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No, they’re not.


He’s pretty similar in the comic, although I never really got that vibe, so it may be performance related. A lot of Negan’s dialogue is directly from the comic, while essentially no other dialogue from any other character has ever used comic dialogue.


Ah, OK, thanks. That certainly explains why they are so poorly written and awkward both in their mannerisms and in their overall fit with the story and setting. Chances are we’ll never find out what the deal is supposed to be with them.


Neegan’s character really IS very similar to Flagg.


I think they are intended as a representation of The Whisperers.


That appears to be a TV thing that happens on so many shows.

Over on The Expanse our collection of kick-arse Martian Marines responded to a potential UN infantry attack on Ganymede by… standing in the open with their weapon arm’s raised toward the enemy.

Using cover in gunfights is much like covering yourself in walker guts. The characters do it whenever the writers need them to.


Yeah, I think so too, but that’s not clear and those characters are introduced years later in a different context. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the show had them “evolve” into the Whisperers.


What did the chess piece with the note at the end that Darryl found say/mean?


The reactions here are awesome. I was disappointed the Sasha walker didn’t get Negan. That would have been cool but no, they had to give him a cheap out so they could milk it for another season.


Alright finale, but seriously Michonne needs some hand to hand combat training.


We just watched the latest episode of Colony (I’m not sure if it was the season finale, but it felt like one). This show could learn a lot from Colony.


Dwight has been seen carving wooden chess pieces back at ‘Sanctuary’; Darryl knows this. Darryl finds the piece with DIDN’T KNOW written on it.

What are supposed to make of it? I suppose that Dwight really did come to Alexandria to try and help scheme a way to kill Negan and make Sanctuary rise up and revolt. But before he could return and help execute the plan Negan decided to make his move on Alexandria and he was trapped by that reality.

On the other hand, wouldn’t Dwight have known about the Scavengers being on the side of Negan since he’s one of Negan’s two most trusted lieutenants? That’s a pretty important piece to leave out of the surprise counter-attack equation.

But being The Walking Dead I wouldn’t dare overthink it. Just assume Dwight was sincere in coming to Rick and Darryl and trying to plan a Negan overthrow.


I’m trying to come to grips with how awful of a season ender that was.

Garbage pail kids backstabbing? I can see that. I mean, Rick wanted them to risk their lives fighting on his side against a stronger faction and already gave them payment up front (tons of guns) with no track record to assume they’d follow through. It seemed like a waste of a story point, because it’s not like the Saviors didn’t have tons of their own bodies to throw at the fight, but a twist can be interesting from time to time.

Nobody hitting the broadside of a barn? Alright, I can stomach the ineptitude of if the payoff is there in the end (“Only Imperial Stormtroopers are this accurate…”). But still … lots of named “good guys” should have been dead in the fight were there any sense of realism, instead of tons of nameless Alexandrians laying in pools of blood in the street.

When did they set up the bombs? Wasn’t there ANYONE keeping an eye on that in the run-up to the fight? Not only were they grabbed, but they were neatly placed in one of the Savior’s truck’s. Maybe that was all a montage meant to take several days and I just missed out on it. Whatever.

Eugene … there’s a big gap between having poor strength of character and having no strength of character. I don’t by the no strength of character, but that’s certainly what the show is selling.

Dwight - honestly, after all the backstabbing (and Easy Street), I just don’t know why they would have believed one word that came out of his mouth. That said, I guess he’s maybe sort of sincere. Okay, whatever. He would have been a more compelling story earlier in the season, to me.

Michonne’s “death” was such a blatant “Oh, no!” that I instantly thought of Glenn’s dumpster dive. At least they didn’t leave it as a cliffhanger, although I bet someone on the production staff probably wanted to.

“We’re going to war.” I like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but I hate a lot about how Negan’s been written for the show. I’m not too familiar with the comics, but the show’s Negan just doesn’t inspire much aside from loathing from me. I want to either HATE the bad guy or really understand the bad guy and hate his choices, but either way I want to get why he inspires loyalty once people are out of his sight. Thus far, I don’t.

I’ve kept on watching and the season had occasional good moments. But I find it hard to give a darn what happens at this point. Now if I tune in, I suspect it’ll be just so I can keep up with the water cooler talk.


Next season’s big reveal is going to be that Simon is actually Negan and he hired a bad community theatre actor to play the role of evil villain, so that everyone would be out to get the wrong guy and Simon-Negan could quietly get on with running functioning relationships with other settlements.


For what it’s worth, that scene is directly from the comic[spoiler], except it’s Andrea instead of Michonne - as Andrea is still alive and Rick’s lover, and the sniper of the group.

To make things more complicated, on the show they actually initially made Sasha the sniper and were steering her into the Andrea role, before deciding to have Rick hook up with Michonne. They then detoured Sasha into the role of “Holly”, who was Abraham’s girl in the comics - and to further confuse, the show actually introduced Holly in the same way she was introduced in the comic: being rescued by Abraham in the construction site when she was stuck in the tractor and he refused to run away and saved her.

But then they unceremoniously killed Holly off on the show during the wolves attack, while in the comics she goes on to play essentially the same role that Sasha did, and dies in a similar way…except in the comics, it’s not a suicide - she is actually murdered by Negan (after being saved from the rape, just like on the show) and has a sack placed on her head and is “returned” to Alexandria, so the reveal that she is actually a zombie is a surprise to Rick and crew (the reversal of the show, where it’s a surprise to Negan). Oh, and in the comic, the Sasha/Holly character zombie causes the death of Denise the doctor, who is still alive at that point unlike in the show, because the show gave her “Abraham’s death” from the comics - a Dwight crossbow bolt through the head which she continues to speak through before finally collapsing in delayed fashion.[/spoiler]

So they mess with character roles a bit in the show, but it’s sticking very close to the comics in recent seasons, unlike the beginning of the series when it took a few broad strokes from the comics, including a few (but not all) locations like the jail and Herschel’s farm, but largely was telling an independent storyline,

edit: comic book spoilers up to current events on show.


Dang dude, not like there were any spoilers there for those of us catching up with the comic. :)


Sorry, I added spoiler tags. To be clear, I didn’t spoil anything beyond events that have already been depicted on the show, and just noted how they were slightly altered from the comic.


No worries, I was just kidding around with you. I picked up the compendium 1 a while back and finished it. Then I got the compendium 2 in some digital Humble bundle but haven’t read up to where the TV show is yet.


It’s believed to be the first stunt-related death in the United States in more than 17 years. AMC said earlier today that it temporarily halted production on Season 8 of the zombie apocalypse series in the wake of the accident.

Sources say Bernecker and an actor were rehearsing a fight scene that was supposed to end with a routine fall from a balcony, but he lost his footing and fell 30 feet to a concrete floor. He was pronounced brain-dead at the hospital and was taken off life support today.[/quote]


The last season just came up on Netflix, so I decided to pick it up. Holy shit, Glenn. That was horrible. I guess Rick and crew had this coming, since they thought they were the masters of the world. The makeup department deserves an emmy.

I’m a year late to this but wtf is this show even about anymore? What are they working towards, where is the overall plot headed? It just seems aimless. I know I know the comics but I never liked the artwork in the comics so I can’t read them to get my answers.

I’ll check back if I finish this season.