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Yeah, that’s episode in which I stopped watching the show. Without Glen, I felt the same way. What are they even working towards any more. Even if they beat Neegan, then what? It’s like they killed the moral compass of the show, basically, and without it, I’m not sure I’m interested in watching Season 7. Since it’s on Netflix though, I will be tempted.


Tormenting the audience and laughing at them for still watching


I thought the show was about Carl turning into his mother a bit more each season.

Get a hair cut kid.


Alright I’m 4 episodes into this season and I think I’m done. It’s fucking ridiculous. Just kill Neegan you all had 20 chances. Rick single handedly took on 1000 zombies and now all of the sudden he’s a sniveling coward.

For christs sake they had a fucking rocket launcher. The governor had a tank he used against them and Rick won.


Oh, right, this is still a thing, isn’t it? I’d almost forgotten.



It’s upsetting because the last 2 seasons were really good. I enjoyed the shit out of the Alexandria arc. When Rick went apeshit and attacked the horde with a hatchet and then everyone joined in… that was what we’ve been waiting for the entire series.

All of the sudden he’s a completely different man. I had to sit through 2 episodes of bullshit about some Ren Faire town and the Story of Burnface Guy (what even is his name who cares about this asshole). Then finally Neegan shows up to their town, Rick and crew have a hundred assault rifles and a fucking rocket launcher and they’re like “nah guys just take it” instead of murdering all of them, or at least their leader.

No consistency in the characters. Carl is suddenly the only one with balls.


Just wait till you see what happens in season 8! The FX team outdoes itself for sure.


Seriously, I’m the one who’s going to have to boot this thread? Me? Well, okay, here I go.

The season premiere with the Neegan/Rick showdown getting underway was really really dumb.



Haha, well, nothing’s changed.

My hope is the popularity of this dumb show will spawn a copycat program that has intelligent characters who work out sensible survival skills and strategies and occasionally wash their hair.


I’m enjoying the fact that everyone has finally found the stones to fight back. I’m not enjoying the fact that they seem to suck at it. I mean seriously, you have Negan and his top people standing 20 yards away on a fucking catwalk, literally lined up like targets in a shooting gallery, and you manage to hit NONE of them with your “I’m going to count down, everyone shoot on seven” ruse?! Really? Rick was a trained state trooper for fuck’s sake, not to mention all the practice he and everyone else has had pegging walkers in the head from similar distance for the past two years. So completely and ridiculously unbelievable. That whole scene was an excuse for stupid fan service, giving Rick some Neganesque lines and letting Maggie officially get the nod form Jesus and the Hilltop gang as their new leader.

Apparently that was only phase one though, so hopefully there is a better plan in place than just “blow a hole in the gate and let the walker horde do our dirty work”. Especially since it appears Negan’s army was nowhere to be found at the Sanctuary, and the Junkyard Morlocks have also not been heard from yet.

I also really disliked the disjointed jumping around in time thing. They kept flashing from Rick and the other leaders giving the pep talk in the field, to Rick in what seems to be a couple of years celebrating their liberation (I couldn’t tell if that was supposed to be real or a visualization he was having in his own head in preparation for the battle) to everyone actually doing whatever they were doing in real time. It was clumsy and awkward.

That said, I’m still watching The Walking Dead.


This Vox article pretty much sums up my attitude about this episode and towards the show anymore

It doesn’t matter how good the action sequences are — and there are some good ones in “Mercy” — if I don’t give a shit. Which means that finally, at long last, after sticking with The Walking Dead through good times and bad, after complaining about it but continuing to watch, after occasionally loving it, after wishing it would be better, I have won victory over myself. I no longer give a shit. Maybe you still do. I’ll see you somewhere down the road, when you, too, realize that nothing about this show is headed anywhere interesting.


Ha ha.

Oh, wait. So am I.


I haven’t watched an episode since last year’s premiere with skull bashing. Popped in here to see if it got better. Guess i’ll keep letting those episodes accumulate on the Tivo for now…


Season 7 was horrible, I actually consider Season 2 at the farm, better overall.


Not even going to bother this year. Cable-snipped with only intarwebs, local channels, and HBO. I would ditch HBO now that GOT is over, but I have to keep it for the package :\

No grabbing TWD via “alternate” methods, either. So tired of this dog chasing its own tail.


I don’t normally mind things being dumb or implausible if they make dramatic sense. But that was Walking Dead rubbing my face in the fact that it just doesn’t give a damn anymore.


“Are you wearing your shitting pants?”


Ok, so I stopped watching after the disgusting Season premiere of Season 7. I thought of maybe watching Season 7 now that it’s on Netflix, and my co-worker who has been watching the show told me “don’t waste your time, just watch a recap on Youtube or something. Season 7 is not worth watching.”

So I looked on Youtube, and this was the first hit:

After watching that, I gotta say: holy shit, a lot happened in season 7. Maybe it’s because it was all compressed into 13 minutes, but it just seemed like it was a really eventful season where a lot happened, which is the opposite of what my coworker/friend told me.


totally agree… with all the build up of the 100 episode the episode itself was flat. The “fight” was more about a bunch of people shooting out the windows in the warehouse. (which I was expecting something to come of it… maybe Molotov cocktail bombs or something… but nothing)

I was expecting either a slow build up to the fight. I’m guessing this wasn’t really the fight - but the fight will be later in the season. Let’s drag on the Negan story line even longer!


At a certain point, it looked like Rick’s posse was just shooting out the windows on the side of the factory. There’s a shoot, looking up at a wall several stories high, of the glass being shot out all over the wall. I couldn’t tell if there were supposed to be people firing back out of the windows, or if there was going to be some plot point about broken glass on the ground, or if the folks shooting the episode just thought it would be cool to show a bunch of breaking glass because that’s what can happen in a shootout.

Also, corrugated metal siding for cover? That was the most retarded battle convoy I have ever seen in any post-apocalypse. And I’ve seen a lot of low-budget post-apocalyptic battle convoys!



This was terrible. Greg Nicotero is a very talented make-up guy, but he is an inept director and because of his importance to the show he keeps getting big episodes and completely butchering them. He has a terrible, terrible habit of trying to be an “artist” (by trying to be stylish with non-linear storytelling) and he is just not intelligent enough to pull it off - he is just imitating artists without being capable of understanding what they were actually doing.

As a result, we get heavy-handed, incoherent messes. The non-linear storytelling was technically inept (the average viewer probably has no idea which scenes go where, and which aren’t in sequence and which are), as there are several timelines here:

  • the main one, which starts with putting the metal on the cars at Hilltop, then the speeches in the field, then the taking out of the scouts, and then the attack on the main Savior base, followed by the attack on 3 separate Savior outposts.
  • the scene with Rick at either at the graves of Glenn/Abraham which either predates the above sequence or at the graves of 2 unknown victims of the war (I’m fine with the ambiguity here);
  • the scenes with Rick and Carl and the Indian guy scavenging for gas - unrelated to any of the above and uncertain timing, but likely before the above;
  • the scenes with Rick with bloodshot eyes and talking about Mercy (must be set after the attacks above);
  • the scenes with older buzz cut Rick with beard waking up and seeing his older daughter and preparing for the harvest festival. Outdoors looks like it’s changed into medieval holland, but we’ll dismiss that.

…and narratively catastrophic, because it’s incoherent (how many viewers even understood that the plan was to take the main base out of the fight by surrounding it with walkers, and then attack the 3 outposts before they could reinforce each other or the main base? How many even knew there were outposts? or 3 of them?), and it also removes a lot of dramatic tension by revealing the resolution of certain plots if the show continues to jump to those timelines, which will make it clearer where they fit in and what has happened.

And the writing is just awful. The constant congratulatory lauding of Rick, Maggie, and Carl as great leaders and/or important seems completely unwarranted given what we’ve seen, and yet they constantly praise them. Rick and Carl have often been depicted as just lucky at best, and often as outright fools, while Maggie has been more flatteringly portrayed but the only thing we’ve seen her do to warrant leadership praise is effectively respond to a single attack on the Hilltop. But the actual content of the “Henry V” speeches given by Rick, etc. were terrible - who the fuck would follow someone extolling such vapid rhetoric? Why not instead spend that time actually explaining the plan to viewers?

It’s a real shame how badly the “big” episodes from the comics are being butchered. And this season should be pretty good, for those viewers on the fence, but it is definitely the last storyline before the narrative goes completely off the rails into boring absurdities, so this is as good as it’s ever going to get.