Wallet Threat Level

Well, there’s the next Guild Wars 2 expansion (Secrets of the Obscure) coming out tomorrow, and Season Pass 3 for Guilty Gear Strive comes out on the 24th. The first is not a wallet threat because I preordered it. As for GGS Season 3, I would normally buy it on release, but with Street Fighter 6 out and most of my gaming time being spent in RPGs rather than fighting games in the foreseeable future, I’ll probably just keep it on the wishlist for later, no matter how much I like Johnny.

Yeah, Blasphemous is terrific. I picked it up during the summer sale and I’ve been plugging away at it ever since. It’s a perfect Steam Deck game for me. But I hadn’t heard of it until a few months ago and now there’s a sequel. The Penitent One better get crackin’ and finish up!

Heck, even I liked Blasphemous, and I hate 2D platformers!

Six Ages 2 is out today and may be a threat for some. This is by the same people who made King of Dragon Pass way back in the day.

Holy cows, I had no idea it was finally ready!

Between Armored Core coming out and Whisker Squadron: Survivors and Jumplight Odyssey going EA, this is going to be a red alert week for me.

I still want to give Six Ages a try, but then I remember that I didn’t get further than 30 minutes into King of Dragon Pass, and so many duck people need to give me tribute.

Depending on reviews, Armored Core 6 is the first on-release wallet threat for me this year. I’ve never played the series but From Software has my attention.

If not for Starfield around the corner, I’d be all over this.

Here’s next week’s releases on Xbox, a nice preview for the wallet threats coming next week, at least on one platform.

The comments in the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk thread are really tempting me to get that when it comes out on Sept 1st. As a fan of Jet Set Radio Future, it’s very tempting. (I’m not as big a fan of the original JSR though). Either that or Starfield’s premium upgrade so I can start playing THAT on Sept 1st. I guess I’m going to have to pick one or the other next week.

Or I could play Sea of Stars, coming to Game Pass around the same time. But I won’t be able to finish that one before Starfield’s release a week later. At least with Bomb Rush Cyberfunk I’d have a chance.

Wallet threat level is high for sure this week. The temptation to get the Starfield Premium upgrade so you can play early. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Presumably Trine 5 for fans of Trine 1-4, I suppose; I never could get into the first one so I never bothered trying the sequels. The Samba de Amigo game for Switch looks tempting too, I’ve never played one of those. Under the Waves would have been very tempting to me during a more quiet release period, but I think it’s going to get lost among the big games during a time like this. Any other wallet threats for you?

Oh yeah, almost forgot, Baldur’s Gate 3 comes out on PS5! That’s good counterprogramming vs Starfield on the Playstation side.

Monday (8/28/23):​

  • Project Apidom (PC)

Tuesday (8/29/23):​

  • Sea of Stars (PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, Xbox Series X/S, Switch)
  • Samba de Amigo: Party Central (Switch)
  • Goodbye Volcano High (PC, PS5, PS4)
  • Under The Waves (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, XBO)
  • Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles (PS5, Switch, PC)
  • The Making of Karateka (PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, Xbox Series X/S, Switch)

Wednesday (8/30/23):​

  • Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle (PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, Xbox Series X/S)
  • Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop: Official School Bus Extension (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, XBO)

Thursday (8/31/23):​

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 (PS5)
  • War Hospital (PC)
  • Necroboy: Path to Evilship (Switch)
  • Somerville (PS5, PS4)
  • TAITO Milestones 2 (Switch)
  • The Tenants: Pets DLC (PC)
  • Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, XBO, Switch)
  • War Hospital (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S)

Friday (9/1/23):​

  • Bomb Rush Cyberfunk (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
  • Starfield Premium Edition/Premium Upgrade (PC, Xbox Series X/S)


-“Is it friday yet”?

Sea of Stars looks really good but too many AAA Hvy weights to content with. At least it’s on PS+ so it won’t go in my paid for backlog only my subscription backlog.

Speaking of wallet threats, Steam Strategy Fest is going on right now. I guess that explains why so much of my wishlist is on sale at the moment.

If only some of them would @#$%&! leave Early Access!

Definitely a wallet threat for me. I’ll buy it soon, even if I don’t get to play it soon. But I’ll probably wait a bit to see if it will show up on GOG.

Mmm, Sea of Stars and the Symphony of War DLC, is good week for games. (I feel like all weeks are good for games, these days, but still.)

I guess I crowdfunded Sea of Stars at some point, because I got a code for it today. I never guessed it would have been a day-one PS+ release. Oh well, good for them. I never expected this to be the first game I grabbed this year on its release.

I had forgotten to list this. Also out today for all platforms. It’s a neat idea, kind of a documentary video game where the game is still there, but with lots of supplemental material to show you how it was made.

Played an hour of Sea of Stars last night. Fun, relaxing old school…not sure how much more I will play with Starfield, Remnant, D4, AC6…BUT, it’s way more relaxing than those games so can see popping in more often to cool down.

Heh, I like the idea of having a “coolant” game in rotation. : )