Wallet Threat Level

I just noticed Mario Kart Tour for Android and iOS comes out on Wednesday? Sweet! Nintendo did a really good job with the Super Mario Bros game for Android, so I have high hopes.

Edit: Oh hey, Code Vein comes out on Friday? So both Scifi Souls and Anime Souls in the same week.

I tried playing the Code Vein demo on Xbox, but after a long and boring tutorial, I’d had enough. It might be too anime for me.

Thanks Chappers I am free of the Dragonquest menace with a DivOrSin +2 shield.

I preordered The Surge 2 a good while ago, so no immediate wallet threat. I’m curious about Code Vein, but I’ll wait for some reviews before I decide what to do.

Nothing else really grabs my attention, though I’ll say this to the Switch owners: Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition is a beautiful, beautiful game that everyone should play.

Cat Quest II: The Lupus Empire and Noita.
I am more hyped for both of these than anything else this week.

I’d be more excited for these games if they’d gotten a Nintendo-style remake, such as Link’s Awakening, or Windwaker. As it is, I can’t even imagine how much my eyes will bleed trying to play this stuff from across the room on a television.

Hard to be excited here, I’m not expecting to be competitive without spending a lot more than the $5 I spent on Mario Run.

It seems like Tropico 4 and 5 just released a couple weeks ago.

Fantastic game. Played it on the Xbox. Too bad this isn’t the sequel, which was supposed to come out LAST YEAR… or something, I don’t know.

Agreed with you and @rhamorim, fantastic game, and anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet and owns a Switch should definitely get it. It does get a tad frustrating at times with the boss fight sequences, but it feels good when you finally get through those platforming sequences.

The sequel at least has a firm release date now. (Feb 11th, 2020).

It got too frustrating for me within the half-hour mark, and I don’t play games for the visuals so I was quick to give up.

I agree. Plus they got delayed to October 15th, so I just removed them from this week’s list.

Visuals are great, but the soundtrack is even better. Ori is a beautiful game in a LOT of ways.

It’s too bad its soul looks so black to me!

You need to train on Rayman: Origins first. That will get your 2D Platformer skill level up in a delightful way.

I played that already. I don’t think that I’m any better, nor that Ori is!

It’s no hollow knight

I wish they would make another.

I enjoyed Ori more for sure both for its game play and art style.

Yes. 100% yes. Hollow Knight is a dire experience. Not because of the setting, but because Ori is so much more fluid and responsive. Hollow Knight is too rigid for me.

Just wanted to say that I feel the same - Ori for me was much more enjoyable than Hollow Knight ever dreamt of being.

You boys need to be taken outside and given a stern talking to!

This doesn’t sound like a good sign. I liked that in Super Mario Run, I paid $10 once and played the game for a long, long time.

It’s possible that it will be a huge success. It’s also possible Firefly season 2 will debut next week.