Want to be a tester for Halo PC?

It appears Halo PC’s stability mostly depends on people who are willing to work long hours for no pay.

Is this even legal?

I’m pretty sure you can legally work for free.

I thought a few companies have been nailed for this. Since they are setting down the hours you have to appear they cannot get away without paying you, it was something like that.

Oddly that description matches the description George used to post for working on the DNF team, except of course for that you got paid.


My reading of the Fair Labor Standards whatever says that if the company makes $500,000+ annually, or if the employee in question is working on a product that will be sold out of state, then minimum wage laws apply. But then I’m no lawyer, and it’s unlikely someone would join up for the express purpose of suing Gearbox for their $5.15 an hour.

if you sign up as a volunteer and agree to work as one, they can pay you NOTHING…

You guys obviously missed the part about FREE LUNCH… PLUS SODAS AND SNACKS!

writes leter of resignation and buys plane ticket to Dallas

Since a fruitless search for a summer job means I’m condemned to a life of slacker boredom until school starts again come autumn I’d be willing to do this.

Pay would be preferable, but I’m willing to bet that anyone who signs up has nothing better to do with their days anyway.