Walking Dead on AMC


Oh, uh, I guess that was pretty grim.

Like the quality of the show itself! Zing!

I like that they went to all that trouble to get a film projector up and running, and all they can show is public domain cartoons. What a lame trade fair.



I know it’s a licensing thing in regards to the actual movie shown, but they missed the comedic opportunity of having Jerry hold up a film can and say “How about this one, uh, Dawn…of the…Dead?” to which Ezekiel and Carol could have rolled their eyes.

I just had a chance to watch the episode last night, and after hearing the internet buzz over the “shocking and tragic ending” I have to admit I was a little disappointed.

Tara, Henry and Enid…along with some extra folks, really? I mean, I liked all three characters, though Henry was slowly turning into that character who does everything he knows he shouldn’t for no obvious reason, but honestly I was more upset when they killed off Jesus. Other than being like 4th in line for the leadership job at Hilltop (after the show chased Maggie away, killed off Jesus and Daryl turned them down) Tara’s character arc was pretty slim at this point. Same with Enid, given that she was Carl’s love interest, then resolved her own personal arc, and now was simply Happy Enid sharing cute moments with the reformed Savior. Henry was mildly interesting, and probably could have had some more decent story beats both with Lydia and in a possible confrontation with Alpha.

But it didn’t carry the weight of having say Ezekiel, Eugene or Rosita (which would have been a bold move given her current condition) show up on a pike. I also hated how clumsy it was to telegraph Henry, given the trouble they went through to show Alpha walking away with Ezekiel earlier in the episode, then showing Daryl holding Carol back trying to not let her see…it was moment that could have been an “OMG…is it Ezekiel or Henry?!” and instead they blew it by showing Ezekiel at the fair in the seconds before the reveal.

I did like Siddiq’s recounting of events at the end, how he twisted Alpha’s intent into a unifying narrative for the communities. We should also pour a little out on the floor for our departed friends DJ (Alexandria’s coolest minor character), Frankie (we hardly knew you), Tammy Rose (so did dingos take the baby?), Adeline and Rodney (teens who should’ve made better choices) and poor Ozzy and Alec (who never got to see their promised movie, and whose Highwaymen pals are going to be pissed).


The original Night was PD for the longest time, but it may no longer be.
As for the heads-on-a-stick (it is fair season, after all) my only thought was that they killed off all the annoying teens, so way to go, show.


Sunday was the season finale, apparently I am 4 episodes behind.


You’re not missing much. Although there was some cool change-of-environment stuff last night. Otherwise, bleh. I still can’t believe I recently wrote an article under the headline How Walking Dead Got Good Again. Why didn’t you guys stop me???



Tom, you have to hit rock bottom before you realize you have to stop yourself.


The finale was one of the dullest finales I’ve seen for an action show in a long time. I feel asleep, rewound 15 minutes and regretted rewinding.


From the Beating An Undead Horse Department…


And I am caught up, some less interesting cast members killed off, some snow, whisperers still an overall dumb enemy.

Remember when Tom wrote the show had become good again, he was on the drugs that day no doubt. :)

Re:Radio at the end of the season finale:

Was that Morgan on the radio?


Who cares?


This destroyed any inclination I might have had to pick it up again. Nice job, show.