Wallet Threat Level

It is probably my loss, but I can’t get beyond the bad grammar. Dice is plural, Terry. You are not ‘a dice.’

But maybe it is a statement against dice’s bad orthography, as it should obviously be dies.

I found the few texts in the game quite annoying, I wish we could just skip them.

It’s actually acceptable to use dice as a singular noun now but still feels very awkward to me. Enjoying the game so far though!

Seems like a single one should be a douse.

Douse? What the heck happened to Die?


Any wallet threats for people this week? Did Bridge Commander finally get a sequel called Incident Commander? Is Remnant: From the Ashes really Hellgate: London done right? Is RAD rad? Why am I so intrigued by the name Pest Control? Is Smoots Summer Games as fun as Summer Games from the 80s? Are the Life is Strange fans here really excited about the new episode out this week? Does the release of Zombie Golf finally indicate that there’s too many zombie games?

Monday, August 19

  • Blood Magic | PC
  • Strazeal | PC
  • Incident Commander | PC, Mac
  • Block Dodge Challenge | PC
  • Trollskog | PC

Tuesday, August 20

  • Remnant: From The Ashes | PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • RAD | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Yui-Gi-Oh! Legacy Of The Duelist: Link Evolution | Switch
  • IN-VERT | Switch
  • Truck Racing Championship | Switch
  • Power Punch II | PC
  • Tinhead | PC
  • Pest Control | PC
  • UnderMine | PC, Mac

Wednesday, August 21

  • Gift Of Parthax | Xbox One
  • Smoots Summer Games | Xbox One
  • Wellington’s Victory | PC, Mac
  • Songs Of Skydale | PC
  • Flip Polygon | PC
  • Ash Asylum | PC
  • Gods Of Havoc: Fall To Earth | PC
  • Nubla | PC
  • Steambirds Alliance | PC, Mac

Thursday, August 22

  • Black Desert | PS4
  • Oninaki | PS4, Switch, PC
  • Sega Ages Puyo Puyo | Switch
  • Sega Ages Space Harrier | Switch
  • Life Is Strange 2: Episode 4 | PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Doughlings: Invasion | PS4
  • Invisigun Reloaded | Switch
  • Milkmaid Of The Milky Way | Switch
  • Path Of Sin: Greed | Switch
  • Everdark Tower | Switch
  • Mr. Blaster | Switch
  • Lines Infinite | Switch

Friday, August 23

  • Gnomes Garden: Lost King | Xbox One
  • Mable & The Wood | PC, Mac
  • Snooker 19 | Switch
  • Plunge | Switch, PC, Mac
  • Gurgamoth | Switch
  • Biorhythm | PC, Mac
  • Darkspace | PC

Saturday, August 24

  • Rainforest Solitaire | PC
  • Mummy Contact | PC

Sunday, August 25

  • Zombie Golf | PC

Is blood magic at all related to the 1996 game called blood magic?

I’m really looking forward to trying this out. I know it’s been out on PC for a while but I like the idea of action-based combat on a console MMORPG.

Space Harrier and Puyo Puyo escaping the Japanese eshop, sweet!
The extra remix mode of Puyo Puyo looks pretty neat.

Wasn’t Invisigun @geggis’ darling?

I enjoyed watching Tom play Remnant: From The Ashes, so its on my radar.

It wasn’t on my radar at all. I don’t think I had even heard of it until this morning. But it’s tempting me quite a bit right now…

Re: Remnant

I watched part of Tom’s video. On the one hand, I hate that he was spending so much time in the inventory, or just walking around. On the other hand, when he’s in combat against that giant Ent creature, it looked pretty fun.

Yeah! Invisigun Heroes is a fantastic, smart and super polished local (and online) multiplayer game. The updated Invisigun Reloaded has a proper single-player campaign as well as cross-play, so I’ll finally be able to play it with some of my console friends. I’ve been raving about it to them for years and it doesn’t get enough love. Shadi has worked tirelessly on it since its original PC release and I hope it gets the success it deserves on Switch.

A couple of big releases this week. Control from Remedy is a big one. Astral Chain from Platinum is a Nintendo exclusive, that comes out this Friday.

Tuesday, August 27

  • Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey | PC
  • The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut | PS4, PC
  • Collection of Mana | Switch
  • Control | PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Crystar | PS4, PC
  • Decay of Logos | PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
  • Hunt: Showdown | Xbox One, PC
  • Knights and Bikes | PS4, PC
  • Minoria | PC
  • MXGP 2019 | PS4, Xbox One
  • Trine 1-3 | Switch
  • Whipseey and the Lost Atlus | PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
  • World of Warcraft Classic | PC
  • Wreckfest | PS4, Xbox One

Wednesday, August 28

  • Din’s Legacy | PC
  • Hookbots | Switch, Xbox One
  • Pantsu Hunter: Back to the ‘90s | PS4, PS Vita
  • Headspun | Switch, PC
  • SubaraCity | Xbox One
  • Kamiko | Xbox One
  • Vambrace: Cold Soul | PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Thursday, August 29

  • Agent A: A puzzle in Disguise | Switch
  • Brunch Club | Switch
  • Bubsy: Paws on Fire! | Switch
  • Grand Brix Shooter | Switch, PC
  • Heave Ho | Switch, PC
  • The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game | PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC

Friday, August 30

  • Astral Chain | Switch
  • Blair Witch | Xbox One, PC
  • The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan | PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Newt One | Xbox One, PC
  • The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors | , PS4, Switch
  • Re:Legend | PC
  • Unlucky Seven | PC
  • Remothered: Tormented Fathers | Switch
  • Spirit Roots | PC
  • Tokyo Chronos | PS4
  • The Wild Eight | PS4, Xbox One

Want, waiting for console reviews.

Waiting for my copy to unlock. 🤟

Haven’t heard of anything else, other than a couple titles I don’t want.

So, anyone remember this game from E3? It certainly looked different. And the Eurogamer review made it sound pretty intriguing. It’s definitely a game trying to express something. After reading the review, I’m not sure if it was able to do so, or it showed the restrictions of the video game medium.


That game needs a demo. I watched someone play it on Twitch and it didn’t grab me at all. Maybe it’s the type of game you need to experience first-hand.

Din’s Legacy is out this week. If you’re a fan of Soldak’s action RPGs, this is a definite wallet threat.


I see that Din’s Legacy Patch 1.000 came out a couple of days ago, but that it’s still listed as an Early Access game. Did they just forget to flip a switch on Steam? Or is it supposed to leave early access later this week (or later today)?