Wallet Threat Level

Once again, it’s time to play “Can you tell me if there’s something worth paying attention to in this list of games during the summer doldrums?” And since I’m playing Dark Souls 3 this summer, I secretly hope the answer is no.

Monday, July 15

  • Break The Game | PC
  • Kim Shooter | PC
  • Aura | PC
  • C64 & AMIGA Classix Remakes Sixpack 3 | PC

Tuesday, July 16

  • Must Dash Amigos | Xbox One
  • LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity | Xbox One, PC
  • Distrust | Switch
  • Let’s Sing 2019 | Switch, PC
  • Forklift - The Simulation | Switch
  • Defend The Keep | PC
  • Shrine Of The God-Ape | PC
  • ATRIUM | PC, Mac
  • Killsquad | PC
  • The Last Aura | PC, Mac
  • Moi Mei | PC
  • Nightmare Reaper | PC
  • Summer Catchers | PC

Wednesday, July 17

  • Initial2: New Stage | Xbox One
  • Night Call | PC, Mac
  • Let’s Go Nuts | Switch
  • 8bit Pigeon Hunter | PC
  • Grizzland | PC

Thursday, July 18

  • Growtopia | Xbox One
  • Gabbuchi | PS4, Switch, PC
  • Etherborn | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Warlocks 2: God Slayers | PC
  • FIA European Truck Racing Championship | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Caladrius Blaze | Switch
  • Royal Roads | Switch
  • World Cruise Story | Switch
  • Battle & Crash | Switch
  • Tarot Readings Premium | Switch
  • Archlion Saga | Switch
  • Golf Defied | PC

Friday, July 19

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order | Switch
  • Redeemer: Enhanced Edition | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Lost Ember | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Welcome To Hanwell | Xbox One
  • Astro Bears | Switch
  • Jim Is Moving Out! | Switch, PC
  • Mini Trains | Switch
  • Colloc | PC
  • Hack.88 | PC
  • Gorytale | PC, Mac
  • Subs | PC

Saturday, July 20

  • Moon Tycoon | PC
  • Chibi Volleyball | PC, Mac

Yes! There isn’t. Barring maybe Ultimate Alliance 3, depending on reviews.

Ugh, keeping all my wallet’s dollars in one place is proving to be a mighty challenge.

Vying for their attention these next few weeks are the following games I’ve been pretty interested in. And oddly, these are all Switch games (with one exception that runs like dogshit on the Switch, so I’m opting for the Xbox version).

I’ll probably pick all of these up sooner or later, so, really, I’m just hemming and hawing over paying full price for them, or deciding which ones to play first:

God Eater 3 (Switch):

A futuristic post-apocalyptic Monster Hunter game. I’m apprehensive about spending $60 on a game that might be tuned for co-op since I’ll be playing it alone. Division 1 made me super wary of falling into that trap again. But I enjoyed the demo.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (Switch):

This series was always a solid couch co-op game for my wife and I. The only reason I haven’t picked it up is the shitty selection of heroes to choose from. It’s chock full of the modern Netflix and MCU idiots I don’t know shit about (which is a good draw for the kiddies and all, but are mostly annoying for me), but leaves out all the cool heroes like Fantastic 4 or Iceman etc.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Xbox):

Haven’t picked this up yet because $40 seems like a lot for a Metroidvania in this day and age, especially since I’ve got others I haven’t yet finished. But every time I see people’s enthusiasm for the game when its thread is bumped, I find myself fighting the urge to buy it.

DragonQuest Builders 2 (Switch):

A Minecraft + light RPG game. The only thing keeping me from buying this outright is the fact that (in the first game) I always get so hung up trying to solve the quests that I never take the time to just sit down and build stuff. This leaves all my settlements looking like crap, but meeting the most basic requirements to move on. I just assume I’ll do the same thing here, because I’m always chasing a carrot.

Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch):

I was very close to buying this on day one, but what I did instead was load up the first game (on my WiiU). It reminded me how absolutely horrible 99.99999% of player-made levels are. Although this version of the game comes with a pre-made campaign, I’m just sick and tired of running into maps that are less about cool storytelling, puzzle solving or platforming, and more about figuring out how to exploit some obscure and unintended movement mechanics within fractions of a second. If I could filter out all the garbage and just keep the quality, classical, campaign-style maps I would jump on this.

I’m also not keen on designing and testing games with a controller, since the WiiU pad was simply a phenomenal tool for this, so that another mark against this entry. But by all accounts this is a great game, and I’ll probably cave sooner than later.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch):

I don’t think I’ve ever finished a Fire Emblem game before. And I never know what the hell is going on in any of them, because there’s too many people with the same job titles and family lineage to keep track of, but I certainly keep buying the damn things, and I don’t think this one will be any exception.

Astral Chain (Switch):

This is the biggie I’ve been waiting most for. I’ve wanted this game since the moment it was revealed. I’m excepting this to be a cult hit, because it doesn’t seem to be getting any hype anywhere but the people who follow Platinum Games very closely. I’m a bit apprehensive about the game because it’s being designed by the Neir Automata guy, and that’s one Platinum game that I find hard to fully enjoy (compared to the grand slam hits of Bayonetta 1 & 2, Transformers Devastation, and The Wonderful 101), but I’m still pretty excited for it and will probably pick it up on day one.

What I really want though is Bayonetta 3, but this will have to do in the meantime.

Awesome. DLC to the rescue. Sure beats loot boxes.

There’s a huge space themed sale on Steam right now - https://store.steampowered.com/sale/explorationsale/

@BrianRubin, any recommendations?


Thanks! What about (TB) strategies?

I just noticed Super Mega Baseball 2 was coming for the Switch this week.

Could you be more specific? Grand strategy 4x? Tactical?

4x I guess, been a while since I played anything like Civ. How do Endless Space 2 and GalCiv 3 compare?

edit: Stellaris too I suppose, although I doubt I’ll buy it. Paradox DLC scheme is a little too pricey, even during a sale.

Nice I just noticed Heat Signature is 75% off if you own the previous game Gunpoint.

GalCiv 3 is your best bet for turn based right now, especially with its expansions.

I disagree. Endless Space 2 is miles better than GalCiv3. Especially with expansions. I would also recommend The Stars in Shadow if you like MOO2-like tactical 4X.

Endless Space 2 has more interesting mechanics I think, but the AI didn’t seem like it knew how to play the game very well. The factions were varied. I found GalCiv 3 fairly tedious, mostly because of the wide open hex movement through space, since there really isn’t much in the way of interesting features like terrain on land. GalCiv kinda just seems like it fallows the typical space 4X formula - very dry. But, the AI in GalCiv would more likely give you a challenging game - which is worth something. Endless Space uses Star Lanes as the main method of travel while GalCiv has free movement. Both games I played near release so each may have changed.

I’d pass on Stellaris. Other than having some interesting flavor text for events it is mostly a tedious slog. It can be interesting for a little bit during early expansion, and deciding where to station ships at chokepoints (also uses star lanes for travel), but that is it for me. Some people here like Stellaris quite a bit though.

Thanks everyone for responses, I’ll probably go with ES2. Does it still rely so heavily on rock-paper-scissors mechanic as the first game? I remember having to build fleets with specific weapon platforms just to have a chance in the fights.

Also, how are the prebuilt ships? For some reason I never enjoyed the ship builder feature in space 4x games.

Both games use the laser / ballistics / torpedo vs shields / armor / whatever the 3rd is type of weapon and defense systems.Endless Space 2 combat where you steer the flow - such as trying to maintain distance and emphasize a particular weapon. Their combat systems always seem better on paper than in practice, but they do at least try to make it different.

You’d actually be better waiting for Interstellar Space Genesis, which comes out next week.

What sets it apart from the other games? I’m having a hard time mustering any enthusiasm for that one because it looks like pretty much every other unremarkable 4X that I’ll forget the name of in a month. Am I missing something?


One thing I love is the dual exploration mechanic. Not only do scouts go around and do their thing, as well as survey ships, you also use, I think, telescopes on your home planet to scan sectors, which take several turns. These scans can find new systems and much more, so exploration is ALWAYS happening, which is great.