Walking Dead on AMC


It’s been rather meandering lately but the torture went down some especially in the last episode. I’d heard that the show audience dropped some as a result of this season’s torture/violence. Not sure if the producers care or not.


At this point I am still watching because I need to see Negan and the Saviors get what is coming to them. That and I want to see King Ezekiel’s tiger fuck up some Saviors. Unfortunately it looks like I’ll need to wait until next season to get that far in the plot.

After whatever epic battle/resolution with the Saviors occurs, the show may lose me if it can’t come up with something better than “yet another group of post-apocalyptic survivors gone brigand/rogue” as a plot device. I’d really like to see an injection of some sort of story twist that gives hope and spawns a quest. Like, I’m totally cool with a post-Saviors time of peace and prosperity where Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom and the Garbage Pail People all co-exist happily and many minor characters “retire” to a life of normal every day activity. But I want a discovery that leads to a core group of people that hopefully includes Daryl, Jesus, Morgan, Carol and a few others setting out for a long journey to try and find whatever…

This show is at it’s best when it’s a smaller group of people on the move. When it settles down, at the farm, the prison or Alexandria, and adds too many characters, it starts to lose the sense of mystery, adventure and survival that make it interesting.


Great post, Slainte. I agree completely. Next season, I’d like to see the group on the move again, exploring the world and what has become of it. And they absolutely need a core plot device other than yet another group of brigands.


I’m now reduced, in nearly every scene, to actively rooting for the main cast to just die outright. I’d rather watch a show about The Saviors. I hope they win and kill them all.


Has there ever been a better metaphor for fans of the show than Sasha in her cell, begging Eugene to slip her anything that might make her feel the slightest glimmer of hope or at least allow her to go out swinging…and then he slips her the poison pill?

We are all Sasha, and we are still watching The Walking Dead.


Not a spoiler but speculation:

Negan will discover that Sasha got the pill, and it will be bye-bye Eugene.

OTOH, Dwight offers his services to Rick, and all Rick wants is a blow job, apparently.


Regarding Dwight: If the writers have any scrap of talent they’ll make Rick’s “on your knees” demand a test, and Dwight will respond “Shoot me if you want to, but I am done kneeling”, which Rick will take as a sign of Dwight’s sincerity.


Well, at least some stuff blew up. Yeah, it was only trees in the background, but still. I did kind of enjoy the battle line sequence, despite being contrived and a bit dopey. If they’d just throw me one of those a week, I’d be happy.

Sasha’s rapist apparently had a neck made of butter.



I have only one question after watching that: How did the tiger know which people to chew on?

Seriously, it’s going to bug me all night.


Anyone conveniently not named Negan. Weren’t we promised resolution tonight?


How great would it have been if it just ran in and ate Carl?


Haha, I was thinking the same thing. Hi little morsel!

A lot of people seemed to really like this episode, but I felt a bit let down by how artificial the actual fighting scenes felt, and how unlikely it seemed that they just weren’t all slaughtered - if not at the beginning, when they were all just walking around in the open next to guys with automatic weapons, or when they’re outright surrounded and disarmed and on their knees after the Kingdom arrives.


It seemed a little strange that the trash people leader just stood there with Rick as it all went to hell as well. Her people are dying and she just stands there? As for the fake looking fighting, I guess it’s par for the course at this point. If you enjoy the show it’s easy to overlook.

I didn’t think tonight’s show was bad, I kind of enjoyed it ( I still fast forward through a lot, and they seemed to have doubled the commercials tonight), and there were a couple of plot twists I didn’t expect. Although it was painfully obvious Carol was going to save the day.

Getting a little sick if these half seasons, just get on with it.


Yeah, the staging of the fight stuff was more inept than usual. Just awful. If this show is so successful for AMC, why does it persist in looking so cheap and amateurish?

Remember when there were zombies on this show? I’m worried I might not get my wish of seeing that tiger fuck up some zombies. :( Oh well, there’s always this to tide me over:



You mean when Carl just starts shooting everyone, while they have weapons actually aimed at them? And somehow chop top doesn’t just shoot Rick in the head, and just stands there pointing her gun at him?

Ya, it was all kind of silly.


That would have redeemed at least two seasons worth of bad TWD for me in one single scene. Epic. =)

I get what they were going for with the scenes on the walls. The garbage pail people reveal their treachery, all looks lost, Negan moves to unveil Sasha as his final “fuck you Rick” move, only she pops out and tries to eat his face. At that particular moment all of Negan’s people are stunned because they all know Sasha was supposed to be alive, and all the garbage pail people are distracted and curious because they’re all thinking (assuming they even have thoughts) “what the fuck is Negan doing, is this part of his plan?”. In terms of distractions, it wasn’t bad.

But to assume that the Alexandrians can get up off their knees, grab weapons off the ground and just start shooting garbage pail people without anyone reacting is just plain sloppy. If the Alexandrians had still had their weapons in hand and been standing, like they were seconds before the scene went down, then it’s believable. Or if The Kingdom or Hilltop chose that exact moment to appear and started shooting garbage pail people off the walls, then it’s believable. But to have it go down like that, THEN repeat the whole process over again inside the walls with the Carl scene, it just felt sloppy. Those two scenes should have been combined. Forget the stupid “we all know Carl isn’t going to die” scene and make the entire confrontation, betrayal, hopelessness, Sasha surprise, tiger rescue sequence of events go down at the gates.


Let me add stupid to the list. This show is beyond ridiculous now.


See you all at the S8 premiere.

And yes, have these people never heard of cover?


Comic readers : Are the garbage pail people from the comics? I am really curious if there is any explanation ever given as to why they are ALL so weird. I mean, I could understand if the leader herself was just socially awkward or something, but it’s a large group of survivors who presumably led normal lives pre-apocalypse and now they all talk like characters from a Mad Max movie. I want to know WHY? (If there is an answer from the comics, please spoiler it so that people following the show can view only if they choose to, thanks).


I wonder how long the show’s producers will continue to steal riffs (and outright songs) from The Stand’s Randall Flagg for Neegan. Not being a comic reader, was Negan a blatant copped riff from The Walkin’ Dude, or is that a show thing?