Walking Dead on AMC


I know right?


I don’t even need to see previews to know how this is going to go down. Rick Grimes, mortally wounded hero of the apocalypse, will save everyone from the combined zombie horde by leading it to his beloved bridge, a shining symbol of his brave new world meant to connect the communities and the people within them, where the rushing waters combined with the weight of the horde will collapse the bridge and sweep all the walkers away. Rick will then expire, but not before giving one last self-righteous sermon on the power of post-apocalyptic positive thinking. A vision of Carl will appear to Rick, place his sheriff’s hat back on his head, and say something poignant like “It’s OK dad, it’s time to come home…”.


Considering that both Shane and Hershel will be making an appearance I was thinking something more along the lines of Return of the Jedi.


Here’s my prediction for tomorrow night based on the trailer I just saw (and I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb)

When we last saw Rick he was impaled on rebar with two hordes approaching, but in the trailerhe’s free of the rebar and leading the hordes to the bridge, which seems awfully rickety.

Ocurrance At Owl Creek Bridge, much?


Welp, I guess we got played for a bunch of chumps. Again.


“Judith. Judith Grimes.”


I haven’t watched the episode yet, but given the slump in both the show’s ratings and critical approval, I’m surprised AMC is willing to commit that kind of money.


So when Rick Grimes is on his deathbed, he can’t be arsed to think about his wife and child? Or were Sarah Wayne Callies and Chandler Riggs just busy?



It’s like poetry, it grimes.


I did enjoy the scene with Shane though.


One thing I’ve come to appreciate about Romero’s zombies is how silent they are. These walkers just won’t stfu, and you can hear them coming a mile away.

And in the preview did I really hear them growl “where are they”? Great googly moogly!


What the hell did I just watch?

So Rick hallucinates/passes out over and over again, during which he sees Shane, Herschel and Sasha, then Michonne and the gang, but never Lori or CARL for fuck’s sake, and somehow manages to not get bitten or eaten during the whole thing. Plus his horse is apparently the dumbest horse left alive…as it consistently waits around for him or stumbles around within feet of a zombie horde, right up until the point where it’s convenient for the plot for it to finally get smart and run away.

And after all that…after Rick sacrifices himself, blows up his beloved bridge that was a symbol of his hopes and dreams for his people to destroy the herd and save those same people…he doesn’t even get a noble death. He becomes Garbage Lady’s bargaining chip, evac’d by flying dumpster chopper to whatever shitshow some remnant of the government is running somewhere, probably to be experimented on. Not that we will know, since that is supposed to be the last we see of 'ole Ricky until whatever “feature-length project” thing they’ve cooked up comes out.

I can’t believe we’re still watching The Walking Dead.

Oh, and great, another multi-year leap forward into the future, where apparently the great zombie hordes have not only somehow not rotted away into puddles of goo, but are developing intelligence and can possibly speak? What the actual fuck?!

Also, they should have had Rick kill Negan at the tree. Keeping him around is a writer’s room mistake, as his role in this part of the season has been ridiculous, and even the “closure” Maggie got from him was silly. It’s a waste of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s talents and the viewers time to keep the character around at this point.


All straight from the books. All should have been jettisoned because it’s all absurd and not entertaining. Except for the 10 year old girl firing a heavy caliber revolver with pinpoint accuracy from 100 yards - that’s a “writers’ room” addition that wasn’t in the books.

And the books only get worse, much worse, from here, folks.

Have to say I was surprised this episode wasn’t an Occurrence at Owl Creek-phenomena, as that seemed to be the set up, which would have allowed Rick to die impaled like a martyr, at a crossroads, no less. Nope, gotta go dumber. I’m not unhappy he lived though.


I watched last weeks, and well its about the dumbest send off I’ve seen in awhile, and then it doesn’t even really happen, as he ends up as a B on the chopper. :|

Also am I the only one who thought the cameo re-visits from dead characters made no sense?


No You’re not.


So, uh, mud hides you from zombies? When did this develop?

Otherwise, hey, I liked this episode! And not just because it’s no longer the Andrew Lincoln Show with very special guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan leaning and leering. The time jump forward, the new survivors, their new hair (I’m not sure about Carol’s wig, but I’m so glad to see Eugene ditch the mullet), the new set with the windmill, a new precocious kid to take Carl’s place, Carol back to being a ruthless badass, Daryl as a kind of Obi Wan hermit off in the woods, practical matters like setting up a transmitter and transporting supplies. All that stuff is aces! This is the kind of Walking Dead I used to like!



We haven’t watched it yet, but that all sounds pretty good. Except for the precocious kid part.


So Michonne’s solution for what to do with a bunch of strangers she doesn’t trust is make it Maggie’s problem?



yeah that was a bit jarring for me as well…not much logic there.

overall I enjoyed it though…prepared to cut the writers some slack re the talking/seemingly sentient zombie(s) - let’s see where it goes. It’s not really any sillier than anything else…maybe a fresh approach will be good.

I’m glass half-full obviously.


Okay, I was hoping I hadn’t heard that. It sounded like I was hearing it, but I thought, “Oh, surely not, that would be too stupid even for Walking Dead.” But I heard it, didn’t I?



I’m at an age where I keep the close captioning on. You heard it.