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I forgot about that. Instead of Garbage Pail Kids, let’s just call them Plaster Casters (kids, ask your parents).


Are the Trash People in the comic book?


No is the simple answer, and there is nobody in this storyline other than the Kingdom, Hilltop and Alexandria vs the Saviors.

The more complicated answer is that there is a weird society introduced later in the comic run, so it’s possible that they will evolve into that (even weirder) crew - I suspect that’s what will happen.


The fact that there are zero posts in this thread the day after the most surprising death the show has ever had convincingly shows its trajectory at this point, it seems.


I will admit to reading recaps just out of curiosity, but I’ve given up watching it unless I hear it’s made an incredible turn-around.


Frankly, I didn’t believe it was a death until reading Chandler Rigg’s dad’s comments today. When he showed the bite mark, I just figured the show would underdumpster it.

But, hey, way to get rid of one of the few talented actors left on the show!





Well I heard some blather on the 5 minutes of talking dead, that was recording on the end. That bitten character has an important character arc after the midseason break.

I sort of care about some of the character which is why I kee watching, and actually like Negan character quite a bit.


It’s a major deviation from the comics, which is particularly surprising given how closely the storylines have synced lately, which made me wonder if the actor wanted out to go to school or something (he hasn’t really been in this season either, other than the bookend episodes).

But it has such significant consequences to comic storylines that I suspect the “war” will actually have a different result than in the comics now. If the sole purpose was to restore the impression that “anything could happen, nobody is safe” it was successful from my perspective, at least. On the other hand, it kills off someone who was finally interesting - if they’d done this in season 2 it would have been nearly universally lauded, I think, but now it’s going to likely alienate a lot of people who liked the character on a show with few remaining left (especially with Morgan also leaving).


Underdumpster is the new sharkjump


I’m just semi-following via forum but I won’t be shocked when they reveal it was actually a human that bit Caaaaarl. Probably a Caaaaarl love interest that’s been hiding undercover as a zombie for months to survive.



Honestly, it didn’t surprise me at all. TWD has criminally wasted Chandler Riggs to this point. Here they found this kid who, over the seasons, has grown into a consummate actor with no other experience than his character on this show (which is an accomplishment in of itself). Instead of putting together a storyline where Carl’s experiences and maybe some time on his own away from Alexandria result in his maturing into a leader who will come back and take over for Rick at some point, they basically cast him aside, giving him little meaningless bit stories here and there just to remind us he’s still around.

At least they gave him what appears to be a courageous and noble end. He was willing to stay behind and sacrifice himself to buy time for everyone to hide, skillfully playing Negan in the process and thus convincing him the fake escape was real. Riggs did a great job this episode, and if he is around still when the show returns in September I look forward to his scenes. The internet is all abuzz with talk that Carl could be immune somehow, or that the helicopters will come and whisk him off to somewhere he can be saved…I don’t buy it. There should not be an underdumpster for Carl, let his death have meaning and dignity.

I wonder how they will handle the rumored Morgan crossover to FtWD? As far as I know, the shows are on two completely different timelines. TWD is at least two years or more post-apocalypse, and FtWD seems like they’re at most 9 months out, maybe a year if you want to be generous since seasons don’t really change much in Mexico/SoCal. Will Morgan join the cast during his “long journey” he took prior to reconnecting with Rick and Co. in Alexandria? Will Lenny James be on both shows at the same time?


Nope, he’s dead as a doornail.


The show is back in February. This is only the mid-season finale. Morgan is only going to be on FtWD going forward. It’s uncertain whether the time lines will align so that his appearance is post-TWD, or if it’s during his long journey before he reconnected with the crew, but the latter seems most likely. So it’s possible they could kill him off in TWD and still feature him in FtWD but I really hope they don’t do that.

In the comics there is a significant time jump forward after this storyline - ironically, it was largely done in order to align Carl’s age closer to the character on the show. Maybe they’ll do that with Judith instead and bump her up to age 10 or so, and give her Carl’s comic role going forward, as Judith died with Lori at the prison in the comics.

It’s going to be very interesting having Rick in same position as Morgan - having both lost their sons that meant everything - I wish that had actually happened in the comics.

The more I reflect on this decision, the more I like it - definitely a bold change. But the show still has the problem of very few characters being likeable and even they are written with such inconsistent characterization that it’s difficult to get invested when they suddenly could get all weird and weepy (Carol), throw away their guns and become farmers (Rick), become suicidal (seemingly most characters when it’s time for them to go), or become irrational psychos.

But the fundamental problem is that the storyline diverts from being about survival in a zombie apocalypse and becomes just about people being assholes to each other for no rational reason.


I’m still watching… Although typically when I’m enjoying a show I don’t wait 2 days to watch a mid-season episode.

Like many of the previous episodes it felt as it it jumped all over the place and the pieces were disconnected. Are the Car caravans in the same area at all? Who’s traveling where? If the show was attempting to illustrate a state of confusion in the world of TWD, it certainly achieved it.

Carl’s bite mark looks like a joke. How the hell would a seasoned fighter in the world get bitten on the stomach. Sure it “looks good” for TV, but it’s comical (pun intended) He would have been bitten on the arm, hand, shoulder, face, leg, anywhere other than the middle of his body.

So stupid. (but alas, I’ll still watch the next episode)


Did you see Carl fighting in the woods a few episodes ago? I totally believe he could have been bitten. Probably by a zombie teething toddler.

Well it was a mid-season episode alright, I swear if the Negan stuff doesn’t wrap up this season I am done.


He’s a great character, and people like him in a way… so well — hard to get rid of someone like that when your writing is sucking as much as it is lately.


I would say if they don’t resolve the Negan/Saviors stuff by the end of the season (once it returns in Feb.) then the show is going to lose A LOT of viewers. People do think Negan is a unique villain, but the entire thing with the Saviors and his over-the-top schtick has worn out it’s welcome. Viewers are hanging on this season in the hopes that Negan and his crew meet a poetically just end, if they don’t meet an end at all it’s going to be the breaking point for many folks. Time for TWD to resolve the situation and move forward.


They won’t be done with Negan until Rick finally learns which end of Lucille is the business end.


I actually thought he was bitten in that scene and was surprised when nobody reacted or followed up - i thought it was just the extra getting carried away maybe, but it seems like that was actually intended.