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Those are fighting games right? I’m afraid that kills my interest. :(

Yeah. KLK is listed as an “arena style fighting game”, screenshots look more like Soulcalibur than Street Fighter, but essentially a 1-on-1 fighting game.

Edit: If you’re early in the show, it may not be obvious, but it becomes much more of a series of duels as the season progresses.

Yeah, it’s so energetic that it is tiring to watch, for me, and all the more intriguing because of that. ;)

And I’m a fan of Arc System Works (I really like Blazblue, Guilty Gear and UNIST), so it’s probably a must-have for me… when I have the money and the time to buy and play it. ;)

Probably my Game of the Year right here.

Pumped for this also.

With Streets of Rogue, Into the Breach, FE:TH, D3…I’m loving the switch right now.

Whoa, this snuck by me on account of it’s impossibly generic title, but it’s something I’ve been following for a while.

This is Sirlin’s stripped down Yomi-centric fighting game.

Very interested to see how it turns out.

Dan Sirlin Presents: The Chronicles of Sirlin, a Dan Sirlin Joint.

Thanks for bringing some attention to that game - I never even knew it existed, and the generic title doesn’t help! I really like fighting games, so I’m intrigued by this one as well. Thanks!

It’s David Sirlin. But the point still stands.

I decided to something a little different this week. It’s hard for me to read the list sometimes because there’s so many Switch-only releases each week, so I wondered, hey maybe I should try to list those separately. I think that makes it easier to read. The big releases I spot this week are the new Madden game for the year, and of course Oxygen Not Included, the new Klei game who did Don’t Starve.

Monday, July 29

  • Warman | PC
  • Zeminator | PC
  • Deathless Dungeon | PC, Mac
  • Evening Star 2: Tide of Chaos | PC
  • Kakuro | PC
  • TUTUTUTU - Tea Party | PC, Mac

Tuesday, July 30

  • Forager | PS4, Switch
  • Morphies Law | PC
  • The Blackout Club | PS4, Xbox One, Pc
  • Solo: Islands Of The Heart | PS4
  • Oxygen Not Included | PC
  • Pirouette | PC
  • Cricket 19 | PC
  • Raiders Of The North Sea | PC, Mac
  • Corpse Killer - 25th Anniversary Edition | PC
  • Merchant Of The Skies | PC, Mac
  • Towertale | PC

Wednesday, July 31

  • Crystal Crisis | PC
  • Solo: Islands Of The Heart | Xbox One
  • Pilot Sports | Xbox One
  • London Detective Mysteria | PC
  • The Tower Of Beatrice | Xbox One
  • Copperbell | PC, Mac
  • Rap Simulator | PC
  • Road Rage Royale | PC

Thursday, August 1

  • Doughlings: Invasion | PS4, PC
  • Forged Of Blood | PC
  • Rescue Lucy 2 | PC, Mac
  • Raiders Of The Lost Island | PC
  • Rick Rack | PC, Mac

Friday, August 2

  • Varenje | Xbox One
  • Meow Motors | Xbox One
  • Madden NFL 20 | PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • The Church In The Darkness | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Asdivine Menace | Xbox One, PC
  • Retro Rockets | PC
  • Saboteur II: Avenging Angel | PC
  • Under The Ground | PC
  • Armor Clash 3 | PC

Saturday, August 3

  • Exodemon | PC
  • ZHIVE | PC, Mac

Monday, July 29

  • Trine 3: The Artifacts Of Power | Switch
  • Catch A Duck | Switch

Tuesday, July 30

  • Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden | Switch

Wednesday, July 31

  • STANDBY | Switch

Thursday, August 1

  • Chroma Squad | Switch
  • Hamsterdam | Switch
  • Solo: Islands Of The Heart | Switch
  • Robbie Swifthand and The Orb Of Mysteries | Switch
  • Illusion of L’Phalcia | Switch
  • Shinobi Spirits S: Legend Of Heroes | Switch
  • Fobia | Switch
  • Dungeon Warfare | Switch
  • Sudoku Relax 2 Summer Waves | Switch

Friday, August 2

  • Burger Chef Tycoon | Switch
  • Swaps and Traps | Switch

I was thinking “uh, not that game ?” and yes, it is that ZX Spectrum game.

Well I guess it’s no worse than Sudoku 32 as far as its impact on us, but that was a strange feeling. Such an unremarkable game.

Whoa, hey, what is this? Did someone pick up the IP from Pandemic/EA?

Ha ha, I liked that game but didn’t think about it one second: my mind went straight for the antique one.

I was definitely thinking of The Saboteur from Pandemic, but alas not to be.

Paging Dr. @BrianRubin! Can you give me a quick rundown on this game? Is it a ‘proper’ RPG with a lengthy campaign or more like FTL, meant to be played in short bursts?

I hated Star Control Origins so much that I regret using the free Steam code that came with my video card instead of just giving it to someone I hate.

Hopefully others have had a better time with it and can better sway you one way or the other.

It’s more Starflight than FTL.

I didn’t enjoy the combat in SC:Origins. And that’s a core pillar of the gameplay. Not only is it not as good as modern 2D space games like Galak-Z, it’s not even as good as Star Control 1,2,3 from the 90s. This is mostly because instead of only having unique ships each with their own ability and special ability, they added a bunch of generic ships in the main campaign.

The dialog on the Aliens and adventure that you undertake seems nice, but since the bulk of the gameplay is enjoying that combat, I couldn’t stick with it. (I loved the first 3 Star Control games).

Wow, that does not sound promising at all. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

It’s a very dull, boring game.