Walking Dead on AMC


Yes, and I kept waiting for the line that never came: You guys have a helicopter!?!


Yahoo news screwed up and posted part of a recap of tonight’s episode. It’s down now, but in the event anyone still cares:

Bye bye, Simon


Lol Simon makes a great walker errr fencepost.

I must confess to being concerned about Dwight; the character has grown on me a lot.

Hopefully Eugene gets what’s coming next week.

Actually find myself looking forward to next week. At this point I might be more pleased if Rick rather than Negan bites the dust. Surely it has to be one of them?


Why do you guys watch this show? I mean, I knew from the beginning this show would end up like Lost, except stupider.


It’s like smoking, it’s hard to quit. It’s all about managing low expectations now.


I am very thankful to the nice folks here who bring us all the weekly “laughs” of the show, without having to endure it.


Honestly, that’s the perfect sentiment. I haven’t seen an episode for some time, yet I keep checking back here for the “appreciation” of the latest one to air. Complaining about it is the far more enjoyable social phenomena than watching it.


I am still an episode behind ,but the last one I saw with Jadis and Negan was almost watchable.

Also a chopper!


I thought the episode last night was OK, other than the stupidity of the escape. The ash pile would have been the first place to look.


I feel like the recent episodes have been regaining some of the quality from earlier seasons.


And also whatever Aaron is doing. His plan seems to involve dying from exposure or something.


Other than the one immediately after the Hilltop attack, which had enough stupid in it for a whole series, I think they have been a little better overall.

Negan played a masterful hand last night; that helped me (probably for the first time) to understand how he might have got to where he is.

YMMV but it’s the extra screen time with the Saviours that I have found the most interesting this half season.


Agreed on the Negan stuff, he’s definitely illustrated how he came to be the man in charge. Simon and Dwight both thought they could hide what they were doing (separately) long enough to get the upper hand on Negan, but it’s obvious that the control through terror that Negan has established would make such a long-term plan unworkable. There are just too many Saviors around who are too afraid of Negan for your activities to not get reported back to him. Seems like the best and maybe only way to off Negan would be a complete surprise. To go from loyal soldier to capping him in the back of the head in an instant, which in turn would get you killed immediately by everyone else, which is why it doesn’t happen.

Poor Dwight. I suspect he will not survive the upcoming showdown, but maybe he’ll get to kill or severely wound Negan in the process somehow. Also, seems like we have one final opportunity for Eugene to do the right thing. Will he supply Negan with the ammunition he needs to kill off Alexandria, or will his homemade rounds mysteriously blow up in the chamber, killing off Saviors and tipping the odds in Alexandria’s favor?


I said this years ago based on the comic!


There needs to be an end date. How many different takes on this are there? My prediction: renewed focus on zombies and their inherent danger for next season. No bad guy!


Honestly think the only thing that really can save this show is killing Rick. That said, Morgan going to Fear the Walking Dead will make me give that show another shot after bailing midway through season 2 – in part because it isn’t encumbered with the terrible storylines of the comic and can focus more on zombie survival stuff.

Believe me, if you’re on the edge of dropping off this show, the storylines in the comic get even worse after the “war” ends. The best hope for the show is a radical severance from the comic storylines - Frank Darabont had the right idea - be inspired by it, take elements of it, but tell your own story. Unfortunately the new showrunner next year doesn’t seem to be much a swap - more of a shifting of roles that a fresh start.


Gimple has said this upcoming episode will be the end of an 8-season arc, which convinces me even more that Rick will die.

That could be an improvement.


I will watch the show forever if they do that. And I actually think it’s possible.

But I’m more concerned that they’ll kill off Carol, which will be the catalyst to send Morgan on his way, and that would just be terrible.


Well, I guess that ended about as well as a predictable resolution could offer. The only thing surprising was how fast the “war” ended - less than half-way through the show, while normally these “big episodes” are over-sized and more hyperbolic. I really hated the “conspiracy” at the ending. I’m tired of the terribly unrealistic characterization shifts on this show.

Liked Fear the Walking Dead up until they met the woman in the armored car. Then it deteriorated so badly that I went from “this might be better than Walking Dead”, as I liked Morgan and the Cowboy, to…not sure I can make it back for another episode of this crap.


How many more season of this are left? I think the only way this would be interesting if next season features the Trump organization as zombies.