Walking Dead on AMC


Dare I say it I rather enjoyed the Season premier. The battle against the Saviors was getting old.



Yeah I watched it tonight, it was one of the better episodes in the last 3 years.


Ha ha, we’re the only ones still watching Walking Dead.

So, how about that twist? Turns out Negan is still evilllllll



So, should I feel bad about having stopped watching the series after the season premiere where Negan killed Glenn? I was religious about watching before that arc began and that episode. Then, after all the build-up, I saw that episode and then I just thought, “Meh.”. And never looked back.


Really, you should have quit before then. I’m only in for the hate-watching, but occasionally it still does something I’m glad I saw. For instance, this last episode’s log roll sequence. That was cool. I’ve seen that in plenty of videogames, but never live action. Well done, effects department and stunt crew! Also, I liked the idea of using sirens to steer herds around crews working out in the open. That should be in a videogame!



Is “Fear the Walking Dead” any better than this show?


Occasionally. Season 3 was excellent. The second half of Season 4 was Negan-level bad


Who could have guessed that watching people rebuild society using 150 year old technology while suffering through painfully written inter-personal drama would be less exciting than watching the world come apart during a zombie apocalypse? The show is a log cabin away from becoming Little House on the Zombie Prairie.

Negan still living is literally the dumbest aspect of the entire season, and that’s saying something considering that they actually raided the Smithsonian Museum for a covered wagon and an iron plow to use as “examples” for their metal smith. I get that fuel to run tractors may be in short supply, but there have to be hundreds of pieces of far more modern farm equipment lying around that you could rig to be hitched to horses instead of a tractor, and wagons can be made from modern trailers and automotive frames fitted with actual wheels and tires, then hitched to horses, and they work far better. Maggie of all people should know this, as she was raised on a farm.

There are so many interesting and cool things they could be doing with this show now that they’re years into the zombie apocalypse…but instead we get another season of Rick being Rick and Negan still acting like a cartoon character.


Too hard for people to fabricate I guess.

Also, this is interesting:


Nah, this is the exact place that I stopped. Someone (maybe in this thread) put it perfectly that the series was no longer about a zombie apocalypse, it was straight up torture porn. Not what I signed up for and not something I’m interested in watching every week.

Of course, I do still follow this thread to see just how bad it’s gotten. Appreciate those of you who have stuck with it and provide updates :)


Cool, you and @tomchick put me at ease. To me, that was the point where they just ran out of ideas. If they had moved into a “Building a new world” direction and not “Negan’ed up”, I’d probably still be watching.


I think the phrase “jumped the shark” should be replaced with “pulled a Negan” or just plain “Neganed”.


Heh. The exact same thing here. I used to actually enjoy the show a lot, especially from Season 3 (the prison) onward. But yeah, after that episode, I never felt compelled to go back. I think it’s because that character felt like the emotional core of the show, so once that character was gone, I felt no more attachment to the show.


Half way through the first episode, my wife and I finally decided to call it quits…hate when shows go on too long…Dexter also…oh well.


OMG… I thought that was just me! That’s precisely when I stopped watching. It just became so… tedious.


Yeah, that was definitely when the show most lost its way, although I might go further back to Terminus, which was goofy and stupid and the beginning of characters having plot armor in silly situations. But there were still good episodes or at least moments. Now those are very rare.

But I’d actually state that Sunday’s episode, episode 2, was the best episode the show has had in a long, long time.

Much as I would have loved it if the show surprise killed Rick at the end of the “war”, dragging out his “final episodes” now is so dumb that I wonder if it was a damage control decision once he essentially announced his departure. I can’t see the show surviving his absence - there is just nobody capable of leading the show - Carol and Michonne are probably the most interesting. Darryl is just incapable because Norman Reedus really can’t act and his character is more interesting as a sidekick reacting.


This show is clearly falling fast if it’s not even meriting a post more than 24 hours after an episode.

That said, I thought this was another good episode - the new showrunner has righted the ship, at least for now, but the annoying thing is that we know all this good Rick stuff is going to be ended in short order. But, at least for now, it’s an interesting divergence from the comics and it looks to be completely going its own way shortly.


Overall I’ve enjoyed these 3 episodes more than any collectively for some considerable time.


Ha ha ha ha ha a horse.