Wallet Threat Level

I never finished Tower of Time but I really enjoyed the time I spent with it, so I guess Dark Envoy goes on the watchlist.

I want this to be good, since I love the genre - Think Conan Exiles survival game, or Ark, without the dinosaurs just set in Lord of the Rings settings - But, to be honest, I doubt its very good.

I’ll probably still get it, since I kinda love the genre as my almost 1000 hours over 7 years in Conan Exiles will probably testify.

Dark Envoy is interesting, but due to getting glasses for the first time, I’m a bit cautious spending too much more money this month.

I get that. I had similar problems earlier this year (had to get new glasses for my kid, and reading glasses for myself). Glasses can be pretty expensive.

It’s here!

This is me too. I’m hovering over the Buy Now button for about 15 minutes now.

Does the developer have a good pedigree? I’ve never heard of Free Range Games.

Ya, that’s part of the reason why i’m still hovering…lol

I’ve watched some of the early game (the tutorial) and the Moria game looks really good. They have some excellent voice acting in the beginning, and the building looks great. I wasn’t thinking much of this before the game launched but now I too am sorely tempted to get it.

So - About the Moria game. The game looks okay. It does have some akward controls, and some very akward menues and ways to utilize the gear and building - But, that is what Early access is for.

But - Resourcing… First off - the mining is in specific set places. You can only mine SOME rocks, not all. And only very specific ones in specific places, giving you a limited amount of resources. Unlike in Conan and Ark and the like though, it doesnt seem to matter much, because you cant really build anything.
Building is…not really building, but just getting a specific amount of stone and iron to set places, in a specific area, where the crumbled remains of old forges and stoves are, and you just pour 25 stone into one, and voila - its rebuilt. You don’t get to decide what to build , nor where to build, or how much. Well, thats not strictly true - I suppose you can build 100 chests, torches and bedrolls.

The game is also, after a bit more than an hour of playing, you following along a specific road, seeing the story the developers want you to see, at the pace they set. There is no freedom, no exploring, just a series of interconnected passages leading you towards your goal area, set by the game.

While the above may be a fine game, not really anything like Ark or Conan or any of the other survival builders. I’d more venture its an adventure action game with a tiny bit of mining and crafting added.
That may not be a bad idea, but its REALLY not what I wanted.

and now i’m hovering over the refund button…

If you bought it, I’d suggest trying it out yourself :-) While I highly doubt it changes much after my initial playtime, it theoretically COULD do so - you might also like it more than I did. I mean, I wanted a conan exiles in Lord of the Rings setting, and that this is not - but it may be more of a game for others than me :-)

I thought this was a full release? I don’t recall anything about Early Access.

I see that now, and thats…not so good.

I think everyone knew this was going to be a game with some issues, and after reading the developers saying they have a years worth of plans after release, I kinda just assumed it was early access - But it isnt.

Claims like

We think we have the best third-person melee combat in the survival genre.

really shows how little the developers understand of what they have released.

Anyways - it may end up being okay. Its not an expensive game, and others may find real joy in what it is.

Thanks for linking the article as I hadn’t seen it before.

I had no idea what you were saying, but that disturbing message I kept around in my brain. And I stumbled onto the game today and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

So to counter @Razgon post, I find i actually quite like Moria. It does have some issues: the combat is a little janky in coop mode (its much better offline single-player), and it’s got some teething issues in the inventory (what is with these games and inventory management issues this year?!), like not being able to sort, and sometimes not being really good at auto-stacking. I can also understand how not being able to mine everywhere all at once, could bother some (though i think the design is fine - i find it’s more like being able to only go in certain buildings in the division). But, you can build anywhere you like. You can tear down places, and rebuild. You can stumble across old dwarven houses with broken stations in them and fix them up (or tear them out). And the explore → craft loop is done pretty well.

I find it’s a bit of a slow starter though, and wasn’t quite showing what it’s got until the 3rd area (Moria), and the blend of pre-rendered areas with procedural generated ones is actually done pretty well. In terms of survival/crafting games, I think i’d put it right alongside conan(at launch). Generally pretty solid, but expect a little jankiness.

That description makes it sound 100% like a McMaster game.

Hold on to your wallets folks, because I believe we are threat level Red. I think there’s a little something here for everyone, so if you think your wallet is safe this week, maybe you’re wrong! I’m definitely getting EA Sports WRC. I’ll also definitely be installing Jusant on Game Pass. My Time at Sandrock is a cozy farming/mining followup to My Time at Portia. Gangs of Sherwood is a coop heist type of game that could be interesting. RoboCop: Rogue City from the developers of the latest Terminator game could provide some interesting 80s movie nostalgia. Star Ocean: Second Story R is apparently a good remake of a good game from the PS2 era? I know a lot of people here are looking forward to Talos Principle 2, the puzzle game follow-up from Croteam. I’ve seen some neat trailers for Thirsty Suitors, could be an interesting game.

How about you? Any big wallet threats for you this week, like I do with WRC?

Monday (10/30/23):

  • Lunacid (PC)

Tuesday (10/31/23):​

  • The Forest Cathedral (PS5)
  • Headbangers Rhythm Royale (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, XBO, Switch)
  • Little Goody Two Shoes (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch)
  • You Will Die Here Tonight (PC)
  • Jusant (PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC)

Wednesday (11/1/23):​

  • This Bed We Made (PC, PS5)
  • Achilles: Legends Untold (PS5, Xbox Series X/S)

Thursday (11/2/23):​

  • For The King 2 (PC)
  • Gangs of Sherwood (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S) - delayed to Nov 30th
  • My Time at Sandrock (PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch)
  • Phantom Galaxies (PC)
  • PlateUp! (PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, XBO, Switch)
  • PowerWash Simulator VR (Quest 3, Quest 2)
  • RoboCop: Rogue City (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S)
  • Slime 3K (PC)
  • Star Ocean The Second Story R (PC, PS5, PS4, Switch)
  • The Talos Principle 2 (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S)
  • Thirsty Suitors (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, XBO, Switch)
  • Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story (Switch, PC)

Friday (11/3/23):​

  • Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion - Complete Edition (Switch)
  • Call of Toys: Tower Defense! (Xbox Series X|S, XBO, PC)
  • DreamWorks All-Star Kart Racing (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, XBO, Switch)
  • Fashion Dreamer (Switch)
  • Quantum Error (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S)
  • WarioWare: Move It! (Switch)
  • EA Sports WRC (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S)

Hate to rain in on the parade, but Gangs of Sherwood got postponed to the 30th of November.


Phantom Galaxies isn’t technically a proper “release”. The game is getting a Steam version which shares servers with the “regular” version of the game.

As you can see, it’s crypto bullshit of the highest order. Steam doesn’t allow for that, which is why they’re getting a sanitized version. Shame, at first glance it looked like solid silly fun, but digging a bit deeper quickly took that first impression behind the shed and euthanized it with a rusty blunt instrument.

Noted! Has anyone heard of Call of Toys? I’m always up for a potentially good tower defense game. I always appreciate a game putting the genre in the title too, especially that genre.