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So, no one is going to bump this thread to talk about the latest awful episode? We learned a lot about Negan! Doesn’t it make you care so much now? Doesn’t “I am Negan” positively reverberate with meaning now? Isn’t Stephen Ogg the Trevorest Trevor you’ve ever seen?



Well, it was faithful to the comic, in terms of Negan’s origin. I like the Savior group of characters, so I was fine with the episode - the part I hated the most was Rick/Darryl fighting and blowing up all the weaponry that would have ensured they would win the war. Fuck, just take the guns if you don’t want the explosives. All so stupid.

The appearance of the helicopter was the most interesting part to me. Maybe the Fear the Walking Dead cross-over?


Which might have been kind of cool if the show hadn’t spent two seasons of him twirling his mustache and out-eviling the evilest of the evil evilies. He’s been such a simple and one-dimensional character that trying to give him any depth or complexity just feels silly.

So so dumb. But at least we got the line, “Choke holds are illegal, asshole.” That’s the first time I’ve enjoyed a bit of Rick Grimes dialogue in years!



Wasted episode all around. Negan as a character at this point is completely irredeemable, so why waste time trying to humanize him in any way? I did like that even after all the talk of confession and weakness and whatnot, Gabriel still took one last shit at plugging Negan and winning the war outright. Good for him.

The Rick & Daryl scenes were painful. So, so stupid. You have machine guns. You have explosives. You have everything you need to win the war sitting there waiting to be used, and you blow it up because you can’t agree how to use it. This was the first time in the entire show where I actually loathed Daryl as a character. Of course, that’s the writers’ fault, as Daryl the character is better than what we saw last night. He’s smarter, he’s more pragmatic and he’s more loyal. Having him attack Rick and try to steal the explosives to go off and blow up the Sanctuary on his own…totally stupid and out of character.

I too am very curious about the helicopter. It can’t be Fear the Walking Dead crossover…as their helicopter got destroyed and when that season ended nobody was in a position to have any access to another one. Mysterious government remnants perhaps? Also, wasn’t there a helipad in the background of the wide shot when Rick and Co. were at the home of the Garbage Pail Kids?

EDIT : Yup…found it.


Compared to the other episodes this season I kinda liked it. That is if I just exclude the FORCED fight between Rick and Darryl. That was completely stupid. As much as it is late for character development of Negan, I enjoyed how it explored it a bit with the priest (I’m coming completely from a non-comic book point of view)

I also thought Eugene was already on to the dude that’s helping Rick’s group, just from how he was carrying on the initial discussion, and how much that guy took an aggressive stance accusing someone in the room for helping Rick. (I forget his name the one with the scarred face and the painted chess pieces) The RED paint on the bag seemed like an incredible stretch, with the amount and frequency of blood around the world. It isn’t like a piece of clothing with blood on it is a rare occurrence in their world…


Wow, good find.


I am caught up to the episode where the king makes it back to the kingdom.

This season is so horrible.


Apparently Lenny James is making a permanent move to FtWD although I have no idea how they’ll shoehorn his character into the timeline.

In a related turn of events, I’ve posted before about how my wife has a habit of getting famous people mixed up. This morning she excitedly announced “Guess who’s going to be on Fear the Walking Dead! Lenny Bruce!

I’d pay good money to see that.


The Garbage Pail Kids scenes continue to be beyond ridiculous but I gotta admit that “Talks too much” made me chuckle


You know the season is shit when you watch episode 6 before episode 5 because I didn’t pay attention to the DVRs menu, in the end the order didn’t matter as they both sucked.


Ha ha, we’re still watching Walking Dead.

Right? Guys? Where did everyone go?



Hell I stopped reading the damn comic years ago because it was the same things over and over.

Started out strong, though.


I like how Rick keeps referencing this “Plan” that they’re all supposed to be following, and yet absolutely nobody seems to be adhering to any sort of strategy whatsoever. Half the cast is now off on their own side quests, abandoning the master plan, and Rick appears to be up shit creek with the Garbage Pail Kids once again (unless that’s all according to “The Plan”). Also, Carl adopting Siddiq is not going to end well. No way that guy has survived on his own for 2 years in Alexandria/Kingdom/Hilltop/Savior territory…something is up with that situation.

I did like the two scavenger Saviors that looked like low-rent versions of Michonne and Daryl, and how they had the bright idea of building a Mad Max style mobile sound system to lure away the walkers from Sanctuary. Rocket Rosita and Daryl and the garbage truck were awesome scenes. Please tell me though that they had the good sense to go back inside and look for more rockets and other weapons to load in the back of the garbage truck before heading off to Sanctuary…

With only two episodes left I find myself desperately hoping the show can manage to kill off both Negan and the Garbage Pail Kids by the end of the season, as I’m not sure I can take another season of either of them.


How did Carl become so bad at fighting walkers again? That part in the woods with Siddiq (who said he killed like 245+) was pitiful to watch.


truth… just like also walkers “stumbling and rolling down a hill” are a quick and immediate threat to people who are bound and roped together walking along a road.

No rhyme or reason to these things…


What the hell did I just watch?

I am so confused by everything that happened in this week’s episode.

First of all…Daryl and “the plan”. I don’t get what benefit busting the truck through the wall gave them? Sure, it filled the bottom floor with walkers (who took out a few more Saviors for good measure), but Daryl even said beforehand that most of the workers and Saviors would just flee up the stairs in the back of the building. So the only real change is that instead of being trapped by walkers outside the Sanctuary, the Saviors were trapped by walkers inside (ground floor) of the facility. Only that seems to have led directly to the Saviors having an exit strategy, as they could now destroy walkers from the catwalks inside without having to go outside or shoot through the windows exposing themselves to sniper fire. Brilliant plan Daryl.

That begs the question, why the fuck didn’t they just do this to begin with? You don’t need a hole in the wall to allow walkers into a controlled space for destruction. Open a single door, make some noise, and have barricades set up inside so that the walkers are funneled into a kill zone at a manageable pace. You don’t even need to use that much ammo, as the workers could have put together long poles with sharp spikes to head spike walkers from the catwalks, then positioned armed Saviors around the area to shoot any walkers that started to climb up or otherwise threaten the workers. But nope, we get Eugene’s plan to use up most of the remaining ammo on the promise that he can make more. OK, but won’t that take some time? Are they going to go straight to the ammo factory and start an assembly line? Where will they get the gunpowder? Did they police up all their spent shells? Don’t they need brass and lead?

And Rick and the Garbage Pail People. Seriously? Again with this shit? And they don’t just shoot him, but instead agree to ally with him? FFS, this is beyond stupid.

If the season ends next week with Rick and Company under the boot heels of the Saviors yet again, I may be done with this show. Also, will they even address the fact that Daryl and Tara are now directly responsible for any people killed by the Sanctuary Saviors from here on out, as it was their idiocy that allowed them to escape?


Another week, another waste of an hour. And at 65 I have more of those behind me than ahead of me.

The Shitcan People are allied with Negan, so they must know he wants Rick’s head on a pike. But once they have him captured, instead of turning him over and gaining brownie points, they’e taking his picture for the 2019 Hunks of the Apocalypse wall calendar. WTF???

And doesn’t Rick say at one point it’s all about just killing Negan? Then why didn’t they do that back in E1 when they had a clear shot?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.


I hate to say it, since I thought I’d be in for the duration on this show, but it’s starting to really lose me – the “magic truck collision to take out the speaker truck” (they were just waiting there in case someone drove by with a speaker truck?)…which itself was a repeat to the implausible appearance and chase Rick/Darryl had and the way that played out with Darryl “swerving” a couple of feet to avoid a heavy machine gun on a narrow road, to the imbecilic attempt by Rick to recruit the trash people (and everything about how that played out, other than them deciding to kill him), to the completely inept way they’ve handled (not) detailing the “plan” – to Darryl’s potential “sacrifice” which just involved doing something simple that should have been a core part of the plan from the outset – this show is just a mess.

They are promoting the big “shock” next week in the mid-season finale - obviously I don’t know what it is, but I have my suspicions based upon the book, and if so they are once again badly fucking up by the way they are handling it. They really can’t seem to get the “memorable moments” (like Negan’s introduction) from the comic right - they are almost too reverential and indulgent with them. I think the reaction will be pretty negative based upon what they’re doing.


In fairness he did say the same thing in E1, and did try to kill Negan when he had a clear shot (even trying to trick him with a phony count-down from 10 and firing directly at Negan in the open at the count of 7 – it was just implausible that he missed). And again implausible that Rick and crew didn’t just finish him off when Negan was trapped behind some crappy cover later in that episode (and Rick seemed to be the only one even trying to do so). All of it has just been badly depicted.


It’s all about the sculpting!

Yeah another crap episode. The Trash People are the absolute worst.