Want to hear what my study will sound like this Christmas?

Click on and download first song. Just released.

Oblivion Title Music download

Let that first part loop a few times and tell me it doesn’t pump you a bit for this game (especially if you remember the Morrowind soundtrack).

Ahhh, you had to do it! You had to make nostalgia awaken :(.

Frankly not too impressed, and somewhat disappointed the old Morrowind music was reprised. Both this and the Morrowind music being too subdued and repetitive to be all that exciting or memorable. Just two cents here on the music.

Still looking forward to game itself.

Sounds like the LOTR sound track + Gustav Holst’s “The Planets”


Not so fond of his work… the joke with Aaron Copland was that when presenting a new piece an orchestra member would ask another “what is it called this time?” I think that applies to Soule.