Wallet Threat Level

Interesting: this new Legend of Heroes game has the usual turn-based combat but also an option for real-time action combat. I haven’t seen it in action, but I imagine perhaps it’s something like the Tales games. I wonder how balanced the game will be in this case for both modes, though I’ll likely stick to the TB mode.

I just cancelled my order for this one after seeing some reviews mention the menu text being too small to read in portable mode. I would be playing on the Switch Lite so it’s the only mode available to me. Apparently, there’s text size options but they only affect dialogue, not the menu screens.

There was another JRPG, can’t remember which one now, that I absolutely could not play on the Switch Lite due to the incredibly small text size. So frustrating. It’s like these developers don’t bother testing their UIs in portable mode.

Guess I’ll wait for this to release on PC, unless they address this (which I don’t think they will).

If you’re talking about Daybreak, I bought it on PC. It’s already there, and the official English patch is scheduled to drop this Friday, July 5th.

Oh, nice!

I hadn’t been following PC gaming the last decade or more until recently - I keep forgetting the PC space is now a smorgasbord of JRPGs and that stuff releases simultaneously with consoles.

I just finished the Riven remake, and it was solid!

I’ve always been intimidated by these CD-ROM puzzle adventures because they always seemed unapproachable. I played, but didn’t finish Myst, but never tried this one. This version, at least, is very doable without a guide. I’m not sure what changes they made, but I only had to turn to the internet once because I didn’t know where to find the lock for a given key (and didn’t realize it was heavily hinted at in a note I had.) It was also a surprisingly short 6 hours. I’m glad I played it, but more than anything it revealed a lot of inventive ideas later repurposed by Outer Wilds to make a significantly better game.

Finished up Riven as well! I think the game being in 3D makes it less frustrating than the original 2D edition, since now you can quickly look around and get your bearings, and traversing the islands feels much faster.

Kudos to the team who put together this remake, it’s an absolutely beautiful game.

As far as I know, not too many wallet threats this week. Anything endangering your bank account this week?

I guess Anger Foot is that Kick it Kick it Kick it FPS. I think that could be a wallet threat for me this week.

Monday (7/8/24):​

  • Danger and Deadlier (PC)

Tuesday (7/9/24):​

  • Ark of Charon (PC)
  • Once Human (PC)

Wednesday (7/10/24):​

  • Princess Maker 2 Regeneration (PC)

Thursday (7/11/24):​

  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (Switch)
  • Anger Foot (PC)

Friday (7/12/24):​

  • Wastelander (PC)

Yawn. Summer doldrums!

Yeah, no. And I’m busy with enough games as it is. ;)

I’m still playing games released a few years ago! I’m following state of decay 2 (2018) with Grounded (early access 2020, full release 2022.) I’ll get to 2024 in like…2027?