Walking Dead on AMC


This show needs to be put out of its misery.


Remember when Sundays 9 PM on AMC used to be a real event? Yeah. Now I watch this show pretty much out of morbid curiosity. And I’m impressed how it now ends a little after 10 PM… so more commercials can be squeezed in during the runtime, like piglets pressing against the sow’s teats.


This, and that it has become sort of a B movie at this point. Fun to laugh at and the occasional over the top scene that is fun. Still, people do seem to love the show, the opinion here seems to be the minority.


2 men enter 1 man leaves, Rick in Zombie Trash Pit.

The Vulcan trash leader, looked like she just had her teeth cleaned. They must have a dental hygienist at that trash site. But also the worlds worst hairdresser.

Yeah this show is in the nuked fridge, jumping a sharknado at this point.

Yet I still watch. :|


I agree but I think Z Nation is a better “B Movie” zombie show if you are going for that entertainment.


As dumb as the show is, it sure was nice to see Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride in a scene together. I really like that the script isn’t sexualizing their relationship. It’s a shame the show spends so much of its time with such bad actors. The Rosita/Tara showdown was truly worthy of a daytime soap opera.

Good lord, what was up with that shot? It looks like the week’s highs, lows, and chances of precipitation are about to flash onscreen behind Rick.

That was the awesome Pollyanna McIntosh, who seemed to be playing the somewhat post-civilized version of her character from The Woman. Where she had the sort of teeth you’d expect from someone who’s been surviving in the wild.

She’s actually a model, as you can tell when she’s not sporting such severe bangs:

And she’s Scottish, as you can tell from the way she pronounces “anything” when she first talks to Rick. Why can’t people from the UK pronounce “anything” correctly? They out themselves every time!



Yeah its amazing how different she looks in that modeling picture.


Cut her some slack, she lives in a garbage dump.


I just now noticed the helipad in the middle of the garbage dump junkyard. Wonder why it would be there, and if it will come into play at all later on. Probably not. I assume that’s an actual location somewhere they used as a set, and that the buildings and helipad were just part of whatever that place usually does, and won’t factor into the story.

I will admit that a massive junkyard is a pretty interesting place to hole up for the ZA. There would be little chance that any zombies would already be there, and it contains plenty of equipment that could be used to reconfigure the outer areas to make very effective barriers to both zombies and other people. Then the inner areas could be cleared out, a permanent camp built (using stuff scavenged from both inside and outside the junkyard), and interior defenses devised. Now I sort of want a junkyard setting for State of Decay or a similar zombie survival game.

The place depicted in TWD though looks more like a combination junkyard and garbage dump, which would be a really gross place to live in the ZA. Also, it is hot as hell, why is everyone in Junktown wearing black? Perhaps there was a Cure concert nearby on the night the zombie apocalypse hit the area, and all the surviving concert goers settled there?


Too funny


Pretty sure it’s a bird, as you can see others a little lower in the clip posted above in this thread. Also, look off to the left of Rick’s face, down low near the garbage piles, and you can see more birds as well. They appear to be gulls, which would make sense in a garbage/junk dump. It was the inclusion of the birds in the scene on TV that made me think maybe they were filming in/by a real junkyard/dump. Could all be green screen trickery though.


That’s a fast fucking bird :)




I would so watch a remake of Three’s Company featuring Eugene and Negan’s wives.



Come and knock on my door,
We can play Yar’s Revenge.
The poison pills are hers and hers and his,
We’re all Negan here too!

I can’t decide if I liked this episode or if it was a complete waste of my time. In an ironic twist for this show, they aren’t telegraphing the intentions of either Eugene or Dwight. It seems like both should hate Negan thoroughly at this point, and yet both seem to have made decisions and taken actions that would make it appear otherwise. The very end scene seems to indicate they may form an alliance of some sort, which could be interesting.

The stupidity of killing your only medically trained person though…wow. I suppose the thought was that with Eugene there, the doc was expendable, but when Eugene rattled off his list of fake accomplishments it was more engineering related than medical, although he did say something about human genome project. Still, I suspect that was a decision that could come back to bite Negan in the ass (possibly literally!) later on.


Someone tweeted that Eugene sold his soul for… a jar of pickles.


As near as I can tell, Eugene still has those pills. They may yet end up in the chalice in the palace vessel with the pestle.


Did you guys not see Eugene’s big grin as he was led away from Negan after their first (or second?) conversation after arriving at the Savior’s home base? I think we are supposed to assume that at this point most of the Cowardly Lion routine is a ruse to sucker Negan and the rest and get himself under the radar. Not saying he doesn’t still shit his pants at stuff like the doc getting tossed into the furnace; he knows its a dangerous game. I think at the time, after crafting two poison pills, he refuses to give them to the wives and they have a sort of stand off on who Negan is going to believe we are sold that Eugene is playing the long game now and to me the final scene with him and Dwight(y) confirms it. He’s playing along; he’s not selling out… to me anyway that’s how it played.


I don’t know, honestly.
He could be playing some long game, but it’s just as easily the case (truly much more easily the case) that he’s simply happy to do whatever in order to enjoy some relative comfort and security.


I hope it is a long con that results in Eugene being the one that takes down Negan when it’s least expected. But like Timex says, it could just as easily be Eugene feeling needed, respected and comfortable impressing the Saviors by day and playing Yar’s Revenge and eating pickles at night. He certainly wasn’t getting any of that in Alexandria.