sequel, the world was overrun because of Harold Perrineau.

But generally, no, zombie apocalypses do not get cured. Because then they would be crappy metaphors for death, cancer, collectivism, etc., etc., etc.



Something bugging me about Negan’s base. The Factory? Sanctuary? What is the purpose of the chain-linked buffer zone populated by spiked and chained walkers? If it is just about providing a barrier to intruders or a warning system? But what is the deal with the prisoners, like Daryl, having to scoot about inside running between them performing strange tasks like putting a cooking pot over the walker’s head?

I thought maybe having living prisoners running loose inside the fenced off zone was a form of entertainment for the others but we never see much spectating going on. (Think Post-Apocalypse American Ninja) And sometimes it seems like there is one or two ‘jailers’ ordering prisoners around, sort of ‘go there, get that’.

WTF is up with that, anyone know?


If you do know, please tell the show’s writers.


Hmm, I don’t really try to analyze shows much, but I just figured it was some way to further break their prisoners to get them to convert and submit to their ways. Have them have to constantly be near and around walkers to keep them on guard and never able to relax or be calm. They don’t really want them to get eaten/turned, but it keeps them on their toes?

I have no idea if that makes sense, though.


I got the sense from the previous episode set in Sanctuary that when Negan want sto really sitck it to somebody, he kills them but allows them to turn, and then keeps them around as a warning. Sort of a “fate worse than death” kind of thing. We saw that with the guy Dwight killed.

As to why he has prisoners playing tag in there, who knows?


That would be a valid point if I considered the 28 Units of Time movies to be zombie movies as you do. But since turtling is a totally viable defense against the ravenous horde it doesn’t fit quite the same allegorical niche to me.

But if we are willing to set aside our requirement for existential metaphors for a moment - and hey I’m totally willing - are any of you guys watching Z Nation? It’s pretty silly but also pretty good and also has the promise of a cure. But then so did Walking Dead at one time, so …


Mid-season finale tonight, we will hopefully get to find out whats on the house-boat.

And maybe Coral will make smores with Negan and Daryl .


First thing that came to mind is some kind of Walking Dead MMO and those are some of the stupid busywork quests to grind faction rep.


Maybe they’ll put the tiger on rollerskates this time.


So close.


World War Z(the book) doesn’t have a cure but the planet “survives” the outbreak wipes out the zombies after several years and is getting back on its feet slowly.


That felt like the first 45 minutes of an Avengers movie, but twice as long.

I hated the way the show depicted Daryl’s beatdown of Fat Joe. It obviously was meant to be as gruesome as the killings in the first episode of the season, but the show didn’t have the balls to be just as explicit because we’re supposed to like him and hate Negan.


I think mullet hair is gonna be the guy who eventually kills Negan.


Aftermath is better.


Mock me if you must, but I predict that in 30 years there will be Aftermath cons and cast reunions that put Lost in Space to shame. If I were you I’d put all my money in every piece of Aftermath-licensed dreck I could find.


What a terrible mid-season finale. 90 minutes of continual torture porn, which has been the theme thus far for all the episodes this season, ending in some shocking (or perhaps not so much) moments that may have finally resulted in what should have been happening since day fucking one. Oh, and mysterious “boots man” is now lurking about…who might that be and what assistance or hindrance might he/she provide?

Poor Rosita. Talk about toxic. She’ll be lucky if Eugene is the only guy still interested in her by the end of the season. Speaking of which, I’m with @Timex in thinking that Eugene somehow plays a significant role in the demise of Negan. He may not pull the trigger or swing the bat, but he’ll be the mastermind behind the fall of Sanctuary once he’s on the inside.

Also, fuck Carol. She used to be one of my favorite characters to watch (mainly because Melissa McBride does such a great job with her), but the writers have turned her into shit. What a waste.

I’ve been waiting so many episodes now for this show to move forward at all that I honestly won’t miss it for the next 8 weeks.


Here’s what I see happening:
Ok, so Negan recognizes, “This dude is smart and can do impressive stuff, and is a complete coward and so he should be easy to control.” And he’s generally correct.

So Negan is gonna take him back to his camp, but instead of just beating on him to break him, he’s basically already broken. So instead he’ll just treat him real well. He’ll set him up comfortably, to have him engineer crap. Basically, “Hey dude, you’re smart. Work for me, and you can live it up!” Then he’ll assume that Eugene will be a loyal dog, since why not?

And then, when he least expects it, Eugene says, “Yeah, this is wrong.” and then kills Negan. Probably dies, too, but redeems himself for being a coward through the whole show.


I could totally see that. I can see it being very grandiose as well. Like while he’s working on ammunition manufacturing for Negan he discovers that the whole factory could be blown up if the proper explosive force was applied to a particular area or system, so he devises a bomb and sets it off, killing himself and taking out a lot of the factory (Sanctuary) and Negan’s guys in the process. This coincides (unbeknownst to Eugene) with Rick’s people, now in an alliance with Hilltop and The Kingdom, attacking Sanctuary, so the explosion serves as both a chaotic distraction, numbers equalizer and demoralizer to the Saviors. In the end Negan is captured and Rick’s crew has to decide what to do with him (next season).

I’m not a comics guy, so I have no idea what happens in the comics, I’m just spitballing.


Whatever might happen next half-season can we not agree that it’s gotta be better than what we’ve seen so far this season?

Just kidding! If I’ve learned anything this year it’s no matter how bad things are, they can always get worse.