Want to do a printed shirt for COVID

OK first off, I’m a bit embarrassed to post this as the images I’ve made are probably stupid. But I think I’m going to end up in trouble the next time I’m in a store and someone doesn’t have a mask on and gets in my space. I’m just beyond sick of so few people wearing masks inside stores, and though I’m non-confrontational in real life I’m beyond my breaking point with this situation.

So I thought of a way I could make people “think” and also to try and keep them as far away from me as possible. Design a shirt politely asking they wear a mask stating my situation with a plea to be decent human beings. I made a design but was shocked to see they cost $45 a piece… just for a t-shirt. Is there a cheaper place than custom ink that could do this?

Here’s my design (I know it’s pandery):



Note: I know people won’t give a shit about me. But if one person realizes the risk they’re posing to others, then it’d be worth it to embarrass and ostracize myself when I’m at Meijer’s and Lowe’s. But $45 seems quite high for this? Or is that reasonable? I was going to get a few, but at that cost it would be just one.

I thought that was better than my other design LOL

As for your question, I’ve only ever used a local place for custom shirts and they’re about half the price*, but no shipping is involved. I also wouldn’t be embarrassed; the concept is great, although I’m conflicted for the same reason I am about cool or clever bumper stickers; the fear it would subconsciously draw people closer to read it.

    • this was also years back and a decent sized order

CustomInk will do a single T-shirt with front and back designs for about $33.

I’ve heard reasonable things about:


Zazzle. Dirt cheap.


[edit]Though I worry that you’re painting a big target on your back.

That. is. genius.

You think I should go with the baby one LOL?

I think that one’s hilarious, though I’m not sure it would be as effective at convincing people to actually change their behavior as your first design. Then again, I don’t remotely understand the mentality of the anti-mask crowd, so I have no idea really. Sorry you (and many, many other folks I care about) are under risk because of belligerently stupid people being belligerently stupid.

That would be my “fuck you” statement to all the anti-mask people :)

But I wouldn’t wear it because I would be a target for the psychopaths we have here. I’d love to see John Cena wear it though lol.

How about “Wear a mask or kill an elderly Fox News viewer!”

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Are you trying to get me not to wear a mask?

I kid, I kid.

Jeff I like the first design, even if the second has that ‘humorous’ factor for it.