Wallet Threat Level

Yeah, but when will the first major patch be for Stellaris: Federations? Until then it’s probably unplayable.

Thankfully, this thread is DLC free, as everything should be.

so many rules here on Qt3 - its hard to remember them all.

Not a rule, stating a fact!

Really? I’m getting too old for this…

My wallet is still feeling the pain from last week’s $60 purchase of DOOM Eternal w/Doom 64 (aka Doom: The Absolution). Both worth it, but man, still a lot.

Well, our collective wallets are again under severe threat this week if you happen to own a PC VR setup. Or if you’ve somehow never played Saints Row IV yet and were waiting for the Switch release of one of the best games of all time. Oh, and the Colin McRae Flat Out pack comes out for DiRT Rally 2.0 this week. That’s a big threat to my wallet, damn it.

Anything else on this list have people excited?

(Btw, the very first game on this list is the sequel to the sequel to the game that can’t be named).

Monday, March 23

  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III | PC
  • Half-Life: Alyx | PC (VR Only)
  • Bug Academy | Switch
  • Rhythm of the Gods | Switch, PC
  • YoloMic | PC
  • Shieldwall | PC
  • Fill All | PC
  • Pirates? Pirates! | PC

Tuesday, March 24

  • Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • DiRT Rally 2.0 DLC Colin McRae Flat-Out Pack
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution | PS4, PC
  • Odallus: The Dark Call | PS4
  • Moons of Madness | PS4, Xbox One
  • Freedom Finger | PS4, Xbox One
  • Bleeding Edge | Xbox One, PC
  • Paper Beast | PSVR
  • WARTILE | Xbox One
  • Element: Space | PS4, Xbox One
  • Oniken | PS4
  • Colorgrid | Switch
  • Hyperspace Delivery Service | Switch
  • Littlewing | PC
  • Rhythmy | PC
  • Damaged In Transit | PC, Mac
  • Output Pasture | PC

Wednesday, March 25

  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York | Switch, PS4
  • Iron Danger | PC
  • Breaking Blocks | PC, Mac
  • Northern Tale 5: Revival | PC
  • Lock ‘N Load Tactical Digital | PC, Mac
  • Mists Of Noyah | PC

Thursday, March 26

  • Control: The Foundation DLC | PS4, PC
  • Grand Guilds | Switch, PC
  • Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Legend Of Keepers | PC, Mac
  • Mekorama | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS Vita
  • One Step From Eden | Switch, PC, Mac
  • Last Oasis | PC
  • Wenja | Switch
  • The Room VR: A Dark Matter | PSVR
  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy | PS4
  • DreamGallery | Switch
  • NecroWorm | Switch
  • Card Game Bundle Vol. 1 | Switch
  • Indie Darling Bundle Vol. 2 | Switch
  • Sin Slayers | Switch
  • Wanba Warriors | Switch
  • JigSaw Abundance | Switch
  • Trailer Trashers | Switch
  • Urban Cards | PC
  • Miner’s Mettle | PC
  • WarPlan | PC
  • Assemble With Care | PC
  • ManaTech | PC

Friday, March 27

  • Giantosaurus: The Game | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Saints Row IV: Re-Elected | Switch
  • Children of Zodiarcs | Xbox One, Switch
  • Lost Words: Beyond The Page | Stadia
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Bears Can’t Drift | Xbox One
  • Railway Empire | Switch
  • Inops | Xbox One
  • Biped | PC
  • Duck Souls+ | PS4, Switch
  • Repressed | Switch
  • CopperBell | Switch
  • 6 People | PC, Mac
  • Gordian Quest | PC
  • Mayhem Masters | PC
  • Derange | PC
  • Archaid | PC, Mac
  • KnightOut | Pc

Saturday, March 28

  • Goofy Golf Remastered Steam Edition | PC

Those two are huge treats to my wallet. And that’s pretty much it.

Of course, next week has one of my most “waited for” games ever, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord. This month is not good for my wallet.

Disappointed this isn’t a pinball game

Watched a video of this one the other day. Looks incredibly cool. Crpg with a rewind time mechanic, so if you get hit by an enemy, you can back up and block or use a faster attack. Very puzzly in feel.

This is sort of Dungeon Keeper meets Iratus/darkest dungeon where you are defending treasures with minions, traps, and spells. Looks neat.

Can you explain what is going on on the Cold Steel Front? New publisher (and one that I dislike the localization works very much), new platforms, seems the save file won’t transfer? Not that I complain a lot, as the game seems to be very far remote from the atmosphere of the previous ones, but it’s all strange.

I don’t really know… I actually didn’t hear any of those news, and that troubles me too, I suppose. Not that I would buy it today, as it is a bit more expensive than I’m comfortable (budget is tight for now). I’ll look around for info, I suppose. Thanks!

Rats, it’s early access. :(

Okay, I was all excited about this, but I see it’s also early access. “… we expect that the game will be in early access for around a year,” the page reads. Ugh.


The original Mount & Blade practically invented Early Access, and it was a mostly smooth process, so I’m up for that again. ;)

This is a party-based deckbuilding rpg entering early access (sorry, Tom). Some really cool ideas in this one. Each character has their own perk/passive grid. As you play, you get new grids and you get to decide how they connect to your existing grid(s), effectively building your own passive/perk tree as you play.

Quite a few equipment slots for each character. Some equipment adds cards to your deck.

Combat is lane-based, with characters moving around in order to target enemies and protect allies.

If I wasn’t lazy, I would cross out all these damned Early Access games from the release list.

Save file doesn’t transfer because CS3 finally made the jump from PS3 to PS4, which released in the US last year. It doesn’t end up mattering too much, I don’t think.

There was a lot of worry about the switch in publisher before the release, but amazingly enough NIS did a really good job with it. Everyone who is big into Trails/Falcom seems to be pretty happy with the quality of the English version across the board.

If you liked CS 1/2, I can pretty unreservedly recommend 3. The biggest risk is that (like 1 into 2) it’s an ending that really makes you want to know what happens next - not necessarily a Huge Cliffhanger, as the internal story resolves at a good point, but there are a bunch of big questions imminent and outstanding. CS4 in English will almost certainly happen, but we were looking at late this year for PS4 (and later for other platforms) at absolute best even before pandemic time.

One other Trails note: a professional-level fan translation of the first Crossbell game released about a week and a half ago (https://geofront.esterior.net/2020/03/15/trails-from-zero-out-now/). If you’re into the whole series, you may want to play that (and the adequate-not-great second Crossbell translation) first.

This has been your JRPG interlude, back to regularly scheduled game release news!

Well, this bodes well: the game (which has been released in February in Japan) has been postponed yet again, right before release, to middle of May. @dgallina must not worry at all about the quality of the port!

Yep. Not a good sign at all.

Oops, despite coronavirus, we’ve had game releases the last two weeks, and this week. Let’s look at the roster, shall we?

The first week I missed out on had Resident Evil 3 Remake!

Monday, March 30

What The Box | Switch
Stealthscape | PC
Memory | PC, Mac
Rushberry Mercs | PC
Kill Yourself | PC

Tuesday, March 31

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends | Switch
Creature In The Well | PS4
Persona 5 Royal | PS4
Operencia: The Stolen Sun | PS4, Switch
Mount And Blade II: Bannerlord | PC
The Complex | Xbox One, Switch
Treachery In Beatdown City | Switch, PC
Curious Expedition | PS4
TY The Tasmanian Tiger | Switch
Zombie Army Trilogy | Switch
Chapeau | Switch
Stones Of The Revenant | Switch
Meldoy Flight | PC
Fates Of Ort | PC, Mac
Cork The Volcano | PC
Abacus Finch | PC
Swatch Out! | PC
Soldat | PC

Wednesday, April 1

Lost Artifacts: Golden Island | Xbox One
Totally Reliable Delivery Service | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Wurroom | PS4. Switch
Stimuli | PC
Stacks On Stacks (On Stacks) | PC
Easy Puzzle: Bridges | PC
Xenogunner | PC

Thursday, April 2

Curious Expedition | Switch
Snakeybus | PS4, Switch
MazM: Jekyll and Hyde | Switch, PC
MetaChampions | Switch
Rascal Fight | Switch
Pocket Harvest | Switch
Junk Jack | Switch
Horror Bundle Vol. 1 | Switch
The Otterman Empire | Switch
SpelunKing: The Mine Match | PC, Mac
Madrun | PC
Lonecastle | PC
Easy Puzzle: Streets | PC
Deadtides | PC
Lock ‘N Load Tactical Digital | PC, Mac

Friday, April 3

Pode | PC
Resident Evil 3 | PS4, Xbox One, PC
HyperParasite | PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Horror Of The Deep | Xbox One
Curious Expedition | Xbox One
Drift Zone Arcade | Switch
In Other Waters | Switch
Space Force | Switch
Business Wars - The Card Game | PC, Mac
Dogs Of Wallstreet | PC
Orbit of Death | PC

And then we had the week where the Final Fantasy VII Remake came out!

Monday, April 6

The Last Turret | PC
Skin And Bones | PC
Ufflegrim | PC
Lonecastle | PC

Tuesday, April 7

Below | PS4
Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories | PS4, Switch, PC
Grimvalor | Switch
Pattern | Mac, PC
Sophie’s Cubes | Mac, PC
Infinite Dronin | PC
Digital Paintball Redux | PC
Octaflight | PC
Badlands | PC
Nations At War Digital | PC

Wednesday, April 8

Biped | PS4
Convoy | A Tactical Roguelike | PS4, Xbox One
Pen and Paper Games Bundle | Switch
Ubongo | Switch
Galaxy Of Pen & Paper +1 Edition | PS4, Switch
Towertale | Switch
A Room Where Art Conceals | PSVR
Sharknado VR: Eye Of The Storm | PSVR
Dark Disharmony | PC
Delirium | PC
Bear Party: Adventure | PC
Squatch | PC
Humanity | PC
Godking: Master Of Rituals | PC

Thursday, April 9

Beholder 2 | Xbox One
Bridge! 3 | Switch
Gunbrick: Reloaded | Switch
Monster Viator | Switch
Fight Of Animals | Switch
AFL Evolution 2 | PS4
Troubleshooter | PS4
Blindspot | PC
Race Maniacs | PC
The Procession To Calvary | PC, Mac
Hinterhalt 3 | PC, Mac
Bastard Little Zombie | PC
holedown | PC
Mask Of Mists | PC
Easy Puzzle: Streets | PC
Wanderlust: Transsiberian | PC, Mac

Friday, April 10

BlockQuest Maker | Xbox One
Braveland Trilogy | PS4, Xbox One
Retro Tanks | Xbox One
Final Fantasy VII Remake | PS4
Obduction | Xbox One
RMX Real Motorcross | Switch
Rush Rover | Switch
Mini Railway | PC, Mac
Karma City Police | PC
Alder’s Blood | PC
Heal | PC
Group Project Simulator | PC
Tower Of God | PC

Saturday, April 11

Space Engineers | Xbox One
Tharsis | Switch

Sunday, April 12

Thrice In A Row | PC

And finally this week, we have er… Fallout 76’s NPC update?

Monday, April 13

Digital Dungeon Tiles | PC
A Siren’s Call | PC
Slash Roll | PC
Bird Missions | PC
Marshmallow Tank | PC
Chesscake | PC
Farmtale | PC
Fire For Effect | PC
Super Astreus 2 | PC

Tuesday, April 14

Fallout 76: Wastelanders | PS4, Xbox One, PC
Path Of Giants | Switch
Boot Hill Bounties | Switch
Impulse Control | PC
Selfless Heroes | PC
Heavenworld | PC
Probe | PC
City Destructor | PC
Receiver 2 | PC, Mac

Wednesday, April 15

Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries Of New York | Xbox One
Blind Men | Xbox One
Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour Collector’s Edition
Doubles Hard | Switch
Hard Rock Pinball | PC
Circel Empire Rivals | PC
Jade Cicada | PC
Area 86 | PC, Mac
Super Bounce Ball | PC
Viking Heroes | PC

Thursday, April 16

Billion Road | Switch, PC
Save Your Nuts | Xbox One, Switch
Drug Dealer Simulator | PC
Kawaii Deathu Desu | Switch
AFL Evolution 2 | PS4
Double Dragon | PS4
Double Dragon II | PS4, Switch
Double Dragon III | PS4,
Renegade | PS4
River City Ransom | PS4
Spider Solitaire F | PS4
Galaxy Warfighter | Switch
Slain/Valfaris Big Sugar Bundle | Switch
Piczle Cross Adventure | Switch
Lost Artifacts: Golden Island | Switch
Finding Teddy 2: Definitive Edition | Switch
Later Daters | Switch
The Fox Awaits Me | Switch
Indie Gems Bundle - Nonograms Edition | Switch
ZHED | Switch
Super Pixel Racers | Switch
Sentinels Of Freedom | PC, Mac
Hellpoint | PC, Mac
Cartonfall: Fortress - Defend Cardboard Castle | PC

Friday, April 17

Cryogear | Xbox One, PC
Freakout: Calamity TV Show | PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Blind Men | PS4, Switch
SiNKR | Xbox One
A Fold Apart | Switch
Hyper Jam | Switch
Rover Wars | Switch
Purrs In Heaven | Switch
Theme Park Simulator | Switch
BadLads | PC
Devious Dungeon 2 | PC
Super Forklift 3000 | PC
Dogs of Wallstreet | PC
No One Lives Under The Lighthouse | PC
Hero Of The Kingdom: The Lost Tales 1 | PC, Mac
Mushroom Cats 2 | PC
WWII Partisanen | PC, Mac

Saturday, April 18

Kick The Virus | PC
Ball of Doom | PC

Sunday, April 19

Mosquitos and Zombies | PC

Anything else missed in those lists?

[quote=“Ginger_Yellow, post:363, topic:132010”]

Looks like we’ve got a trailer, and it’s releasing in June!

Oh yeah, there were new games this week! Who knew?

That new Predator game comes out tomorrow. Have there been any reviews of that yet? Also Gato Roboto came out on Xbox and PC on game pass. Has anyone tried that yet?

Oh, and @lordkosc mentioned looking forward to Deliver Us the Moon, coming tomorrow, including the game pass.

Monday, April 20

  • OMG Police - Car Chase TV Simulator | Switch
  • Legends Of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown | Switch
  • Shadows | Switch
  • Car Trader Simulator | Switch
  • Warp Factor | PC, Mac
  • Birds Are Real | PC, Mac
  • Kingdom vs Zombies | PC, Mac
  • Square Fast | PC, Mac
  • Oh Frog | PC
  • Cryptofall: Investor Simulator | PC, Mac
  • Glare Fall | PC

Tuesday, April 21

  • Help Will Come Tomorrow | PS4, Switch, PC
  • Dragon: Marked For Death | PC
  • Obey Me | PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Gato Roboto | Xbox One
  • Hexplore | PC
  • Minimalist Space War | PC
  • The Flower Collectors | PC
  • No One Live Under The Lighthouse | PC
  • Bring You Home | PC, Mac
  • The Shattering | PC
  • Disobedient Sheep | PC, Mac

Wednesday, April 22

  • Brutal Rage | Xbox One
  • Help Will Come Tomorrow | Xbox One
  • ITTA | Switch, PC
  • TaniNani | Switch
  • Guard Duty | Xbox One
  • Memory Player | PC, Mac
  • Damn Dolls | PC, Mac
  • 12 Labours Of Hercules X: Greed For Speed | PC, Mac
  • Color Crush | PC
  • Tune The Tone | PC
  • Birth ME Code | PC

Thursday, April 23

  • MotoGP 20 | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Stadia
  • Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ | Switch
  • 112 Operator | PC, Mac
  • XCOM: Chimera Squad | PC
  • Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition | Switch
  • Little Busters! Converted Edition | Switch
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack | PS4
  • Cloudpunk | PC
  • Picross S4 | Switch
  • Filament | PC
  • Aces Of The Multiverse | PS4
  • Damaged In Transit | Switch
  • SmileBASIC24 | Switch
  • Yumeutsutsu Re: After | Switch, PC
  • Yumeutsutsu Re: Master | Switch
  • Broken Lines | Switch
  • Hang The Kings | Switch
  • eSports Legend | Switch
  • Timpu’s Treasure | PC, Mac
  • Iratus: lord of the Dead | PC

Friday, April 24

  • Trials of Mana | PS4, Switch, PC
  • Predator: Hunting Grounds | PS4, PC
  • Archaica: The Path of Light | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Quest Hunter | Xbox One
  • Doug Hates His Job | Xbox One
  • Deliver Us The Moon | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Quern - Undying Thoughts | Xbox One
  • War Theatre | Xbox One
  • Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition | Xbox One
  • Spuds Unearthed | PS4
  • Debtor | Switch
  • Guard Duty | Switch
  • Georifters | Xbox One
  • Nira | PC
  • Mushroom Cats 2 | PC
  • One True Cuddle | PC

Saturday, April 25

  • Chronac | PC

Sunday, April 26

  • Stress Explosion | PC