Wallet Threat Level

Annoying that the Move controllers didn’t come with charging cables.

Wii? What year is this!?

I’ve heard nothing but Very Positive things about the first game. I never played it, but maybe a sequel will change that. It’s billed as:

Everyone’s favorite laid-back dungeon crawler returns in Soda Dungeon 2. Featuring a new adventure, a whole town to upgrade, crafting, new classes, alternate dimensions, and more! It’s everything you loved about the original plus all the stuff you’ve been asking for.



We have an idler thread around here somewhere. Maybe their wallet won’t be safe around this new free-to-play game.

Wow, didn’t even know this was a thing. I recall enjoying the one, so this bears looking into.

This week is the first Red week for me in a while. Death Stranding, Ghosts of Tsushima, Paper Mario. I’m holding off on DS until I see how the port turns out and if it’s moddable, but the others are almost certainly day one.

My recent boards games kick has been keeping me away from sales and new releases. My wallet should be safe, but we shall see.

Early reports from places like RPS suggest the port is great. Dunno about mods though.

PC Gamer also confirmed it’s a good port a couple weeks back. Mods are still an open question, though.

FFS. The game’s been out for nearly a year.

Not for PC.

Game will be out tomorrow anyway, so there’s that.

Sure, but if they’re worried about spoilers, it’s a bit late for that. It’s a bonkers restriction.

I didnt think about modding at all. If a mod scene develops on the DS engine, that could really blow it wide open. There are a lot of possibilities there.

Monday, July 13

Samurai Aces III: Sengoku Cannon | PC
One Dog Story | PC
Colour Flux | PC, Mac
The Falling Tower | PC
WWII Partisanen | PC
Sheep Island | PC

Tuesday, July 14

void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium | PS4, Switch
Death Stranding | PC
Neon Abyss | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Kingdom Majestic | PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town | Switch, PC
Rocket Arena | PS4, Xbox One, PC
Pangeon | Switch
Reforged TD | PC
Ultimate Truco | PC
Modest Hero | PC
Day Island | PC

Wednesday, July 15

Ooblets | Xbox One, PC
REZ PLZ | Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac
Ultra Hat Dimension | Xbox One
Bossgard | Switch
Pandora Galaxy | PC
Beat The Machine | PC
Nowhere New | PC, Mac
The Old West Savior | PC
Dave-Man | PC, Mac

Thursday, July 16

Radical Rabbit Stew | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Bounty Battle | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Neversong | PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Beyond A Steel Sky | PC
Superhot: Mind Control Delete | PS4, Xbox One, PC
We Should Talk | Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac
#Funtime | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac
Dunk Lords | Xbox One
Forager | Xbox One
Waifu Uncovered | Switch
Caretaker | Switch
Never Breakup | Switch
Tanky Tanks | Switch
Home Run High | Switch
Explosive Dinosaurs | Switch
Get 10 Quest | Switch
My Koi | PC
Hunting Simulator | PC

Friday, July 17

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus | PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Drake Hollow | Xbox One, PC
Ghost of Tsushima | PS4
Ultra Hat Dimension | Switch
Starlit Adventures | Switch
Paper Mario: The Origami King | Switch
Death Come True | PC
Ultra Hat Dimension | Switch
Fault | PC
I, AI | PC

Avoid at all cost. Terrible, terrible piece of crap that’s got nothing to do with the other games.

July 16th also has a American Truck Simulator DLC coming out (Idaho).

Though I suppose I’ll be too busy delivering packages in a slightly different way, in what Tim Rogers called “the Gran Turismo of walking simulators”. Yeah. ;)

I was keen on Death Stranding, having skipped the PS4 in favour of PC, but it’s really expensive. Now I wait for sale!

Ghosts of Tsushima looks cool, we’ll see what reviews say in 12 hours.

Paper Mario I will probably get too, unless the reviews are bad.

Wow, GiantBomb talked about the Death Stranding review screenshot thing. It’s even more bonkers than PC Gamer made it sound. Seems to be tied into Valve promotional stuff, so it’s not just dumb, it’s ethically icky.

“As a special request from Kojima Productions and 505 Games we are asking everyone to please use the screenshots in the above link in numerical order and do not crop the images in any way or remove the legal lines at the bottoms.”

“Also feel free to review the game using the following 20 words”

FWIW, the PC Gamer review no longer contains that text, and does contain screenshots, which I think are the official ones. However the reviewer bio says:

Not sure if it said that before.

Carrion looks interesting this week (you play as a slowly growing nightmare of a monster). Not a wallet threat to me, technically, since it will be released on Game Pass Day 1. Any other big draws?

Monday, July 20

  • Sol Divide: Sword of Darkness | PC
  • Mighty Fling | PC, Mac
  • Elliot | PC
  • Work Trip | PC
  • Angkor: Celebrations | PC, Mac
  • Gel-Tank | PC
  • Kalidazkoph | PC

Tuesday, July 21

  • Panzer Paladin | Switch, PC
  • Liquid Sunshine | Xbox One, PC, Mac
  • Rock of Ages III: Make & Break | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, PC
  • Rainswept | PS4
  • The Laundry | PC
  • KHIO | PC
  • Nerve | PC
  • GolfTopia | PC

Wednesday, July 22

  • Creaks | PC, Mac
  • Necrobarista | PC
  • Aircraft Evolution | Xbox One
  • Dragon: Marked For Death | PS4
  • Rainswept | Xbox One
  • Vagrus: The Riven Realms | PC
  • Dr. Atominus | PC
  • Booth | PC, Mac
  • Cosmos | PC
  • Kebab Simulator | PC
  • Dungeon Scale | PC
  • Cyber Complex | Switch

Thursday, July 23

  • Crysis: Remastered | Switch
  • Carrion | Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac
  • Roki | PC
  • Space Mouse 2 | PC
  • Gnomes & Co: The Art of The Build | PC
  • Artificer: Science of Magic | PC
  • Against The Moon: Prologue | PC, Mac
  • GERRMS | Switch
  • Epic Word Search Collection 2 | Switch
  • Aeolis Tournament | Switch
  • Quiplash | Switch
  • Sushi Reversi | Switch
  • Fibbage XL | Switch

Friday, July 24

  • Tanneberg | PS4, Xbox One
  • Rainswept | Switch
  • Dex | Switch
  • Max and The Book of Chaos | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Paper Beast | PC
  • Allison’s Diary: Rebirth | Xbox One
  • What Trash? | PC
  • Pitcher and the Whale | PC
  • Penny’s Path | PC
  • HUNTERS All Star Battle | PC
  • PillPop| PC, Mac
  • Sunset Shapes | PC
  • Vibrant Venture | PC, Mac
  • Beast Brigade | PC
  • Candy Disaster | PC
  • Dungeon Warriors | PC
  • Detective Driver: Miami Files | Switch
  • Mittleborg: City of Mages | Switch
  • Jisei: The First Case | Switch
  • Colloc | Switch
  • Need a Packet? | Switch

Saturday, July 25

  • Henosis | PC, Mac
  • Sweetest Thing | PC
  • Painted Legend II | PC
  • Cubicity | Switch

Sunday, July 26

  • Guess Pictures -Animals | PC

What a name. I had to look this up on Steam: