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So how, if his plan had worked and it was he who had been killed, were the Kingdom guys supposed to know it was their own second in command who wanted to be buried in the “Bury Me Here” spot? I guess he was counting on King Ezekiel being smart enough to put things together after the fact.

Decent episode this week, at least better than last week. Morgan and Carol both get massive character motivation shifts, and things appear to be heading in the right direction for The Kingdom to join the fight. All I want is to see the tiger mess up some Saviors.

Carol in the homemade tree stand with the street sign was the best 15 seconds of the episode!


How did Morgan know about Spencer and what’s-her-face being killed in Alexandria? He was in the Kingdom at the time, and Daryl wouldn’t have known about it either, since he was busy making his getaway.


Didn’t Rick and the gang talk with him during their recent visit?


I guess. Shows how closely I’ve been watching


I never thought I’d pine for the comparatively eventful days on Herschel’s farm.



I dozed through the episode. Did I miss anything?


Mostly I got that rumors of Eugene only playing along with The Saviors appear to be false.

Rumors that I may or may not have started…


That was a boring episode.

I still like this series far more than most others posting here – Haha, I still watch and like TWD ;) But that was pure filler. They have more episodes than plot this season, and not by a small margin.

I’ll stick with it, of course, as I want to see the upcoming battle. And maybe they’ll explain why the garbage pail kids speak like they’re from 5000 years into the future. Maybe? :)


I actually really liked this episode, in part because I know what’s coming, but mainly because of the character moments between Maggie/Darryl discussing Glenn and Darryl’s role in his death, as well as learning more about Rosita, and Eugene’s decision.

Plus I just love Steven Ogg - he is actually playing a character who is much closer to Negan in the comics. Someone who is clearly threatening, but also somewhat funny, and someone you might think that you could actually (under distress) negotiate and accept a deal with. The way Negan has been portrayed in the show, he just seems like a smiling great white shark that nobody would ever want to be around. Ogg’s scenes with Gregory at the Hilltop were perfect depictions of who Negan is in the comic.

Man, Rosita is such a terrible, terrible actress, and Sasha is one of the better actresses on the show – it was just stunning what a stark contrast in acting ability they showed in their scenes. Even subtle things, like the way Sasha reacted to what Rosita was saying – while, on the other hand, the actress playing Rosita just seemed to be anxiously waiting for her line cue while Sasha was talking.

The next 2 episodes should be good ones, although clearly the season is going to end right at the beginning of a major plot development, despite the express statements from Gimble that the show would not do a similar"cliffhanger" ending this season. There won’t be any closure on this storyline, so I’m not sure that’s not a meaningful difference, even if they don’t end in the middle of a murder.


I enjoyed the Hilltop scenes as well. Maggie and Daryl was a scene that needed to happen, and was well acted. As @Desslock points out, the Savior emissaries to Hilltop and the Kingdom seem much more effective than Negan himself on his visits to Alexandria. Then again, neither of those settlements killed an entire outpost of Saviors either, so I guess that influences who they send and what level they escalate the intimidation to.

Eugene was shit in this episode. At first I was laughing at his ridiculous radio chatter, but when Rosita and Sasha’s ill-advised plan went down, he made it obvious that he’s not doing anything at Savior Town but basking in the new found respect and luxuries afforded by serving Negan, so I don’t expect there will be a redeeming moment for him. Even if it does come as some sort of last second revelation, he’s still shit for not having been plotting something all along. As for Sasha, WTF? I guess she is supposed to be suicidal? That made no sense.

We still have to resolve the “more guns for the garbage people” plot issue, which will most likely involve the “hiding on the island” people, probably much to their detriment. Only then, and after a heart-to-heart and planning session with King Ezekiel will we get to some Savior battling action. I suspect that will be the final episode of the season, and at this point I fully expect this season to end on a shot of Rick addressing his “army” and giving the order to move out…fade to black…wait six more months.


Me too.


I don’t think Eugene is team Negan. His character arc would make no sense if he suddenly relapsed into the sniveling coward he was when we met him. I believe he will play a key role in whatever comeuppance Negan receives. Eugene is lying to Negan the same way he lied to Abraham before.

Assuming Eugene does have a plan, running from Rosita makes sense. She’s unstable, possibly suicidal and will likely be captured or killed soon.


Hey, get out of my head!



My take, exactly. Eugene has a plan, and we’re just guessing along with whatever it may be.


TWD threw that out a long, long time ago. I think it’s a coin-flip between the “Eugene is playing the long game” and “Eugene has gone fully Stockholm”.


Wow, funny! But did you even read the comics, or do you just like Ogg on the show more?


I don’t have any experience with the comics, but it just occurred to me during the scene with Xander Berkeley and the scene with the doctor that he had so much more menace than Jeffrey Dean “Dimples” Morgan. I especially loved the beat he took with his facial expressions followed by the “I would think my face just answered the question” line. I love whenever Ogg shows up, even if I’ll always see and hear Trevor from GTA5.



The episode was just plain boring, Hilltop is worse than Hershels farm.


Jeeebus, you guys are still watching this thing? Has it gotten any better or is it just more torture porn?


The wife still likes it. I watch out of habit.