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Stay tuned for stupid.

That said, these next two episodes should be interesting, knowing where they’re going from the books. I think the new showrunner has actually really rejuvenated the series this season, aside from the truly awful Rick departure episode (which is probably the episode she had the least control over). And the new characters introduced this episode were handled much better than I expected, and almost seem interesting. I liked the Negan/Judith bit too.

Yet there’s still such unnecessary lunacy, like a 9 year old girl sharp-shooting with a 60lb revolver the size of her noggin. Or the insta-Carol is a badass moment where she’s suddenly a ninja who can douse a dozen people with gasoline without waking anyone, and then casually blab to them to foreshadow what she’s going to do without having her head blown off.



That whole Carol sequence was totally out of character. Going badass to get her stuff back? Sure. I can even buy into her killing everyone while they slept (look how well that turned out for Rick). But burning them alive seemed needlessly cruel.



Rick’s gun, the Colt Python that she uses is only like 4 pounds. :p







Well, I just read that the talking Walkers are actually camouflaged humans, so that mitigates the stupidity.

For now.



yes prepared to cut slack as I was, that is actually a bit of a relief to read that.



Agreed. While I think Carol would be totally capable of killing the Sanctuary asshole guy, or even his whole crew, since they threatened her “son”, I found the scene to be laughable from the standpoint that these people have survived YEARS in the zombie apocalypse and somehow not only do not post any guards at night, but they all sleep so soundly that someone could pour gasoline all over the place and nobody wakes up. How would people that stupid not have been zombie chow by now?

That bit aside, I’m warming to the new TWD. Judith is actually way better than I thought she would be, especially her interaction with Negan. Introducing the new people gives the viewers a fresh perspective from which to evaluate all the existing characters and how they’ve changed in the six years that has supposedly passed. That’s the purpose behind Michonne’s decision to pass them off on Hilltop…so that next week we see Maggie, Jesus and the rest.



Yes to all this. And they were Saviours as well, security freaks.

Also agreed. Although there seems to be some question whether we will actually see Maggie.



Tom, like others have said, this show had become tedious to watch! I just watches the last 3 episodes today, because my GF wanted to and I couldn’t come up with a good reason to put it off! The 2 episodes for his death I thinking in my head how I was going to tell my GF I would watch the last one and consider it my unofficial end and attachment to the series. I was out!

Instead, as you said…they went ahead and made the zombie show I always wanted, with interesting new characters and twists. Damn, I’m hooked again…ug.



Right? It’s been a long time since I’ve looked forward to the next episode of Walking Dead. But here we are!




Yeah its just a crazy good change of quality in this last episode. I might even watch the show on the night it airs for once.



Best part of a fantastic episode this week? Jesus listening to Jesus and Mary Chain’s April Skies!
Whomever coordinates the musical score for each episode of TWD deserves an Emmy. Season after season they find consistently good music across several genres, and usually it fits the mood of the episode well.



I’m coming back to this thread for discussion of the show, as the companion thread for Tom’s front page post is more for talking about the changes that have made the show interesting again, and not actual episodes and plot lines (at least I assume so).

Mid-Season Finale was certainly the best episode of TWD in years. We had movement among the cast that made for some good inter-personal drama, we had plenty of creepy and suspenseful scenes, we had a semi-major character death (more on that in a minute) and topped it all off with an introduction to an entirely new threat. That’s like an entire season of old TWD in one episode! ;-)

I am really enjoying the glimpses into Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom through the eyes of the various supporting cast. Henry is the new Carl, disgusted by the immature attitude of his peers at Hilltop while looking to contribute both there and back home in the Kingdom. I suspect he has an important role yet to play.

What I am not enjoying is the friction between the settlements. It’s obvious that Michonne is at the heart of it, and that Kingdom and Hilltop are still on somewhat good terms at least, while Alexandria has chosen to isolate itself. The question of “WHY” however is never answered, instead we just get brooding looks from Michonne and cryptic references to protecting her people. At first it was mysterious, but now it’s just annoying. What the hell could possibly have happened to completely reverse Michonne’s desire to unite the three settlements? Was it Rick’s death, because that seems like the total opposite of what Rick would have wanted. It can’t be some major event that nearly destroyed Alexandria, because the settlement is thriving and none of the characters from there are dead or missing in action. So what is the fucking problem with Michonne, and why won’t the other members of the council at Alexandria simply override her decision and open up relations with the other settlements? It seems so counter-intuitive.

The death of Jesus was a big blow. With Maggie gone due to the studio’s fight with the actress who played her, Jesus was the obvious choice to become the (albeit reluctant) leader of Hilltop, and he was a charismatic character. This is also apparently a huge departure from the comics according to people who have read them. It seems like the character of Jesus never got the development he deserved, and now he’s the first casualty in what looks to be a new conflict with a new enemy. Frankly, it sucks that he’s gone, as his storyline was a big part of what’s made the past few episodes so much better than previous seasons of TWD. RIP Jesus.

As for the new enemy…so far they seem very interesting (and way creepy). Seems like they took the zombie guts camo thing to it’s logical (and disgusting) conclusion. Why use camo just to move through herds when you can use even better camo to control them and use them as both a defense and a weapon? I’m guessing there is also some screwed up psychology at play, that the Whisperers probably have a cult thing built around the zombies. Still, it seems like they wouldn’t be that hard to defeat if you were coordinated and well-armed, as it’s not like they can use vehicles, horses, firearms and other advanced tactics…they just control the herds, so mow down the herd and take out the Whisperers among it as well.

For the first time in a very long time, I am actually disappointed that the season has ended (mid-season break), and am eagerly looking forward to the show’s return in February.



I can’t get back my Fri and early Saturday, spent watching the last eight episodes… with a huge timejump, and still stupid decisions, some actual good acting/bad writing, and it all ends with another cheap enemy. Thanks for telling me this was supposed to be better than the last two seasons. Ever since the Glenn garbage death fakeout, this show still hasn’t recovered. WTH, why is Negan still alive… lemme guess he saves the day against the Whisperers. So damn dum.




Two days after the mid-season premier and not a peep. Do we just not care anymore?

The things I came away with were a)adolescent girls are especially annoying when given firearms and b) considering it’s been 6 years since Sanctuary fell, Negan’s buddy was looking pretty good.

Souldn’t more of the walkers be piles of dust by now?



I forgot to record it, so I’ll just read a recap when I have time.



Okay, Samatha Morton has my attention. That last shot was pretty freaky. She just looked so, well, grotesque.




Ha ha, you’re still watching TWD



The answer is no