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I just read last week that it has been renewed for another season. The list didn’t provide any end date.


Having just watched Fear, all I could think was how great it would be if they just made a series where Morgan walks the Earth like Caine, getting into adventures. Each episode would end like the end of the Bixby Hulk episodes.


I’d watch the hell out of a Morgan-centric zombie apocalyptic Kung-Fu show!

Watched the season finale last night. It’s interesting how they ended it in a way that could have served as a series finale if they had cut the final, ridiculous, Maggie’s Cabal scene. Once again TWD tries to create tension and drama out of a situation that could have been resolved with 5 minutes of conversation between main characters. If Maggie/Daryl/Jesus knew that Rick’s plan for Negan was a fate (in Negan’s eyes) worse than a quick death, they’d likely be on board. Negan deserves to suffer, and what better way than to create the very thing he himself was trying to create, but without all the violence, fear and intimidation?

That said, it’s also a fairly stupid plan, as you can be damn sure there are a handful of former Saviors who will be plotting to break Negan out and run off to start over again someplace else. Why bother with all the security hassles that brings when simply bashing his head in with his own bat would effectively send the message that “Karma is a bitch, and this ends here…anyone else thinking of stepping up to be the new Negan…you’ll get the same”.

I was disappointed in the reason for Morgan’s transition between shows. Basically…“When I care about people, they die, so I can’t care about anyone.”. Seriously? Didn’t we just go through this with Carol? Didn’t Morgan already go through this once before? With the Saviors defeated and the future looking about as bright as it possibly can amid a zombie apocalypse…now you’re going to have the mental break?

I would have liked it better if he’d just decided to move on. Maybe he found something at the dump that was tied to Jadis’ helicopter people, or met someone on the road who was dying that told him about another settlement, or a government installation working on a cure, or some such thing that would spark Morgan to go looking in an effort to “save” the people he cared about. Instead he’s still just as broken, and presumably will have the same issues once he starts to care about the simple candy cowboy and the S.T.A.R.S. lady (I mean seriously, did she drive that thing all the way from Raccoon City?).


I wish this would have ended with Negan being killed. It would have wrapped up a very lackluster season and let the show leave with at least some degree of a satisfying closure, as it stands I am not sure I will be back for the entirety of next season. I am just tired of the characters on this show and how little gets resolved over so many damn hours of tv.



Seems Maggie’s days are numbered next season.

the actress’ new Walking Dead deal only calls for her to appear in six of Season 9’s first eight episodes


My advice to the writers 👉



As are Andrew Lincoln’s, allegedly:


+1. I’ll even provide a reason - “Quick action by Chinese authorities to exterminate large swaths of infected and uninfected populations allowed effective quarantine procedures to be implemented. The Chinese government thereafter evaluated that the greatest threat came from infected populations outside of its borders and commenced nuclear and non-nuclear bombardment of all non-nuclear states, and nuclear-capable states with non-functioning governments.” QED.


Season 9 , will have a time jump.


Ugh, another time jump. At that point it will have been what, like 3-4 YEARS post apocalypse? Is it even possible for a deceased human body to stay whole for that long given exposure to the elements and the damage that would inevitably come with years of shambling around unconcerned about running into things or injuring oneself? There has to come a point where the threat of walkers is decreased considerably simply because of the passage of time combined with the frailty of the human body greatly diminishes the number of still mobile ones.

If Rick, Maggie and Negan all exit the show this season, it might actually make it worth continuing.


This is an issue I’ve had with the show (and I suppose ZA in general) from the first. Eventually the rate of freshly-dead will not keep up with the number of reanimated corpses no longer able to function.


It’s a problem in all ZA unless there’s a supernatural reason for the occurrence. But since this show decided early on to establish that it was a virus, the bodies should rot and be gone a few years in.

Always thought the Romero Dawn of the Dead era was best - the cause may be radiation, an experiment, or something else…or supernatural. What if the cause is nothing less than Hell on Earth? That movie’s tag line “when there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth” was so brilliant for that reason - it adds a new level of potential terror, because you can never really know what’s going on.

Or you could just go to the CDCs in the 4th episode and blow up the possibility of the premise. Whatever.


This starts up again this Sunday and I’m feeling compelled to watch the end of Rick’s story…


Edit: You all have failed me and I have set my DVR to record tomorrow’s new episode. Set it to record Talking Dead too. Damn you all to heck!


After announcing that Sasha, Shane, and Hershel would all be making a appearance this season (presumably in flashbacks) it was also announced, sadly, that Scott Wilson is gone.

If you squint you can find him in a lot of small roles all over the place, most notably in The Right Stuff playing Scott Crossfield


Sad to hear of his passing.

So anyone else plan on watching tonight? I feel like I have been hate-watching for the last 2 seasons.


I;ll give it another shot.


I’ll be pulling on my hair shirt for the duration…


Ken, noooooooo!



(nervously sticks head above parapet, waiting for inevitable ridicule)

well that…could have been worse?

good to see Gregory get his just desserts

Only just finished watching so haven’t dwelt too much on any ridiculousness other than Ken getting it - there were more than enough of them to handle that situation I would have thought - but it served its purpose in setting up what followed.

I was a bit surprised they needed all that farm equipment but whatever - the seeds seemed like a good idea though.

Some nice conflict building with some realistic resentments. And not everyone likes change.

Good to see all the gang!